3rd Edition D&D Weapons

Arrow of Dragonfear Invented by Hogan

An Arrow of Dragonfear is a +1 arrow with no special properties except for those who gave it its name! When an Arrow of Dragonfear is fired, every creature within 15 feet of the arrow's path (except for the bow-wielder) must make a will save or become stricken with a Dragonfear much similar to that radiated by the oldest of dragons.
The fear aura emitted by the arrow is active for a timespan of 4d6 rounds and likewise is the effect. Those who fail the saving AND have 4 or fewer Hit Dice will panic fro 4d6 rounds, suffering -2 morale penalty on saving throw, fleeing as fast as possible with a 50% chance of dropping everything at hand. Those who fail and have 5 or more HD, becomes shaken for 4d6 rounds, suffering a -2 penalty on attack and damage rolls as well as saving throws.
The Arrow must end its path in a none-organic, none-sentient object, as just a drop of blood of other life-giving fluid drowns the fear aura and immediately renders the arrow useless. The arrows aura is still active while it is planted, so anyone entering the area is subject to its powers. Once saved successfully, the recipient is immune to that arrows effect.
The arrow is a one-use only item, and usually only one such arrow is ever found or bought at any time.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Fear
Market Price: 467 gp; Creation Cost: 234 gp + 18 XP.

Black Axe (Invented by Hogan)

This eerie and unique weapon of darkness was originally worn by the mighty Skeleton Lord Krellian Bloodbane when he arose from his grave and lead his undead hordes in a conquest of the northern wastes. After a long and tremendous campaign with heavy looses to the defenders, he was finally defeated by the Dwarven clans of Ironfast Keep. His weapon though, disappeared and is possible now in the hands of another warrior somewhere between life and dead.
The Black Axe, as the weapon was known among the Dwarves who struggled against the undeads of Bloodbane, is a mighty Battle Axe +3, originally forged from a dark unknown metal, but took on other properties at the dead and reborn of its owner. Now hovering between life and dead, it is not truly a "thing" anymore and more undead than real! As such the blade is insubstantial and will pass through armors and other none-magical obstructions as if they were not there, only leaving protection bonuses from dexterity and magical bonuses. Though is passes through such protection easily enough, it still deals damage to the living, and any hit will cause an additional 1d6 of chilling damage to any mortal being, due to the unearthly cold of the axe.
Furthermore, the dark metal of the blade has since its "dead" taken on a shadowy hypnotizing sheen, making everyone looking directly at the blade (as will happen if they are caught by surprise) think himself being drawn into a vortex of shadow, instantly freezing him with disorientation for one round.
As a weapon of the dead, any living person handling the axe will feel the cold of the netherworld, taking 1d4 point of damage for every round in contact with the weapon. Isolation cannot hold this unearthly cold at bay and only the undead may safefully touch and use this weapon.

Caster Level: 9th

The Bow of Starlight (Invented by Half-Dragon)

This darkwood +1 mighty (+2) composite longbow sheds light as a torch (Light spell) when commanded. All ammunition launched from the bow effects the target as if a Flare spell has been cast on it (DC 13) and sheds light as a torch (Light spell) for 1 hour. It enables the user to use fly once per day for 1 hour. It can only be used by an elf, if a nonelf uses it, it functions as a +1 bow. All commands to the bow are mental and a new user mentally learns of its powers when first using it. Any power can be suppressed, mentally.
The bow is covered in Elvish runes.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Light, heightened Flare to 3 level, Fly, the creator must be an elf; Weight: 1.5lb
Market Price: 10 000 gp: Cost to Create: 5000 gp, 200xp

The original bow was created by an Elven arcane archer after the fall of Myth Drannor and was used by him against the Drow and Orcs in great battles. He used to fly with it high in the air and shoot at lonely Orc patrols at night. The Orc's thought that a star rained light at them. When he died his son, a bard, took it for his voyages. It's rumored that he was killed by a rogue who sold it to some merchants.

Bullets of Repulsion (Invented by Hogan)

Bullets of Repulsion are small leaden bullets, much like the once use for slings and staff-slings. The bullets are designed to be used by such weapons, to be hurled against a target. Upon successfully hitting that target, they bullets will bestow an effect much similar to the arcane Repulsion-spell, except that it is more direct force. If the target doesn't make a successfully Will saving throw, he is thrown off his feet and hurled 3 feet through the air for each point taken in damage. Since the bullets of repulsion gives damage as normal sling bullets, a normal slinger without any special strength could throw the target from 3 to 12 feet (considering damage against opponents to be 1d4). Even if the target should be impervious to the initially damage (the bullets are not magical weapons), he can still be moved by the repulsion of the impact. For each 3 feet thrown, 1d2 points are taken in damage from the resulting impact.
The Bullets of Repulsion are normally created and found in small bags in numbers of 1d6.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Repulsion
Market Price: 3650 gp; Cost to Create: 1825 gp

Chromatic Bow Invented by Hogan

A Chromatic Bow is a Short Bow +2, made from an unknown sort of dark wood that makes the bow strong as steel but yet flexible as the best Elven bows. If looked at very carefully for a few minutes, small stripes of colored metal will become obvious between the fibers of the bow. Whoever made the bow in the first place is not known, but nobody has yet to make a successful and functionally duplicate.
As standard, all arrows fired from the Chromatic Bow, will be fired with the bows +2 bonus, and all normal (none-magical) arrows will furthermore be changed into +2 arrows with regards to damage and especially damage reduction.
10 times a day, at the point of launching a knocked arrow, the special powers of the bow can be called for to change the arrow into one of the following types:

