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Previous Halloween Capers:
Halloween Cameo Caper 2006 - "The Wild Wild West of Shelterville"
Halloween Cameo Caper 2007 - "Going into orbit around Dahk-Tuin"
Halloween Cameo Caper 2008 - "There are Mall Zombies around!"

01. Bobby from Life & Death
02. Dark Eyes from Magical Misfits
03. Robert from Magical Misfits
04. Sally from Life & Death
05. Aeren from Crossing Death
06. Alex from Insanity of Xade
07. Nora from Grin-N-Spirit
08. Hogan
09. Gabbie from The Apple of Discord
10. Steve from Life & Death
11. Pete from Mantooth Soundsystem
12. Lucy from Life & Death
13. Mikey from Drunken Scribblings
14. Mantooth Soundsystem Mantooth Soundsystem
15. Cedrick the Burning Lord from D.D.S.R.

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