Competition! Win prizes! (well, one prize...)

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Competition! Win prizes! (well, one prize...)

Postby Tinkerbell » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:03 am

Right, here's the deal: In today's page, there's a phrase in Latin, Hic sumus, reges sumus, nascivimus.

The first person who can email me with a translation that I, in my sole estimation, judge to be correct (and trust me, you won't get it with a free translator program on the web), will receive a free character drawing of their choice.

Now, formal stuff: Ellen, Paul and Foz can't play, because they all already know the translation (besides, you've all had free stuff from me before ^_--); once again, thanks to Ellen for helping with the translation (by which I mean doing most of the work while I threw suggestions in).

The competition remains open until such time (and I don't know when it will be, but probably not much more than a couple of months) as I reveal the translation in comic.

The sketch can be of any character who has appeared in any comic drawn by me on this website (cameos of other people's characters don't count; I can't exactly give away someone else's work as my own), and will be drawn in the Prismatic Vodka style (unless you're absolutely desperate for a biro sketch or something ^_--). I can offer the Little Heart characters, but they won't look like Helen's designs.

Now, the tricky bit; I'm not sure I can guarantee safe postage outside of Britain, because I'm not exactly rolling in money and the post round here is a joke anyway. The winner will receive their drawing by email shortly after the award is made, and a hardcopy will be with them as soon as I can manage it, assuming postage is under £5. If postage is going to be over a fiver, we'll have to work something out.

Good luck and happy translating!

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Postby Hogan » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:35 am

Hmm... well, with Mrs. H's help, you should know have a suggestion or two from me! 8)
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