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Heroes Gallery

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Now lets take a look at our heroes. They are the salt and spice of the meal of roleplaying... they are you!
Heroes you've probably already encountered many times in The Mortuary, but how where they when they were still alive? And what about those who didn't die (or haven't had the time to do so yet)?
The Heroes' Gallery is for those heroes, who's life is a story with more facets and dimensions than normally allowed! They are the ones to remember, so go see how they are doing. Perhaps you get the inspiration to back up your own hero in his or her exploits?
Lets face it! Destroying the world and defending yourself from those good-for-nothing heroes who always try to twart your plans, thats something which takes the best of a man (or woman or devil or...!). Where would the hero be without the arch-villain? Home in the village plowing the fields! Ok, there are always the usual Orc-raiders and marauding Hill Giants, but nothing beats the thrill of facing the master villain behind the plots!
In Villains Corner you might catch a glimpse of the beings behind the masks, but beware! Don't look for too long, you might receives an unsuspected visit from one of them!!

Heroes of honor

Felthas' Friends (Party)

Voltan the Tracker

Villains of note


Felthas' Friends

After having seen his old friends retire or die, Felthas travelled to the North, to the Sword Coast, and to Calimshan only to discover that new and more perillous adventures were waiting for him.

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Voltan the Tracker

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