Campaigns & Plots

Are you having a temporary emptiness in the part of your brain that generates plots for your games?
Do you need something to challenge you hardcore high-level players?
Are you looking for new ideas for adventures to introduce to your players?
Well, if you do, then this page might help you! It will try to collect as many interesting plots and campigns for the AD&D and D&D-universes as possible, all ready to be downloaded and shared with those who are itching to use them in their own games!
First take a look at this list of 1d100 Adventures to get some ideas for a start, then take a look at some of the suggestions at this page.
Read and take whatever you find interesting. When you are done, think of submitting your own adventures so they can be used by other DM's who might be looking for something too!
Ready? Ok, its gaming time!

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