Here are som people who have a thing or two for AD&D roleplayers... Visit them!

You can't surf past without visiting Wizards of the Coast. They provide us with the stuff we need!

Visit the greatest meeting place for roleplayers on the net, WebRPG

A tribute to the Elves of Tolkien, Legolas and Haldir among them, is the site of Curucuar !

Take an awe inspiring view at the amateur fantasy art at the Elfwood

Why don't you talk a walk with The Wanderer He has alot to show you!

Dungeon Master's Guild Website

At last! The Lord of the Rings Movie has is finally made it to our world!

Don't know where to buy your AD&D-stuff? Then visit Roleplay Emporia & Shops of all sizes

Magnet er en sønderjydsk rollespilsforening

Looking for tools and stuff for AD&D? RPG Host have a lot in store for you!

The game we all know and love at Flat Earth Games ADnD Fantasy Roleplaying

Get a "few" good Roleplaying Tips at this site!

Roleplayers are joined! The RPG Archieve has gathered the sites worth our respect!

Realms of Gildor

There's a world out there, and its at DragonDice Studios !

Looking for old things quite forgotten? Perhaps Black Dragon Archieve has them in store?

2nd edition AD&D has been passed by 3rd edition and the 3rd Edition Palace of AD&D knows this!

Den er lige startet, men Nightwolf bliver en side man ikke kan komme uden om!

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