Hogan's Hideous Laughter Dimension

Fireball, Lightning Bolt or Teleport?
Borrowed from The Dragon Magazine without permission. I can't help it, I just love it!

Did you think roleplaying was just serious hack and slash without any sense of humour?
Well think again buster!! Weird things seem to happen late at night when coffee are the only stuff that keeps you alive!
This page will present the funny things that happends during play. Sometimes it is things that will stop play for a time while everybody get hold on themselves! It's the kind of stuff which can give dry remarks from DM when the laughter has died! Take a peek among the following lists, but take care if you are at a public place, you will get some unwanted attention when you drop dead on the floor, screaming with laughter! (I'm not kidding, it has happend before!!)
When you are finished and you are still alive, feel free to send in your own experiences. Its needed, everybody needs a laugh you know!

Famous Last Words

When you are sneaking into a dragons lair, thinking its asleep, and you find it not only awake, but alert and hungry as well, your next sentence is probably going to be remembered as your last. See the Last words of others who did not fare well, but died with a grin!

Stories Worth a Grin

Sometimes during the game you instinctly makes a comment that makes your DM fall down the chair with cramps due to laughter, and sometimes you end up i a situation during a game, which makes you shake your head and smile for years after. If you recognize the situation, then smile and read The Stories from those who enjoyed the play!

Hilarious Pictures

Sometimes pcitures are better than words, and when it comes to the fun stuff, a picture can say more than 10.000 words... especially if one view is enough for you to laugh you ass off!
In short, this is a collection of Funny Pictures

The Really Heavy Ones

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