The Setting behind the Hillsfar Mountains

Here we go again... prepare for adventures, chaos and dinosaurs, provided by the partakers who ventured to the Hillsfar Mountains

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The Setting behind the Hillsfar Mountains

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On the edge of civilization lies the mountain range known as the Hillsfar Mountains. A massive range of peaks, canyons and crevices, enshrouded in mists and clouds and looking every bit as inhospitable as any explorer entering it will feel it being… and going further into the range only makes it worse… much worse!

Because of the broken and unhospitable terrain, few have realized the Hillsfar Mountains is a circular mountainrange, created millions of years ago when a meteor struck directly into the ground, raising the bones of the earth as a menacing wall around the crater, and even to this day, few have barred the mountains to see what lies behind their protective shell, and close to none have ever returned to tell the tale… and none have yet to be believed!

For behind the Hillsfar Mountains lies a world of its own. The meteor that struck in a distant time carries with it materials and metals from an unknown world of time and space, and when those mixed and melted in the fiery inferno that was the impact, a enshrouded space was created that by its own nature bend and stretches every given rule. The crater became a place Time not only forgot about, but a world where Time had given free reign to the forces of nature on whim, then went south to sip Pina Coladas at the beaches!

Over the ages the Crater became home to creatures which the rest of the world forgot about, as well as creatures that should not have existed. The radiation created by the remains of the comet kept some creatures free of age while changing others in ways nature never intended. Furthermore, the unreality of the place became such that it both existed one place and all, reaching across dimensions and time like a festering amoebae.

Should one breach the immortal peaks of the mountainrange, or make it through the fogs and clouds that covers the very same, and which are both of and off this world, one will look down across a huge expanse of jungle-covered wasteland filling the whole mountain-protected crater. Streams run down the mountains, joining into a large lake in the centre of the crater, and surrounding the very same lake lies the what looks to be the only piece of civilization in this forbidden world, a ruined jungle covered city of a unrecognizeable design… or several designs one will see by a closer look.
In the middle of the city raises a large tower, wrought from strange metals that arose in liquefied form from the churning inferno that was the comet impact until they solidified, reaching from ground to clouds like a charred forbidding lance, later hollowed to living space by unknown hands.

This is what lies behind the Hillsfar Mountains, who knows what can be found in such a place? Who knows if you will ever leave it alive?


The above is the general setting for this year’s Halloween Caper… enough to give an idea of what its all about, and just enough to give lots of openings for formfitting the whole setting for individual campaigns and stories, as well as enough excuses for bringing in characters from every setting, time and world know to man.

You can choose to go with all or nothing, add your own parts, reveal your own truths and terrors, everything that would lead to a good story and time for readers and participants alike... just remember to share them here!

This thread is for the asking of questions about the various places and areas of the Hillsfar Mountains, valleys ,the city etc., posting of descriptions of special locations as well as discussion about various parts of the setting. Any questions can be answered and discussed by everyone interested.

Should there be a request for new facilities, they can be provided either by the coordinators and/or participants provided they fit into the setting. If you plan on using a part of the setting that has not hitherto been described, please post your description of it here for others to use as they see fit. If two artists want to use the same location, but are not of like mind, this is where to discuss and coordinate... the key to a great event of this kind is good coordination and management of the interweaving plots which WILL arise.

If anyone wants to call dibs on designing specific characters, creatures etc. for general use, please do so, but keep in mind that the best use is if everyone agrees on how they look, so keep an open mind to comments and suggestions!

One rule remains... enjoy! :cheers:

- Hogan
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