3rd Edition D&D Misc. Stuff

Back of Endless Bullets (Invented by Hogan)

A small and enchanted leather bag that is usually tied shut with a leather string, the Back of Endless Bullets gives no visually hints of its enchantments but do radiate magic if detected for.
The back itself is able to produce an endless supply of leaden bullets of the kind normally used with most kinds of slings. One normal bullet can be withdrawn each round, and thrice a day an enchanted +1 bullet can be taken out. Furthermore, one draw a day will reveal a heavily enchanted +2 bullet. If any of the bullets are not used within 1 turn after they have been drawn, they disappear.
No matter how many bullets is withdrawn, it will to all onlookers always appear to be empty.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Greater Magic Weapon
Market Price: 13,850 gp; Creation Cost: 6,850 gp + 540 XP.

Baldrick's Healing Blanket (Invented by Hogan)

Originally developed by the druid Baldrick, the use and creation of this blanket has spread to other clerical faiths of the Realms, as they saw the possibilities in its use.
The healing blanket is roughly about 4' x 5' and is consecrated to speed up the healing process on anyone resting beneath it. For every turn passed where the recipient is under the blanket, he will automatically heal 1 point of damage. The recipient need not to stay under the blanket for longer durations, several naps of a 1 turn duration is allowed, healing 1 point each time, as long as a whole turn is spent beneath the blanket. The blanket cannot regenerate lost limbs, negate poison, diseases or similar. It's only good for normal healing.
Up to two persons can benefit from the powers of the blanket at the same time, lying together beneath it.
In order to gain the benefit of healing, the user must rest beneath the blanket, using it as a normal blanket. It is possible to wear the blanket as a kind of Toga and still benefit from its powers, but any successful hit on the user with an edged weapon, has a 50% chance of ruining the blanket.
As Baldrick himself was in charge of a small forest, which was continually overrun by monsters and woodsmen, he saw the need for conserving most of his spells for battle, lacking the healing ones. Over the years he created the blanket in order to receive healing while resting to gain strength and spells.

Caster level: 10th Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, 5 ranks of Craft (Weaving), Heal; Weight: 2 lb
Market Price: 14000 gp; Cost to Create: 7500 gp

Belt-Ladder (Invented by Hogan)

A Belt-Ladder is in neutral shape a normal leather belt. Such a belt can be made from many different materials, but snakeskin, especially from large constrictors, is the most used. What is the same on all Belt-Ladders is the belt-buckle, which is made from untarnished silver and in the shape of a snake curled around a ladder.
Upon holding the belt in a hand a speaking the command word (etched in the underside of the belt-buckle), the belt will instantly transform into a 100 feet step-ladder, capable of holding up to 500 pounds. The buckle is transformed into a steel grappling hook, which will hold the step-ladder in place, if fastened probably on an unyielding surface. The speaking of the command word a second time retract the step-ladder back into belt-form. Since everybody can recite the command word and activate the ladder, is it normally kept secret since not a few owners of such a belt has fallen to their deaths because the reciting of the command word by others, causing the step-ladder to transform to belt while they where descending a cliff-side, only by the help of the ladder.
Besides this handy function, the belt also serves well in keeping it owner's pants up and his robe in place! Used like thus, the step-ladder cannot be activated before the belt is removed from is resting place.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Major Creation
Market Price: 8,100 gp; Creation Cost: 4,050 gp + 324 XP.

Candle of Conjuration (Invented by Hogan)

A Candle of Conjuration is much like a standard candle, except for the fact that the creation of one involves the burning of fat from several different species of monsters, blood from even stronger species and the entwined and enspelled hairs from those species that make archwizards wet their pants. No wonder so few of these was ever created!
The use of a Candle of Conjuration is only allowed for wizards specialized in the magic of conjuration, also called Conjurers, but for these it's regarded as a priceless object, as the candle will greatly enhance the power of the wizard.
The powers of the candle itself can be used in several ways:
First of all, if the candle is lightened and a Summon Monster spell is cast nearby, the powers of the candle will enhance the spell's call, summoning triple the maximum number of creatures normally attracted by the spell. Furthermore the powers of the candle will keep the summoned creatures at the conjurer's command for as long as the candle burns (approximately 8 (48 turns) hours from new), this supersedes the duration of spell. Ways of communicating and ordering the creatures are also bestowed on the conjurer.
Another use for the candle is its power to summon a named creature (none of demigod or higher status) from an outer plane without any remedies. The caster needs only to lighten the candle, saying aloud the name of the being, and within 1 turn the creature will arrive by a dimensional vortex. The summoned creature will be completely bound to the caster's will as if protective pentagrams, spells and similar had been invoked. For as long as the candle burns, the creature is magically compelled to follow the wishes of the conjurer, but if not ordered to return home where it came from before the candle burns out, the creature is set free in the world, possible with vengeance in mind.
A third way to use the candle is by placing it in a coal filled brazier, lightening it and then casting as many spells from the conjuration/summoning spells at it as possible. None of these spells will have any immediate effect, instead they are all stored in the burning candle, and for as long as the candle burns, more spells can be added. Any number of Conjurers can take part in this, but in each spell cast must a name of a single individual be endowed. This individual must be the one who, when the last spell has been cast, must lighten the coals of the brazier. The resulting fire will quickly melt the rest of the candle into a hunk of molten wax and by doing so the candle is destroyed, but its powers and captured spells released. Within 1d4 rounds, every spell cast into the candle will take effect, each one calling in the maximum number of creatures possible. All these creatures will be placed under the command of the individual specified in the casting, and for a timespan equal to one turn per level of the individual, the creatures will obey his merest wishes to the point of fighting to the death. When the summoning powers expire, the creatures will disappear in a white haze.

