The Setting of Castle Overlook

Out in the inhospitable mountains, on what people would call the brink of modern-day civilization, surrounded by snowcapped mountains, stands the ancient Castle Overlook.
When you arrive through the narrow winding way, the first many miles of it being hard earth, the last part being paved, you will first think what you look upon is a weatherbeaten outcrop of the mountainside, right until the mists that seem to permanently permeate the valley clear and you realize it's a huge fortresslike complex, running along the ridge of the mountain. The outer walls run in the full length of the castle, surrounding heaps of buildings, towers and turrets too numerous to name. Some are hardened by aeons of weather or partly in ruins, sporting holes from unrecognizable damage, in most cases most likely age; others, among them what seems to be the main keep, are of a newer build, perhaps from within the last two centuries. All in all the castle is a mix of building styles throughout the ages, some which would even be unrecognizable to most historians.

If one had prepared by reading the publicly available history of the place, one would know that its origin is clouded by time; some claim it started out as a hideout for exiled gypsies, some say it was a monastery for a radical cult, others claim it started as fortified garrison - but what it would guard against out here in nowhere, is not known...
Rumours about the castles part are plenty though, and all who know about it can tell a tale or two... usually about dark deeds and haunted hallways.. and looking at the castle makes one wonder; what is fact and what is just... myth?

The castle lies, or has not been lying, alone forever. The remains of at least three villages lie in the valleys surrounding the castle, all ruined, nothing hinting at what happened to the villagers and why they left. Nowadays only a larger group of people shunning gypsies inhabit some hardly inhabitable buildings on the edge of one of the villages...

Except for the castle, the only area that seems to have been kept mostly intact over the years is the huge graveyard placed below a sheer cliff rising into the tallest peak in the area. The graveyard hosts the deceased members of the Doletti family which has claimed ownership to the castle for as long as its noted history, though nobody knows how they came to it at first...
Nobody has accurate records of the Doletti family, and their own annals, if any exist, have never been made public. The family, however, has been in decline for the last hundred years, until the castle was left for good with only a skeleton staff to keep it up, until the last surviving member of the family, Alfred Doletti, can return from travels afar to take up residence the family castle again.

It is a majestic fortress, rich in secrets and history, some perhaps better left untold, but before you ride across the drawbridge spanning the mistfilled depths to the valley floor beneath, you shall ask yourself... how much do you really want to know?

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