Felthas Cyraneth, Guardian of Everlor

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15th-level goldelven fighter

Str : 17
Dex :19
Con : 9
Int : 14
Wis :10
Cha :16

Hit Points :86
Alignment : LG

Age : 130
Gender : M
Height : 5’3"
Weight : 104 lbs.
Hair : Long Blond
Eyes : Clear Blue
Skin : Slightly Golden

Homeland : Cormanthor
Religion : Corellon Larethian

Notice: Felthas is blind on his right eye. A traitorous teacher of the bow caused this incurable scar. During a lesson, Felthas was sent forth to retrieve his arrows. As he stood there, the teacher took care aim and fired an arrow, enchanted to wither its target beyond the call of mortal magic. Felthas noticed it timely enough to avoid a lethal blow against the temple, and instead, the arrow glanced his eye, withering it only. The loss of depth in his sight imposes a –2 penalty to all ranged attack.

Weapon Proficiencies: Chain hauberk, dagger, long sword, two-handed weapon style, two-handed sword (grand master).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Animal lore (13), common tongue (14), elven tongue (14), etiquette (16), heraldry (14), leadership (2 slots, 16), read/write common (15), read/write espruar (15), survival (woodlands, 14).

Special Abilities: As goldelves

Equipment: Felthas normally wears a t-shirt-like tunic, elongated to cover the legs too. It could easily be the surcoat to his Elven Chain Hauberk +2 of Lightning Resistance (as a Ring of Fire Resistance), called Talismar, which covers a little less than the tunic. However, his most priced possession is the Heirloom, a Two-Handed Sword of Disruption +4 (as a Mace of Disruption). Felthas believes the sword contains the spirit of his father, who died gloriously on a battlefield about 10 years ago. He treats it with respect, although he never talks to it or the like. His eyepatch is made of honeyleather, taken from the ruins of Myth Drannor, and his ring, the Sign of Cyranethia, act as a Ring of Free Action. The sign of his now-shattering house is a C formed as a crescent moon with a slender sword behind it. During one of his many adventures he found a pair of boots, tailored in elven style, which turned out to be a pair Boots of Speed, known as Coshee's Paws. Furthermore he wears a long flowing green cloak, which hides his scabbard for the Heirloom, pants, a belt, and a pouch. In case of need, he also has a dagger in the belt, and one in the left boot.

Treasures: Besides the 34 gold pieces, 24 silver pieces, and the 500 gp emerald he has on his person at the time of writing, he also has a hidden cache in his mother’s grove, a small hidden grove in Cormanthor, where his mother is buried. This cache contains coins and jewellery to a sum of 2500 gp. The emeralds similar to the one he is carrying are also present in the cache. In cases in great need, Felthas has learned a hymn to call upon the spirit of his mother, when in the grove. She has the abilities of a major spirit of the dead, if the rules for shamans are used (see Spells & Magic).

Personality: As the son of a noble, Felthas is a noble, in most ways of the word at least. He feels responsible for his friends, and is a worthy leader too. He sets concepts such as honour and respect quite high for elven standards, and he believes in justice, which is why the deity Tyr is his preferred among the Fearûnian.

Background: After the attempted assassination (see "Notice") Felthas was kept in his apartments, to secure him from further attempts. There he spent his youth learning etiquette and other necessities as a noble. At last it was too much for him, and he fled is home to become a freelancer of justice, learning the arts of combat. After 6 years on the road, he returned only to acknowledge the death of his father, and later to bury his mother. His father had died defending Everlor, which was now reduced to a faction of its former self. Many years and adventures have passed since, and now Felthas has friends in most of the Dalelands and Cormyr.

Current XP: 5474190 (The option for advancing beyond race limits is used, but at one-third rate).

Quotes: Here are a few of Felthas' more famous quotes: