the Official Ask Aden thread

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the Official Ask Aden thread

Postby Xade » Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:25 am

Many people have ask a character threads in their forums, I even tried to have a whole page for it but it didnt really pan out. Anyhow, third time's a charm I suppose.

Aden is fun to ask questions; he knows a lot about Xade, and Questa in general, being the Protector of Xade, (a job he only tolerated) and has traveled through time, space and even dimensions. He is over two thousand years old, if you include his life, so has personally seen a lot of history. Heck, he is even a little WCA, although he doesnt break the 4th wall, he just knows of me, and knows that I chronicle his adventures. I guess you could say he peeks over the 4th wall but doesnt break it.

Anyhow, dont ask spoilers, just general questions about Xade the system of Questa and I'll make a brief comic explaining it. Pardon me if there is no real action or if he is just a talking head, I do have to work on the comic :P
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