Plot: who owns the institute (april 2008)

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Plot: who owns the institute (april 2008)

Postby Keybounce » Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:31 pm

Some questions on the attempt to take over the institute
(starting roughly at ... p?p=384476 )

From what I understand of this:
1. The wizards council simply sponsored the institute, putting their name on it, giving Wheels <unknown> in return.
2. The council was badly in debt to Wheels.
3. When the bad guys took over the institute, Wheels then attempted to collect that debt, putting their takeover attempt in trouble.
4. The "laws" of Terra (are there any laws anymore?) provide no protection against arbitrary repossession of goods, such as ships or other vehicles. No bankruptcy protection. No true separation between the corporation (the council) and the investors (the owners of the council) -- the investors are directly responsible for the debts of the corporation.
5. Wheels said that while they were mean people, they had not broken any laws and where not going to debtors prison.
6. Wheels hid assets of the council from the new owners
7. Wheels bought back the council, and paid them off for their attempt to take the council.
8. They still wound up in trouble and in the effect of prison

So ... do I have this right? Wheels deliberately hid assets of the council from the legal owners of the council? Wheels paid to regain control of the council, said that these people had not broken any laws, but still wound up punishing them as if they were put in prison?

Is Wheels a nice guy Ron?
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Re: Plot: who owns the institute (april 2008)

Postby Wheels » Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:08 pm

Wheels is a nice guy.
But he is not a push over. He is not above swindling a swindler.
He is not above shooting a fleeing felon in the back. (Apparently he taught that to Dark Eyes)
Is he a law onto himself? Yup a little might makes right, but fortunately Wheels usually is actually right.
Does not Terra need better government? Yup but there are still factions that will not play nice together.
But the Federation is coming and while the rest of the world squabbles Wheels is preparing. Self serving? Yup Thank the Goddess.
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