I feel really sorry

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I feel really sorry

Postby Hogan » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:42 pm

... for Dark Eyes :(

First of all she meets Brian, the love of her life, but she ends up barely being able to see him once a year... and when she do get pregnant and give birth to their child, she ends up doing a 10 year single-mom run... :|

And now... through the Caper, she rans from one disaster to the other... can't the poor girl get a break! :(
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Re: I feel really sorry

Postby Wheels » Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:07 pm

Dark Eyes was doomed the day Tink put the post on this board that Brian needed a soul mate and would someone volunteer a character. That was back before the 2006 Halloween Cameo caper. Dark Eyes was a nice little supporting character and I thought what could it hurt. Dark Eyes has become ,largely due to her inter comic romance a major Magical misfits charater. I flatter myself into thinking she is a favorite of the readers. She is now a Master Healer, She Bears the mark of Torrus a high high honor. She is a Star Ship captain of no small reputation. She has ammased a small fortune for herself and Robert. And she has a prophecy that she will one day lead an order of healers. (happened in Tales form the Institue which few people read) Dark Eyes may be a bit frayed from wear but I think the old girl is doing alright. Thank You Tink I will never regret volunteering Dark Eyes to be Brians soul mate. So many stories still to tell so many half Cameos for Hogan to Log.
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