Magus, Practitioner of the Dark Art

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11th/12th-level half(moon)elven Fighter/Shadow Mage

Str : 17
Dex :15
Con : 12
Int : 18
Wis :13
Cha :10

Hit Points :61
Alignment : N

Age : 32 (true age 212)
Gender : M
Height : 6’2"
Weight : 132 lbs.
Hair : Long White-Grey
Eyes : Dark Blue-Purple
Skin : Very Pale Bluish

Homeland : None any longer
Religion : Maybe Sehanine

Notice: The favored weapon of Magus, the scythespear, is treated as both a scythe and a spear. At the beginning of a combat round, the player pronounces if the scythespear is used as either a scythe or a spear. The weapon will then have the abilities of the chosen weapon, except for weight, which is that of an ordinary scythe.

Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, scythe (master), spear (specialized), two-handed weapon style.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Alertness (14), arcanology (Netheril, 18), astrology (18), common tongue (18), elven tongue (18), read/write common (19), read/write espruar (19), read/write thorass (17), religion (Fearūnian, 13), spellcraft (16), tactics of magic (18), trouble sense (13).

Special Abilities: As halfelves, plus the abilities of a 12th-level shadow mage (including Dark Vision). Furthermore, Magus ages only one year every ten years because of the time travel (see "Background").

Equipment: Magus normally wears a midnight-blue Cloak of Protection +1, called Night, to conceal his dual-profession. However, under it he has a sleeve-less tunic and pants, protecting his feet in boots of the skin of a Dracolisk, he defeated single-handedly (the skin adds a +3 bonus to the boots' saves vs. fire or acid). His arms are protected with a pair of ornate Bracers of Protection AC 3, known as The Liege's Guard. They are also partially concealed by his long sturdy red gloves. On one of his slender fingers is a plain-looking Ring of Gaze Reflection (as the 1st-level spell), called Coldeyes. His weapon of choice, the DarkScythe, is a Scythespear +3 (see "Notice") made of an adamantium-alloy and magically strengthened willowwood. It resembles a spear with a large head and the blade of scythe protruding from one of the sides of the spearhead. For his own safety, he also carries a Dagger +1 which can create darkness (as the priestly Light, but reversed) once per day, created by himself and called Blackshard. At last, he has his preferred spellbook, The Shadow Incarnate, strapped to his back under the cloak.

Treasures: In the pouches of Magus are usually components and about 26 gp worth of coin. That is, however, only spare money. His tower, the Citadel of Shadows, contains quite a treasure or two more. More than a couple spellbooks are stored there, along with an expensive library, containing gems and coin worth about 35,000 gp. Many expendable magical items, such as wands, rods, potions, and scrolls, are also stored here, with some of more permanent nature. Among them is a rare Wand of Shadows

Spells: Among the many spells he knows, these are the preferred:

Personality: The face and eyes of Magus can be as dark and cold as the shadows, he lurks within. His humour is equally as dark and filled with sarcasm, while his manner is quite cynical. The only thing he seems to thinks about is himself and his own advancement. Or is it? Actually not, but he is willing to go to many a length to achieve what he wants, although he would prefer to avoid that option. Justice is also an important part in his philosophy, but it is as wicked (without being evil) as his humour. Few things can actually make him laugh of joy, if any at all. The sense of justice, he has, is a bit tainted by the old rules: "Might makes right" (See "Quotes") and "What can be replaced, is expendable".

Background: Janus (his true name) was born during great Netheril. Early in his years, the parents of Janus (whom he doesn't remember the names of) discovered his excellent abilities within the magical art and send him to the College of Wizardry. While he was there, his parents stumbled upon an ancient prophecy, in which a young boy with great magical abilities should be sacrificed to prevent a great disaster from destroying all Netheril. In fear, they began researching ways to avoid their son's demise. At last, they came to a spell able to send their son into the near future. Meanwhile, Janus had become a respected mage, adept in the Art. His parents told him about the prophecy a late winter night, gave him a magical cloak (the one he still wears), and send him forward in time. As he arrived in the Year of the Scourge (1150 DR), he immediately sought to learn about the fate of his parents. He discovered that they had died along with many others during the Fall of Netheril. Since then, he has studied the Dark Art, as he calls the Shadow Magic, and he has aided those he deemed worthy, but he has never worked for the forces of evil. His experiences as a mage also told him, that they weren't capable of defending themselves, and so, he trained to become a warrior too, which lead to his morbid taste of weaponry.

Current XP: 837680 / 837680.

Quotes: Here are some of Magus' more famous quotes: