Gabrielle Fiendslayer, Holy Hand of Torm

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13th-level Human Paladin of Torm

Str : 13
Dex :17
Con : 10
Int : 15
Wis :13
Cha :17

Hit Points :84
Alignment : LG

Age : 26
Gender : F
Height : 5’9"
Weight : 139 lbs.
Hair : Long Blond
Eyes : Deep Blue
Skin : Slightly Sunburned

Homeland : Sword Coast
Religion : Torm

Weapon Proficiencies: Composite longbow (master), long sword (specialized), medium horse lance, plate mail, short sword.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Armorer (13), bowyer/fletcher (16), common tongue (15), etiquette (17), fiend lore (as undead lore from Spells & Magic, 14), healing (11), leadership (16), read/write common (16), religion (Fearūnian, 13), riding (horse, 16).

Special Abilities:: Same as a 13th-level paladin

Equipment:: Gabrielle wears a tight Plate Mail +2 for her own protection. It is tight fitting, so as not to interfere with her archery. She calls it Vigilance because of its ability to Detect Magic thrice per day. Over it, and the quiver of arrows on her back, she wears a bright red Cloak of Bravery (as the priest spell, but rather as a physical manifestation). When confronted with enemies on long range, she quickly draws the Godswill, her Composite Longbow +2, Piercer. Then, her Medium Shield +1 is strapped to her back. It has her family crest emblazoned on it: A dove and a bow crossing each other on a white field. In melee, she wields her shield an a Long Sword +1, +3 vs. Undead, she has named Geawyn, in honour of its last wielder. In her quiver are 7 Arrows of Fiend Slaying, by which she earned her title, along with a reasonable assortment of other arrows. Gabrielle never wears helmets, as they also interfere with her archery, or rather her vision in general. Her common clothing consists of pants, high boots (but not of metal, as those in her plate mail), a tunic, and a short cloak. She always wears a holy symbol of Torm and a Medallion of Underwater Action and Breathing.

Treasures: She never carries much of monetary value. Her purse normally holds no more than 25 gp, but in cases of need, she has the resources to increase this thousand-fold.

Personality: Gabrielle is a bit reclusive and somewhat of a dreamer. If she is sitting in a good tavern with a mug of good ale (her favourite situation), she could sit back, enjoy the ale, and forget everthing else. Even for hours and while others talk at the same table. While adventuring, however, she is very active, participating as a defender, speaker, and representative of the group. Her discipline, especially the martial, is always to read on the way she acts. She has a strong sense of battle honour, and could never strike people from behind, although archery is okay, as other people have that option too in a fair fight.

Background: Gabrielle is the daughter of the nobleman and former general from Baldur's Gate, Haldric Dovesbow. She was raised with almost military discipline by her otherwise kind father. She never knew her mother, as she died at Gabrielle's birth. Shortly after her 18th birthday her father held a small feast. As the entertainers entered the feasthall, Gabrielle saw the man of her dreams. The juggler of the band was a slender, but muscular, handsome man of her age. She wanted to talk with the entire evening, but as the daughter of the host, she was asked for a dance constantly. Her teachings in etiquette forbade her to refuse, and so her evening ended. The next morning she asked for him, but found that the troupe had left east for Suzail. She pleaded her father to let her ride after him and as the kind father he was (and because he knew how stubborn she could be), he let her. Her only escort was Geawyn, her father's trusted bodyguard and friend. Although he died in an ambush, on their way to Suzail, she continued. As she finally arrived in Suzail, she found him singing under the balcony of another maid. That broke her heart. Then she turned to Torm, the Lord her father had taught her to respect the most, because "he will always be at your side." And not as fleeting as the love of a bard.

Current XP: 1724500