Magic Mike a Good Idea?

Possibly the oddest fantasy epic ever written. Magic vodka, Aliens, Cannibal Coffee Ninjas, Little Yellow Idol, not to mention Mysterious Cloak Guy (you can call him 'Mickey' for short... but only on a good day)

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IS it a good idea to learn Mike Magic?

Ooooh yes! This will be SO much fun!
Hell no!! The world is not ready for it!
Learn him "Summon Vodka" only!
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Magic Mike a Good Idea?

Postby Hogan » Sat Sep 15, 2007 9:55 am

IS it really a good idea to have Mike learn the ways of magic?
The question is asked here! (damn... I cannot link to individual strips... t hat will mess up the Archive when I get back to updating it :? )

Well, whats your pick?
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Postby Tinkerbell » Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:25 pm

Definitely 'summon vodka' only. Whoops... >.>

For now, you can link individual strips by using ... page=*page number here*

A slightly more accessible/obvious system is in the works if I ever get a moment's free time...

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