What's been happening to Hogan?

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What's been happening to Hogan?

Postby Hogan » Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:43 pm

There's no hiding or denying it, my presence have been scarce of late... and with "of late" I mean the last many months at least.

I'll openly admit I've fallen behind on a lot of Things and not been able to give others the attention needed. I've fallen behind on the updating on the Archive, struggled to keep up with the Halloween Caper (hardly been able to advertise this year's, despite actually managing to start it up on time), and just barely kept up with Webcomics Offline.
In addition to this, my comments on webcomics, forum-activities and similar have been drastically reduced... I AM still keeping up with all my comics, though I sometimes have to catch up for a week or two, but I'm still reading, don't worry, I just dont get to comment as much as I used to...

The reason for this? One one... "Work".
My Real Work, the thing I happen to do outside this time and place, has demanded more an more of my attention over the years, especially the last few. Its not that I'm in danger of loosing it, quite the opposite, in fact I seem to be too good at my job (Engineering) that I keep pulling in MORE work from satisfied customers , effictively keeping myself continually occupied as a selfsustaining unit in the company!
However, the way I'm wired I always want to do my best at what I am do, be it hobby or work, meaning I keep putting more and more time and effort into my Work, trying to keep the high level of quality people have come to expect from me... but which I can only do at the expense of my free time.

With a family, among others consisting of three kids still growing, said free time can almost be said to be none-existing at present and the reason I can finally sit down and write this is because of the Easter Holidays which leaves me a bit more than I have in the Daily, even most weekends.

I just wanted to get this in the clear... I'm not dropping anything, not fading away, not giving up. I will never voluntarily leave this part of the internet, the comics, the Projects and the friends I've made (before the day Sally drags me away), but I WILL have to dial my activities a bit down, I can't be everywhere and cant do everything, even how much I want to and how much I try... and I DO try, they've just yet to invent a 48 hour day for me.

But I will still be around, just not as vocal as before, less active... still crazy, and updates will still commence just at a slowed rate, you haven't heard the last from me! :)

I hope you understand.

- Hogan
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