Ardeleen of Lathander, High Priestess of the Morning

14th-level human specialty priest of Lathander

Str : 10
Dex :14
Con : 15
Int : 12
Wis :18
Cha :17

Hit Points :74
Alignment : NG

Age : 23
Gender : F
Height : 5’9"
Weight : 121 lbs.
Hair : Very Long Goldblond
Eyes : Deep Blue
Skin : Smooth

Homeland : Cormyr
Religion : Lathander

Notice: Ardeleen has an affinity for making her long hair look like a cloak of gold when she wants to impress others.

Weapon Proficiencies: Footman's flail, footman's mace, horseman's mace, sling, quarterstaff, war-hammer.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Appraising (14), artistic ability (woodcutting, 20), ceremony (18), common tongue (12), elven tongue (12) etiquette (17), healing (16), musical instrument (flute, 2 slots, 16), oratory (16), religion (Fearūnian, 18) read/write common (13), spellcraft (10).

Special Abilities: Turn Undead (+4 levels vs. light-sensitive undead), light 3/day, Faerie Fire 1/day, Sunrise 1/day, Boon of Lathander 1/day, False Dawn 1/day, +10% on any resurrection survivals she invokes.

Equipment: Ardeleen wears the orange robes of her clergy, which means she has attained the rank of High Priestess. On her feet she normally wears boots or sandals, depending on the circumstances. In her ornate belt are there normally a couple of pouches, containing her components, monetary values, and handy equipment. Her armour is a Lathanderian Chain Mail +2, known by name as Goldglory. It confers the protection of a Ring of Fire Resistance. If close combat is called for, she hefts a Footman's Mace +4, Defender, which she calls Ahaele, and a Medium Shield +2, which bears the holy symbol of Lathander. She has a real symbol of Lathander too: A small disk of the purest quartz, enchanted with permanent Faerie Fire. This amulet also works as an Amulet of Proof against Undead as a cleric of 8th level. She once lend the amulet to a peasant, so he could protect himself from undead, while she used a Create Holy Symbol (as the 2nd level priest spell) for herself. Because of her cooperation with Those Who Harp and the membership, she later attained with that group, she also bears a Harper Pin. In her belt are also three small flasks, containing Elixirs of Health, for just-in-case situations.

Treasures: Ardeleen donates most of her properties to the church, although she always keeps enough to just support herself and an eventual friend in need. In addition to that, her only treasures are two sunstones, worth 100 gp each.

Spells: Ardeleen has access to the following spheres:

Personality: Ardeleen is as bright and optimistic as she is compassionate and a worshiper of the Morninglord. If someone needs a shoulder to cry out on, she has it along with soothing words. Her everbright personality is, unfortunately, tainted by a bit of paranoia with regard to more sinister types, which has created unease between her and Magus. Furthermore, she is known to have a strong sense of "compassionate joy": She would never feel truly happy, unless anyone around her is it. Although she has given herself a quest (see "Background"), she isn't that fanatic about it: Not all undead chose to be it.

Background: She was the daughter of a wealthy merchant and his comely wife. Unfortunately, both of her parents fell victims to a vampire's bite during Ardeleen's 11th year of life, and Ardeleen was told by her dying father to seek a church of the Morninglord, so that she could be safe from her parents. She ran into the night, tears streaming from her eyes. Her parents, now turned undead, intercepted her, seeing her as an easy feast. As they landed in front of her, she stopped, shivering in fear and sadness. Then the dawn shone down upon the area, sudden and devastating. The vampires disintegrated and a yellow-robed man ran to Ardeleen's side. He was a priest of the same Lord, she was told to seek, and he also brought her to a church, where she was taught the teachings of Lathander. Shortly after her initiation, she sought to avenge her parents' death, and hence set out to find the vampire. After this perilous quest, in which she simply annihilated the vampire, beyond the call of undeath, she strode out to stop this undead infestation of the Realms. An impossible task, but not in her eyes.

Current XP: 1385740