The Invitation

Greetings travellers from near and afar!

My name is Alfred Doletti and I am the last in line of an old family which goes far back in the past.

I have just recently returned from travels afar to take over our old family holdings of Castle Overlook, an ancient castle situated in the mountains which has been a part of our family for generations. Its original history is lost to the mists of time, but my family have build and expanded the castle for generations until it is now a huge complex, at the size of a fortress and a sight to behold, as well as a storehouse for legends and stories.

The castle has now been closed, abandoned and unused for over 50 years, but now I'm ready to move in, take over my family holding for good and restore it to its former glory.

To celebrate the return of the Doletti family to castle Overlook, I hereby invite you, my dear reader, and whoever you want to bring, to spend some time with me at the castle, to meet people from afar and beyond, and to have one hell of a party; one that will bring forth the true castle in all its majesty!

Sincerely, yours

Alfred Doletti, Castle Overlook

There were those who answered...

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Mantooth Soundsystem by Johnny Gonken

And then there were those who took the wrong turn...

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