Activity Cycle: Any (Night preferred)
Diet: Nil
Alignment:Neutral Evil

Armor Class:-4
Hit Points:128
THAC0:2 (Base), -2 (Bastard sword) or -1 (other weapons)

No. Attacks: 1 (fist), 5/2 (Bastard sword) or 2/1 (other weapons)
Damage/Attack: 1d10 (fist) or by weapon
Special Attacks: See Below
Special Defenses:See Below
Magic Resistance:0%
Save As:Best of Necromancer 20/Fighter 19

Size: M (6' 7'')
Morale:Fanatic (18)

Str:18/00 (+3,+6)
Dex:18 (+2,+4)
Con:16 (+2 hp)
Wis:19 (+4)
Fimur was at first a warrior, but he found out that wizards had a lot of power, a power he didn't possess. But that would change, after his party had defeated a vampire mage, he asked the wizard of the party to help him, which he did
Fimur was impatient, and grew mad over the fact that the wizard would not teach him any necromantic spells, which he saw as true power, so in the end he killed his teacher, and started to find other teachers, some who would teach him Necromancy.
In the end, he found his teacher, a lich who was impressed by Fimurs courage and lust for power, and so Fimur became the lich's second in comand.
Eventually, all things end, and so also Fimurs loyalty, he killed his master, and took over his castle and his undead armies. One of the many magical items found in the treasury was a magical item who could Planeshift the user, and everything within 1000 yards as he wished, Fimur used this power to move the castle to a pocket plane, and has set up base there, where he is now the ultimate ruler.

Fimur has the standard immunities of a lich, and also has some bloodline powers, see below.
Fimur always has (exept if he is totally suprised, which is very difficult as he knows about everything that happens in his pocket plane) the following spells in effect:
Globe of Invulnerability
Protection From Normal Missiles
Protection From Good

Fimur is a powerfull Necromancer, giving him the following number of spells: 6/6/6/6/6/5/4/4/3
Fimur favors spells that enhance the combat powers of others, such as Strength, Enlarge, Invisibility and Improved Invisibility. He also likes spells that hinder others, such as Fumble, Curse, Blindness, Silence, Web, and many others. And of course, Necromantic spells, especially Animate Dead.

Fimur will always carry the following items:
5 Potions of Undead Healing (works as Extra healing, but only for undead)
2 Potions of Human Control
a Ring of Free Action
a Ring of Wizardry (doubles 1st-3rd level spells)
a Staff of the Magi
a Brooch of Shielding
a Deck of Illusions
a Girdle of Many Pouches
a Gloves of Missile Snaring
a Crown of Disguise
a pearly white Ioun Stone (regenerates 1 hp/turn)
a Luck Stone
"Fearbringer", a Plate Mail of Fear, (but with a +3 modifier instead)*
"Ender of lives", a Bastardsword of Life Stealing
a Staff of Bones (From Dragon #238)

* Fimur (and only Fimur) can cast spells while wearing "Fearbringer". When donned by any other than Fimur, "Fearbringer" works as a Plate mail -2, Cursed
(Fimur may carry other items, as appropriate for the situation.)

Birthright Special:

Bloodline Diviration	: Azrai
Bloodline Strength	: True (95)
Blood Abilities		: Alertness (Minor)
			  Poison Sense (Minor)
			  Death Touch (Major)
			  Long Life (Great)
			  Devine Aura (Great)			  
			  Charm Aura (Great)
			  Touch of Decay (Great)