Voltan the Tracker

Race:Human Class(es): Barbarian / Ranger Level(s): 3 / 3
Current XP:17,300 Next Level:21,000
Sex:Male Ht:6'2" Wt:188 lb Hair color:Dark Brown Eye Color:Lt. Brown
Aligment:Neutral Good Diety:Obad-Hai Piety:2
Age:31 Birthdate:6/16

Languages:Common, Elven, Orcish, Dwarven



Max HP:64 Current:- Special-

Protective Equipment:
NameACMax Dex.Hardness/HPArcane Fail
Chain Shirt+4+510/3020%

Total AC:14 Flat Footed AC:14 Touch AC:10

Damage Reduction:- Miss Chance:- Spell Resistance:-

Attack Equipment:
WeaponAttack BonusDamage Bonus.DamageCriticalNotes
Battle Axe+4 / 001d8x33 attacks per. round
Fencing Sabre+401d618-20/x2-
Short Bow+6 / +201d6x340 arrows

Base Attack Bonus:+6 / +2 Initiative:+4 Movement:40

Skills: 9 / 4,5
SkillKey abilityRankTotal
Animal EmpathyCha9+9
Escape ArtistDex--
Gather InfoCha--
Handle AnimalCha9+9
Intuit DirectionWis3+5
Move SilentlyDex--
Sense MotiveWis--
Use RopeDex--
Wilderness LoreWis6+8

Race Abilities:Extra feat, 1 exta skill point per level, Favored Class (Bar barian)
Class Abilities:Rage 1x per day, Fast Movement, Uncanny Dodge, Track, 1st Favored Enemy (Lizardfolk)
Feats:Power Attack +5, Cleave, Alertness, Counter Dodge

Basic:Backpack, (10) torches, flint and steel, whetstone, pot, soap, 2 boots, 2 pants, 2 shirts, gloves, 5 waterskins, set of keys, simple lock, coffer, (4) clay bottles
Food/Water:10 / 10

Gems:3 Small Gems


Volthan the Tracker was raised in the small village of Lodenn which lies to the west of the Kalore Region. This small village comprises of a hodge-podge of races, and Volthan was raised by the village itself as we was an orphan child when his mother died during childbirth. He was adopted by the village and spent one week in one village members hut, and another week with another member. He learned many things in the world due to this upbringing, both good and bad. Volthan spent the majority of his youth associating with a retired Orc Barbarian named G'Ntin who taught Volthan how to release the inner beast when it was needed the most. The barbarian taught him many skills. The other main teacher in his life was Oreena, a cursed woman who though was young and beautiful was doomed with an alter personality that struck her at night. She was aware of the curse and kept herself locked in her room at night, where she would leave the key with anyone who spent time with her to release her in the morning. One night she managed to beg her way into freedom, as Volthan who was only eleven at the time unlocked her door. She in an evil state of mind had molested, tortured and left him mentally scarred for life as a result. Volthan never was trusting again after that and invested most of his time in animals. The animals were loyal where people were not. He spent his life devoted to protecting them and saving them. While traveling the lands learning from nature, he encountered a ranger named Sectin the Silent, Sectin saw the pain in this youth's eyes who was only fourteen at the time and he brought him under his wing. Sectin himself was betrayed by humans as a child and turned to animals for companionship.

Volthan trained and with his already budding barbarian skills had picked up the ways of the ranger very quickly. Though Volthan saw strengths in continuing the teachings of G'Ntin. He developed both sets of skills and mindsets simultaneously noticing how each compliment each other, and when all else failed, he learned to release the inner animal, the hatred, the torture he had endured. When he was twenty he had departed to make a place for himself among the natural creatures, he had developed and cultivated a veritable friendship of the wildlife near Plarikus. One unexpected evening, a lizardman party from Mauko had attacked and slaughtered his camp, killing his comrades, animal companions and leaving himself near dead and unconscious. By sheer luck, a wild jackal had stumbled into his camp and had brought him a water bottle, and lay by his side to scare off scavengeres until he recovered consciousness. He vowed revenge and the lizardfolk were his moral enemy. He spent years learning how to best take advantage of their reptilian bodies, to avoid their tails and to strike them were the blows would cause the most harm.

For eleven more years he traveled from town to town, assisting animals under abuse and seeking out any rumors of lizardfolk causing trouble in the local areas. In some parts he is called the "Bane of the Lizardfolk" his expertise and skill are becoming more and more deadly with time and experience. However, his childhood still haunts him and he feels uncomfortable around women. He is nearly afraid of a woman's touch, and should a woman touch him, even if it is just on the shoulder, he would snap back with fear and torment. The unspeakable mental scars and tortures that he endured by Oreena would haunt him forever. Though he fancies women, and fantasizes about finding a ranger woman who he would be with forever, he is also afraid to even pursue the idea.