Crossover project I have in mind

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Crossover project I have in mind

Postby KarabearComics » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:27 am

I've been itching to put together a big crossover project like the Wars for some time now, ever since I read the Crossover Wars archive. I've even come up with a good villain and scenario for it. But the problem is: how do I really get people on board for contributions? I put up some posts in message boards, but my reluctance to tell the plot may be a downfall. Still, I wouldn't want a potential reader to have the plot spoiled by reading it in a message board post.

Now, one could probably say that I would do something like the Drunk Duck Civil War (which I'm currently trying to read, despite the fact that some contributing comics are off the web), but I do want something more organized. So, I feel I need help in this regard. Plus, I wanted to make a post here asking who would be interested in being a part of it.

What I really want to do is something superhero-oriented (because I love the genre), but open to any type of comic to contribute. Heck, I still think of the Crossover Wars as a superhero story. The EOU are supervillains in any sense of the word and Scale's story was really the birth of a superhero. That other genres of comics fit so well into the narrative is a testament to the flexibility of the superhero mold.

My story would have a Kirby-esque villain and wouldn't have overt ties to the Wars. The big bad would not be webcomic-aware and the narrative would not be tied to characters figuring out they are fictional, in part because of my idea for how alternate universes work (that not all of them would be fictional, but rather parallel dimensions who the authors unknowingly envisioned).

Also, though the villain has ties to one of my characters, I don't feel that said character should necessarily be the ultimate hero. After all, one of the great things about collaboration is that somebody else could provide the hero's narrative and that said person could work together with me for the complete story.
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Re: Crossover project I have in mind

Postby Hogan » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:16 pm

Well, just having the intention to work on setting up a project gets my thumb up, and having the guts and energy to start working on it making it happen ears my respect! :)

Now, its always hard to say what makes one problem become a reality and others to become duds before they even take off.
Normally however, it either helps if you know people of webcomics and they know you or your reputation.

What started Crossoverlord was Lewis Lovhaug who posted the basic idea in a thread in the ComicGenesis forum ... feel free to correct me here Al... this was answered by a couple of likedminded individuals who suggested others for the project, and after a while they withdraw to a secret hideout to plan and plot for the next year or so, allowing the Crossover Wars to take place in the meantime.

As for the Crossover Wars, then it was started by contacting around people who might be interested, mailing and otherwise getting a hold on them, telling them the basic outline and idea for the project and inviting them along. Some declined, others accepted, and as the project was outlined the latter pulled others in and the rollercoaster got moving, planning out in secretsy behind a forum-veil only for the initiated.

But, what I was going for was... forum-posting about an idea is like catching a net into the ocean, you might as well pull it back empty as catching a few fish through pure luck. The better is to seek out the fish you are interested in, learn their ways and what moves them, then go directly to them through mail, PM or likewise, outlining what you have in mind and inviting them in.
This is where it helps to be known or know people, people are much more inclined to listen to your suggestion if they know you are serious, have work in you CV that shows you are not just throwing weight around without having anything to back you up. For the same reason, people who know you personally are much more likely to attend and at least give your suggestions some serious thoughts...

I guess thats my 5 cents on the first part :)
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Re: Crossover project I have in mind

Postby Philosopher » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:24 am

That is an interesting concept, and I still haven't had my fill of crossovers. I might read it. If you need characters I can contribute one of mine. I don't have a webcomic though or artistic abilities.
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