Why does Hogan update so little these days?

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Why does Hogan update so little these days?

Postby Hogan » Sat Sep 10, 2005 9:39 pm

Okay, i thought I better make this official once and for all, especially for those who don't read the newsletter or don't hear me whining RL...

Long time visitors to the site (if any is still around?), might have noticed that the number of updates have slowly been declining. Years ago, there were weekly updates, the bi-weekly, then monthly, and suddenly months could pass without an update...

The reason? Well... you might have guessed it, but its Real life... acquiring a family and stocking up with kids leaves all to little free time, around 3-4 hours a day, and that free time I have to divide among each and every job and project I have to do!

This unfortunately, has cost Realm of the Dragoneers a good many updates as I've been forced to push it behind in the queue...

But I still have new stuff lying around, waiting to be written down or posted, and I'm also very glad for alll those creators who continually kept sending in new creations for the site!
Because of that, and because of me getting a better grasp of scheduling my free time, these last month I've actually managed to update a couple of times...


So now you know, though not in details, but knowing is half the succesfull campaign (bribing the DM with candy is the other half!).

Thanks for listening, and i hope the haphazard update-schedule haven't lost too many people over the years.

And to those who stayed on through the troubled waters of time... from the bottom of my black heart... THANKS! :D
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