7th Level

Anger of the Land Invented by Bearhug
Level		: 7th (Priest)
Sphere		: Earth
Range		: 20 yards
Components	: V, S
Casting time	: 20 Rounds
Area of Effect	: Special
Saving Throw	: Neg.
This prayer is only available to Druids.
After the Druid has prayed in the required time, the whole earth 700 yards away from him starts rising at a great speed towards the skies. At full height, the earthen plate will be towering at a height of 500 yards above the surroundings. When the plate has risen, the magic sustaining the earthen mound will withdraw, causing the mound to collapse towards the caster. All creatures within a range from 200 to 500 yards from the druid must take a saving throw vs. Death Magic. Everyone that doesn't make their saving throw will be dealt an immediately death, as the big risen plate tips over and crashes towards the ground. Those who made the saving throw, have made a jump clear of the collapsing plate, but they will still suffer damage from falling debris.

Healing of the Mass Invented by Hogan
Level		: 7th (Priest)
Sphere		: Healing
Range		: 0
Components	: V, M
Duration	: Instant
Casting time	: 1 round
Area of Effect	: 20 ft. radius
Saving Throw	: None
This prayer creates a blue swirling nimbus in the area of effect that will set upon and heal everyone touched by it. The nimbus will heal 2 hp of normal wounds pr. level of the casting priest, but the effect will be visited upon everyone n the area covered by the nimbus, friends and foe alike. The nimbus can only heal wounds, it will not restore, refresh, regenerate anything or cure diseases or other illnesses.
The casting priest must be the center of the affected area and he must hold his holy symbol aloof while he throws the diamond dust (500 gp worth) that is the material component, into the air to create the nimbus.

Heavenly Fire Invented by Hogan
Level		: 7th (Priest)
Sphere		: Elemental (Fire), Combat
Range		: 50 yards/level
Components	: V, S, M
Duration	: Instantly
Casting Time	: 1 Round
Area of Effect	: 120 feet diameter
Saving Throw	: 
One of the most powerful spells in the Priest's repertoire, Heavenly Fire brings into being a force close to what the wrath of his God must be like. The casting of this spell will cause an area designated by the priest to be pummeled with flaming rocks from the sky. The bombardment of rocks will last an entire round, and cause every living being in the area of effect to take 1d6 in damage for each level of the caster, with no limits to the amount of power. A saving throw for half damage is allowed. Beings immune to fire, automatically receive half damage, and can save to half that again. In addition to bring harm to living beings, the flaming rocks can also cause tremendous structural damage to buildings in the area, and the surrounding nature will also suffer greatly under the fire form the sky. How much damage, and how to deal with it, is left up to the DM.
Using this spell is very taxing for the priest. After successfully casting the spell, he will be physically and mentally taxed, having he Strength, Constitution and Wisdom reduced with 4 points until allowed rest for at least 8 hours continually.
The material component for the Heavenly Fire is a Fire Opal blessed by a High Priest and consecrated by being submerge in holy oil and then having the oil being burned away by consecrated fire.

Thunderstorm Invented by Hogan
Level		: 7th (Priest)
Sphere		: Weather
Range		: 1 mile/level
Components	: V, S, M
Duration	: 3 rounds/level
Casting time	: 1 turn
Area of Effect	: 1 square mile
Saving Throw	: Special
This prayer summons up a storm much like that of the spell of Control Weather, except that it within the casting time can be called up from nothing. Dark clouds boil into existence and within 1 turn, a thunderstorm is in place.
The Thunderstorm will be a merciless chaos of heavy rain, strong winds and lightning, forcing movement to be halved, flying to be impossible and loose items to be blown around. For each round, 1 lightning per 3 levels of the caster strikes from the cloud, each having a 50% chance of striking a random individual covered by the thunderstorm, dealing 5d8 in electrical damage with a saving throw for half damage.
The cloud can be moved by the caster at a rate of 200 feet per round, a round in which he must keep the concentration. Besides this, nothing, not even the caster can stop or control the storm until it has run is course.
The material component of the spells is a golden symbol shaped like a lightning, worth at least 500 gp, and a small bottle containing the smoke from an Efreet. The latter is consumed in the casting.

True Elemental Attack Invented by Sation
Level		: 7th (Priest)
Sphere		: Elemental
Range		: Special
Components	: V, S, M
Duration	: Special
Casting Time	: 1 hour
Area of Effect	: Special
Saving Throw	: None
This spell is basically the same as the 3rd level prayer, Lesser Elemental Attack, except that it allows the caster to summon a number of 24 HD elementals equal to 1/5 of his level.
In order to make the summoning the priest needs to burn some rare incense and sacrifice one of his own true believers. It has to be one who has believed for years, not just one who've just been converted to the faith.