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Postby itsjustaaron » Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:21 am

Hi there, my name's Aaron-- and I just want to say, I'm glad I found this site! I've been trying to find places to discuss my comic besides a few of the other known places out there, like The Webcomic List and a few fan forums that I dwell on. Having just started my comic in December of last year, I've been very eagerly anxious to meet other webcomic artists like myself in the hopes of making friends and establishing some good contacts as time goes on. :3

Since this appears to be the board where crossovers are announced, I suppose I should announce one that's been in discussion for awhile - though I don't know if it will ever take off. I've had my doubts about it, but the two I've talked to appear to be interested in one nonetheless. I guess we'll find out whenever their ready, eh?

The crossover is one between my comic, named Keeping Up with Thursday, which is about the lives of two mousethieves named Patrick and Vinnie in their underground London adventures. It was recentl Featured on DrunkDuck at the end of March this year, and was discussed in several podcasts in which skoolmonkey recommended it and gave it a pretty good review. :D

I'll be teaming up with the author[s] behind the series 'The Blendies' and the comic strip artist, PlummyPress, who does the Catbeard and CosmiCat series. We have a thread discussing it over here on the forum I host, which serves as a forum for my comic and Disney's Great Mouse Detective.

At any rate, although the project seems to be confirmed, I don't know if it'll be official until we each sit down to get going on it. Everyone is busy at the moment, but it sounds like it could be pretty fun!

I'd love to do more crossovers in the foreseeable future though, or one with someone in case this doesn't plan out! I'd love to hear your feedback on the comic, or ideas, opinions, things like that.
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