Black Arrow (Arrow of Acid) - Deals an additional 2d4 in acid damage to target (None).
Blue Arrow (Arrow of Lightning) - Deals an additional 2d6 in electrical damage to target (Fortitude DC 15, half)
Green Arrow (Arrow of Poison) - Initial 1d6 in con, secondary 2d6 constitution damage (Fortitude DC 16, none)
Red Arrow (Arrow of Fire) - Deals an additional 2d6 in fire damage to target (Fortitude DC 15, half)
White Arrow (Arrow of Ice) - Deals an additional 2d6 in cold damage to target (Fortitude DC 15. half)

A maximum of two arrows of the same type can be launched any given day.
Even if nobody has any idea of the motives behind the creator of the Chromatic Bows, the church of Tiamat regards them as holy artifacts. Among the followers of the Five-Headed Queen they are known as Bows of Tiamat, and any of them will pay dearly and fight until dead in order to obtain one of them for the church an the honor of Tiamat.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Melf's Acid Arrow, Flame Arrow, Ice Arrow, Lightning Bolt, Poison
Market Price: 30,080 gp; Creation Cost: 15,205 gp + 1190 XP.

Crossbow of Flames Invented by Hogan

The Crossbow of Flames is a Heavy Crossbow made from reinforced and strengthened cherry tree with reddish copper streamers along its sides, illustrating and depicting figures of flowing flames.
Any normal bolt that would fit into a Heavy Crossbow, can be cocked in a Crossbow of Flames, however, bolts carrying any kind of enchantment, will not gain any of the special benefits of the Crossbow.
Instantly, when a cocked bolt is fired, it will catch fire, leaving a blazing trail lingering in the air and dealing an additional 1d6 points of damage to the target, with the possibility of setting combustible materials ablaze.
5 times a day, the sentence "Let the flames strike…" can be uttered as the bolt is launched. This will transform the bolt into a flaming bolt with powers similar to a Flame Arrow, causing 1d6 plus an additional 4d6 of flaming damage to the target if hit. A to hit roll is still necessary.
Furthermore, the user can, once a day, by saying the line "And let the flames conquer…" as a bolt is being fired, have the bolt turned into a small ball of fire, exploding at the point of impact into an 8d6 Fireball.
Besides these spectacular powers, the Crossbow of Flames is regarded as a +1 weapon, and can be used by all people normally able to use simple ranged weapons.
The art of making such crossbows has been lost for centuries, and those who still exist are highly priced, especially by defenders of critically positions, whom are know to wrack havoc among attackers with such a crossbow. Dwarves, despite the magical properties of the crossbow, are quite fond of its potential, and would pay dearly to obtain one of those.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Create Magic Arms and Armor, Fireball, Flame Arrow
Market Price: 72,850 gp Creation Cost: 36,600 gp + 2900 XP

Dagger of Magical Destruction (Invented by Hogan)

This dagger is usually crafted with a silver blade and ivory handle, both made so there is no doubt that this is a magical instrument.
The Dagger of Magical Destruction is wielded as a +2 Dagger, but the real power of the dagger is such, that if its throw at a magical barrier, it instantly dispels that barrier at the cost of the daggers innate magical abilities, making it a normal but finely crafted masterwork dagger.
The barrier to be destroyed must be some kind of physical barrier that would normally stop a thrown dagger, hence a Wall of Fire or Wall of Wind cannot be destroyed, but a Wall of Force would. None magical walls or barriers can be destroyed, hence conjured Walls of Iron or Stone are considered 'normal' walls.
Personal protections like Globe of Invulnerability and similar, need not to be physical in nature, and can be negated if the thrower of the dagger can identify the nature of protection. One layer of protection will be stripped by a successful hit, but at no cost to the daggers magical properties. Protection spells like Stoneskin or Barkskin are not considered barriers.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Disintegrate
Market Price: 9952 gp; Cost to Create: 4958 gp

Dart of Penetration (Invented by Hogan)

This is a highly magical dart, fashioned from the mandibles of the rare Face Spider.
A Dart of Penetration normally functions and counts as a +2 dart, and can hit creatures only able to be hit by +2 weapons, but that's not its main force! When thrown at an enemy, the dart is also able to penetrate all protection spells like Shield, Stoneskin, Barkskin etc. And all bonuses from magical armors, shields, rings, robes e.g. are also negated!
Only normal armor and dexterity bonuses count as protection against this dart.
Unfortunately, the dart looses all magical properties when it for the first time penetrates a magical protection and hits an opponent.
NOTE: Some (about 7 %) of all Darts of Penetration are also equipped with a small container, which could contain a poison of one's own choice. The container is designed to break on impact, but can be replaced and used again, even if the dart has lost its magical properties and functions as a normal dart.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Dispel Magic (Poison)
Market Price: 4051 gp (4801 gp); Cost to create: 2525 gp (2900 gp)

Staff of Elongation Invented by Hogan

In transformed form, the Quaterstaff of Elongation resembles a small piece of hard wood, no more than 5 inches long, some sneaky women has been known to use it as a hairpiece. When held in one hand and a command word is spoken, the staff will elongate to the size of a normal quaterstaff. When another word is spoken, it goes back to the form of a small piece of wood.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Create Magic Arms and Armor, Shrink Item
Market Price: (+1) 28,000 gp, (+2) 31,000 gp, (+3) 36,000 gp
Creation Cost: (+1) 14,000 gp + 1120 XP, (+2) 15,500 + 1240 XP, (+3) 18,000 gp + 1440 XP