Hogan's book of prayers

You reckless heretic!
Did you think you could stop playing your favorite priest just because he has learned every prayer known to man and God alike? Well, stop crying and check this out! Right before you are a whole lot of new prayers, some of them published for the first time, created by designers hidden from the view of even Greater Deities!
If you like them, just pray, and your prayers will be answered in the form of an instant screen for printout (choose level!) or a blessing download! Everything is free! Just click in the right places!
All prayers on these pages are shareware as long as you remember to include the name of the creater who has blessed us with his creation. Credit is still to be given where its deserved!

Divine D&D Magic

1st level

2nd level

3rd level

4rd level

5th level

6th level

7th level

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