the unknown levels

Did you think this homepage was only for Dungeons & Dragons freaks?
Well, mostly it is, but creative people includes the level-makers!
On this page I've posted a few new levels for the oldest games like Doom and Heretic.
Some are made by me, some by others and some by... maeby you?
The idea was to post some for Duke Nuke'em and Quake too, but time got in the way. Some was planned though!
Drop a note if you think you have something that should belong here!
Well, enough for now, take a look at the works below.

Mail levels or comments

Levels for Doom/Doom2

HOGAN1.WAD 27 kb, 10 kb zipped

JBSUPER.WAD 64 kb, 22 kb zipped

RKS.WAD 252 kb, 82 kb zipped

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Levels for Heretic

NETHE.WAD 835 kb, 300 kb zipped

GOING.WAD 104 kb, 35 kb zipped

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Levels for Duke Nuke'em

Duke Went to a party in my birth town, but is was all dead !

Duke arrives at IKT to clean up what was left in Doom!

He wanted to try another job, but Danish Freeze Dry was too much for for him!

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New Levels for Quake

Go for a journey in the 900 years old Roskilde Cathedral

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This place got a huge selection for Quakers, QUAKE Stomped grounds

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