Celevan Cyraneth, Mage of the Lost Court

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12th-level goldelven mage

Str : 9
Dex :18
Con : 10
Int : 17
Wis :16
Cha :15

Hit Points :33
Alignment : CG

Age : 117
Gender : M
Height : 52"
Weight : 98 lbs.
Hair : Long Dark Blond
Eyes : Clear Blue
Skin : Slightly Golden

Homeland : Cormanthor
Religion : Corellon Larethian

Notice: Although Celevan's alignment tells differently, he has quite a feeling for justice and law (after all, you have to known something about justice to be a court mage), but his behaviour and humour are as frivolous as those of any elf.

Weapon Proficiencies:Dagger, dart, quarterstaff.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Animal lore (17), arcanology (Myth Drannor, 14), common tongue (17), elven tongue (17), etiquette (15), healing (14), heraldry (17), prestidigitation (17), religion (elven, 16) read/write common (18), read/write espruar (18), spellcraft (15).

Special Abilities:: As goldelves

Equipment:: Celevan normally wears a white robe with spring-green borders and golden decor. Underneath a pair of pants keeps his legs warm. They are held up by the belt, he wears over the robe, in which he carries the few components, he uses from time to time. High boots are his preferred footwear and a green cloak would end the list of his daily wear. Furthermore, he has a Vest of Protection +3, called Lifeguard, which he relies on for safeguarding his life. His offensive capabilities are also enhanced, but with a special family token, the Cyranethian Staff. On his hand a golden Ring of Fire Resistance, known as Dragon's Tear, rests. He also carries a Wand of Frost with plenty of charges left, which he has called Winter's Night. Normally he lets his long hair hang down his back, but occasionally it is bound into a broad plait by green ribbons.

Treasures: As a travelling wizard, Celevan has little property, but besides the total of 26 gp in his pouch, he has an emerald to a value of 750 gp. Furthermore, his spellbook is a tome of fine quality, called Starfire. Its quality gives it a +2 bonus to its saves.

Spells: Celevan's favored spells include:

Personality: Celevan was the second son in an elven nobleman's family. In the eyes of his parents, he should become an aide to Felthas, when the oldest lad took over as the head of the House Cyraneth. Alas, his surroundings treated him as such. He was schooled in the Art, as a courtmage would be invaluable to the coming heir. Celevan is an young elf with dreams and ambitions, but he is first of all loyal to his brother. Beyond that his loyalty is only to what deserves his respect. His role as the aide of Felthas seems alluring to the mage, as he has a dream of being the most trusted in a kingdom with a family member as the king.

Background: Celevan is the little brother of Felthas the Guardian, who was able to flee to Evermeet during the destruction of Everlor. Although his journey should have taken him to the island, he never arrived. Midways, he discovered that his brother had stayed behind, and he chose to return to aid his brother in the defence of the Elven Court. As he arrived at Cormanthor, there was no trace of the elven nation, or Felthas, but the ruins. Now after 7 years of searching, Celevan is finally close to find his brother, but still just on his trail.

Current XP: 764390