Neremnor Rockheart, Wielder of the Firehammer

12th-level Shield Dwarven Fighter

Str : 18/04
Dex :10
Con : 18
Int : 11
Wis :16
Cha :13

Hit Points : 112
Alignment : NG

Age : 64
Gender : M
Height : 4’3"
Weight : 161 lbs.
Hair : Short Brown
Eyes : Greayish Bluw
Skin : Weathered

Homeland : The Great Rift
Religion : Moradin

Notice: As the heir to his clan, Neremnor can summon the Firehammer. This can done once per day, and only on a hammer-like weapon (mauls, war hammers, mallets, etc.). It takes one round, but once it is conjured, it adds 2d4 points of fire damage to every attack made with the weapon, due to the heat and the licking flames around the head of the weapon. The weapon is unaffected by the flames, as is the wielder. If thrown, the flames extinguish after the attack. Otherwise they last 2 turns (12 rounds).

Weapon Proficiencies: Battleaxe, footman's mace, light crossbow, maul (master), short sword, war hammer..

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Alertness (17), blacksmithing (18), common tongue (11), dwarven tongue (11), endurance (18), read/write dethrek, survival (mountains, 11).

Special Abilities: As mountain dwarves and the Firehammer (see "Notice").

Equipment: While adventuring, Neremnor wears a Banded Mail +2, named Grumbar's Gift. On his back, a round small Shield +1 is strapped. In addition to its other abilities, it confers a +3 bonus to saves vs. breath weapon attack. If Neremnor turns his back to the source of the attack while bearing the shield, the damage is halved, or reduced to a quarter if the save (with the +3 bonus) is made. A sturdy reinforced leather helmet protects his head. His favored weapon is the Markruc-Aziz, a stout Maul +3, although he always has a War Hammer +1 tugged in his belt. Furthermore, he also wears a pair of Boots of the North. His common garb is a sturdy tunic, pants, the boots, and the belt.

Treasures: Neremnor currently works as an innkeeper, and hence he has access to about 150 gp. He also keeps a small cache of coins, in the need should arise, containing about 6000 gp in gems or jewellery. This cache is hidden under the floor of his tavern, the Hammer and Flame Inn. In addition to this, he also hides a Horn of Blasting and a Gem of Seeing in the tavern.

Personality: While he should be more disciplined and strict in the eyes of his father, Neremnor chose to start an inn, rather than furthering the fame of his clan. He thinks that all the years in its service, have been served. He has a life to live for himself with his wife, Beruna, and doesn't want to have any duties or other things, he must do. Neremnor is a kind and understanding innkeeper, always there for a good talk, especially about the good, old times, when dragons where still dragons, and knights still knights (a saying, Gabrielle gets quite annoyed by). His calm and friendly attitude is always present, even when faced with the direst of circumstances.

Background: Neremnor was born as the heir to the clan leader, Golder Rockheart. This wasn't his liking, however, and as soon as he got the chance, he fled his homeland for a life of adventure. He got it, and as the returned, rich and experienced, his father gave him the Firehammer, a family relic, carried within, as a small flame in ones heart. He thanked his father, but as his father told him to take over as leader of the clan, Nermnor looked at him and said: "Father, I have more important things to attend to…" Then he wrapped his arm around Beruna's and walked out of the clanhouse. Now he has opened the Hammer and Flame Inn in Proskur, as a place for storytellers and adventurers, where they can share a word or two over a mug of good-quality ale (a place, Gabrielle enjoys visiting).

Current XP: 1152400