Hogan's Alternate Rules

Alternate rules

This page in dedicated to Dungeonmasters in trouble!
Through a play, a dungeonmaster can time after time walk on the edge of a fundemental meltdown of the brain.
This will happend every time he/she encounters a rule which just doesn't make sense!
Ok! The guys who created the rule-books are great, but they have left a lot of opportunities open... too open, and sometimes a rule can be understod in two ways, where players tend to cling to one and the DM to the other!!
That's why this page exists! It will contain suggestions for rules not written before, rules which are intended to help both players and DM's avoid the long hours spend looking in books, wondering what the author ment, or argumenting over a particular rule.
Among other things, there are also collections of various informations which can spice up most games. Some of these rules are best used by advanced players, but most of them can be used for beginners to add color to their character.
That's enough for now! See if there is anything you like and feel free to print or download as much as you want!

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