Life & Death

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Life & Death

Postby Joff » Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:52 pm

I'll be throwing Sally, Bobby and at the very least Chaos into the party... I'll eventually stop throwing Steve into long stories and can bring him back to them too
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Re: Life & Death

Postby Hogan » Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:43 pm

Yeah! I was about to get afraid they would miss it this year! :D

Now that you mention it, when was the last time we actually saw Steve stopping by at the Capers? :p

Welcome aboard Joff! :cheers:
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Re: Life & Death

Postby KarabearComics » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:14 am

The great thing about Chaos is that he can cameo anywhere, anytime, doing anything. I love the guy. I may pop him into one of my stories, but we'll see.

He's also easy to draw, which is a plus. But then again, I have an easy to draw character in the Caper this time, too--Pinball. Very nice and simple. Maybe I'll have the two interact for an easy drawing break. Plus, y'know, both being medium aware it could make sense (and, due to circumstances like Pinball being an anomaly that can never be seen by a fortune teller or the like, as if the character is going against the fabric of reality by simply existing, Chaos may see a similar soul--I have a backstory as to why Pinball's such an anomaly, but I won't reveal it in the Caper; but the character is the reason my main print comics' universe has super powers to begin with).

Long parenthetical there--I have a propensity for those in posts, don't I?
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Re: Life & Death

Postby RazorD9 » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:16 am

Huh, not sure if anyone has said this in any of the posts in any of the over capers, but to be sure: We now have the life of the party joining!
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