Beruna Rockheart, Wife of the Firehammer

11th-level Shield Dwarven specialty priestess of Haela Brightaxe

Str : 16
Dex :11
Con : 15
Int : 12
Wis : 17
Cha :14

Hit Points : 64
Alignment : CG

Age : 61
Gender : F
Height : 41"
Weight : 117 lbs.
Hair : Long Dark Blond
Eyes : Greyish Green
Skin : Vigorous

Homeland : The Great Rift
Religion : Haela Brightaxe

Weapon Proficiencies: Broadsword, Footman's Mace, one-weapon style, Short Sword.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Blind-fighting (N/A), common tongue (12), dwarven tongue (12), gnomish tongue (12), healing (15), iron will (15), read/write common (13), read/write dethrek (13), religion (dwarven, 17), tumbling (11), weaponsmithing (9).

Special Abilities:: As mountain dwarves. +3 bonus on special throwing manoeuvres. Command Undead. Can select warrior proficiencies at normal cost, +2 to any saves when in melee, Armor or Shield 1/day, Aid or Strength 1/day, Draw Upon Holy Might or Lighten Load 1/day, Detect Weapons at will, 3/2 attacks per round, Prayer or Flame Strike 1/day.

Equipment:: Beruna is quite proud of her Old Trusty, a Plate Mail +2, which provides a +4 bonus to saves vs. fire. The legs of the armour are fashioned as chain mail dress, reinforced with plates. In combat, she normally wields her Broadsword +2, vorpal vs. Goblinoids, known as Gleamer. Under the plate mail, she wears pants, a tunic, Boots of Striding and Springing, and her holy symbol in a thin silver chain. Tugged in her belt, she has a Rod of Resurrection with about 24 charges. She also has a special Girdle of Invoked Fire Giant Strength. This girdle functions as a normal Girdle of Fire Giant Strength, but only for 6 rounds after it is invoked. It can only be activated once per day. Hence she prefers to use it only in the direst of situations. She calls this belt the Adrenaline. Beruna's helm is akin to that of the samurais of Kara-Tur, except that it is far more practical than boasting. Her beard is short, well-kept, and braided into pigtails in the sides.

Treasures: Beruna normally keeps a reasonable amount of money on her. Just enough to live of it. In addition to that she has a thick ring of pure gold (worth 50 gp) and a bronze necklace with a firegem (worth 1500 gp). Her husband fashioned the latter for her, and she would only part with it, if it would be the best solution to a major problem.

Spells: Beruna has access to the following spheres:

Personality: Beruna is both joyous and energetic. In righteous combat, she enjoys the fray, parting goblin head from their bodies. Like by any other dwarf, her hatred to the goblinoids is great enough for her to consider them dead meat (words from her lips). She's optimistic and could easily underestimate her opponent (a weakness from her part). Once known to have attacked a dragon straight on, only a prayer to Haela and her armor saved her from the furious breath of the beast. Her care for her husband, Neremnor, has made her a bit more cautious, although she still underestimates most opponents and brags about her deeds from the years that have passed.

Background: Beruna has lived her life in the house next to Neremnor's clan, the Rockhearts. She has played with Neremnor along with some other dwarven children, while they were still children. However, as they grew older, they met each other less and less, until the only word they shared was a shy "Hi". One day, Neremnor wanted to leave the Rift and seek adventure. Beruna could bear to see him leave, and therefore she asked her temple (she was acolyte of Haela at this time), if she could leave with him, supposedly to spread the word of Haela and protect him in combat. She got the permission, as the Flamebolt Priestess wanted to see what Beruna was capable of. And so they left, Beruna acting as if she was ordered to accompany him by her temple. After few weeks of adventuring, Neremnor finally turned to her during a camp, asking: "Ye didn't come, because yer temple asked. Aye?" She had to admit her deeper feelings to him, fearing that he would turn from her. He didn't, and now they are married and own a small tavern in Proskur, known as the Hammer and Flame Inn. Beruna had a small shrine made in the inn, for wayfaring dwarves to visit, and for her to pray at.

Current XP: 994500