The 2012 Webcomic Hub... did it work?

Where the Worlds come together, the place of Tyrion is the place for the 2012 Cameo Caper to take place!

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The 2012 Webcomic Hub... did it work?

Post by Hogan »

So, with the Caper of 2012 almost over, and the plannings for a possible 2013 close to start up, I thought i would be interesting to look back on the new tool we tried this year in order to see if we could collect the various strips into one full, however haphazard, storyline, set up webcomic-like as to best present it for any possible readers who didn't want to jump back and forth between comics in order to follow up.

I'm here talking about the Halloween Cameo Caper 2012 Webcomic Hub

How did it work? Have anyone tried it? Is it something we should try again next year? Perhaps even work into the Capers of years past?

As the site moderator I have to admit to the outside input being pretty low, a mediocre number of visits and one rating except for our own... as well as just two comments beyond my introductionary author comments...

Still... has the idea merits? Is it something we should continue working on in conjucntion with the annuarly Capers?

What do you think?

- Hogan
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Re: The 2012 Webcomic Hub... did it work?

Post by reinder »

I enjoyed reading the comics at the hub. Much easier than on the manual site.
Reinder Dijkhuis
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Re: The 2012 Webcomic Hub... did it work?

Post by Keybounce »

Ohh, this is looking so nice ... trying to follow the previous year's crossovers all over the various comics was painful...

Was there a 2013 ... (quick URL test) yes!

... How hard would it be to do this on all the prior years? Especially the grandaddy of them all between EOU, Cameo, and ... a hundred(?) others. Really, trying to read that in a unified timeline order, with "prequel" stuff that you didn't find out about until later... a good "read in this order" editing would be helpful.

Heck, for that matter, how hard would it be to do this on a typical Fesworks yearlong crossover? :[-)
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