Restarting Insanity of Xade

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Restarting Insanity of Xade

Postby Xade » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:40 pm

After much consideration I decided to restart IoX but...due to Hogan already having enough on his plate, I am going to do a redirect to the new site, while keeping the old where it is. *hugs Hogan* See I care about you.

Once I am caught up I will remove the old site and move everything to the root. However that won't be for a long while and, once I am I will be posting them daily until I am.

Currently the new IoX lives here it needs some major database work, which means I'll be bugging BlkKnight for a while. I will also completely redesign the site from scratch. So, anyone have any ideas for the redesign of the layout or things that you need clarified in the comic that you think should be included in the first chapter? Note, I will be trying to keep to the crossovers and stuff, just differently, that's all.

The reason for the reboot is to get new readers to stay and I won tickets to a dang good party on K105 and I want to do a T-shirt, with cards I will pass out to anyone who asks me about it.
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