Hogan's book of magic

Hello and welcome to this collection of unique and brandnew spells, many of them never seen before in any AD&D or D&D game-universe!
All the spells published here are made by creative Wizards and have been brought to the game to be used for either good or evil. Sometimes both ways, when rumors and knowledge about the spell spread from mage to mage throughout the Realms.
Feel free to take a peek among the spells, and perhaps you'll find a use for some of them in a game of your own. Just press the level you want to see, and then you may feel completely free to make a print, or just download a spell-level or two, cause all these spells are shareware as long as you remember to include the name of the guy/gal who created them!
Credit is to be given where credit is deserved!

Arcane D&D Magic

Bloodpact Spells

1st level AD&D Spells

2nd level AD&D Spells

3rd level AD&D Spells

4th level AD&D Spells

5th level AD&D Spells

6th level AD&D Spells

7th level AD&D Spells

8th level AD&D Spells

9th level AD&D Spells

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