Increase Law Invented by Søren Surlykke

3rd level caster

Sphere		: Law
Regency		: 3 RP/province
Gold		: 2 GB/province
Duration	: 1 month + 1 week pr. level of caster
Required temple : 2
This spell does not, as one might expect, raise the casters law holdings in a province. It rather does that the people in that province becomes more lawful, a chaotic good becomes neutral good, and a true neutral becomes lawful neutral. A person who is already lawful, becomes law in person, can not do ANYTHING against the law. This has an effect on assassination attempts in the province, anyone that tries to make an assassination in the affected province(s), must make a saving throw vs. spells or be unable to commit murder.
The caster can affect one province per level. One in 3rd, two in 6th, three in 9th etc.

Peaceful Aura Invented by Søren Surlykke

10th level caster

Sphere		: Charm
Regency		: 20 RP/province
Gold		: 8 GB/province
Duration	: 1 month
Required temple : 5
This is a VERY powerful spell, usable only for defense.
In all affected provinces, it is impossible to use ANY form of violence this counts not only for individuals, but also for armies. This spell is usually cast only in times where trouble is rising, as it is a very expensive spell to cast. A caster can protect one province for each ten levels of experience he has, one in 10th, two in 20th and so on...