Caster level: 18th Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Summon Monster I-IX; Weight: 1/2lb
Market Price: 38000 gp; Cost to Create: 18000 gp + 1250 xp

Canine Collar (Invented by Hogan)

When worn around the neck by a humanoid, the collar will grant its owner a benefit much like that of an Animal Friendship spell towards all normal canines, dogs wolves and such, and will give the wearer a positive reaction adjustment when dealing with monstrous species like Blink Dogs, Winter Wolves etc., undead versions of either not included. Those canines affected by the collars powers, will act friendly towards the wearer, and will offer no harm unless they or others of their pack are harmed first. They will follow the wearer around for a short time before returning to their own hunting grounds.
The Collar, which consists of a red-dyed leather strap with metal studs that looks more like it should be worn by a mastiff, must be worn around the neck in order to have any effect. Removing it will cause the granted benefits to wear off within 1d3 turns unless the collar is replaced.
No other collars, torques etc. can be worn around the neck when the Collar is in place, necklaces not included.

Caster Level: 1st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Animal Friendship
Market Price: 2,000 gp; Creation Cost: 1,000 gp + 80 xp.

Chalice of Healing (Invented by Hogan)

A Chalice of Healing is a minor clerical creation but of an ancient design. It has mostly been created from a crystalline substance, treated with a minor dust, which has given it a purple hue.
Once a week, the chalice can be filled with water or wine. By saying a word of power, the liquid in the chalice will be transformed into a nourishing drink with powers equal to that of a Potion of Cure Light Wounds. If holy water is poured into the chalice, a drink with powers equal to that of a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds can be created.
The healing fluid will only retain its healing abilities as long as it's contained in the chalice. If removed by any means (besides drinking it off course), it will return to the status it had before it was enspelled.
As a Chalice of Healing always is created as a testament to the power of the creator's deity, it can sometimes be dangerous to drink from it, especially for clerics. If a cleric should drink from a Chalice of Healing consecrated to a God of the opposite alignment of the cleric's deity, the drink will have the effect of a poison that causes 2d12 points of initial damage and 1d6 constitution point in secondary damage (DC 16).

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, must be cleric, Cure light Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds
Market Price: 5,600 gp; Creation Cost: 2,800 gp + 224 xp

Cloak of the Mists (Invented by Modus)

This item appears to be a very plain, nondescript hooded cloak of grey coloration. When donned, however, the wearer is enshrouded in mists, making his form indistinct, granting him the effects of a blur spell (20% miss chance). This effect may be suppressed with a thought by the wearer or reactivated as a free action on his turn. Also, the wearer may, on command, assume gaseous form (as per the spell) for up to 10 minutes per day.
This time may be split up over several uses per day, but any use counts as at least one minute's worth of time, even if it's for a round or two. Assuming gaseous form or resuming normal form is a standard action that draws an attack of opportunity.

Caster level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Gaseous Form, Blur
Market Price: 35000 gp

The Fire Gloves of The Burning Monk (Invented by Half-Dragon)

These +1 gloves can be used 3 times per day to shoot fire. The fire act's as a Burning Hands spell (DC 13, 5d4 fire damage) and is activated by a command word (''fire'' said in the Ignan language), which is written on the gloves. Both gloves need to be worn for the effect to work.
If someone hits an opponent with the gauntlets and says the command word, the fire affects only that opponent who automatically fails the reflex save and catches on fire (if possible). But if the user doesn't have the improved unarmed strike feat he need's to make a reflex save or be affected, too. Only the gauntlet, which is in contact with that opponent, bursts fire.

Caster level: 5th Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Heightened Burning Hands to the 3rd level; Weight: 1/2lb
Market Price: 9000 gp; Cost to Create: 4500 gp and 180 xp

This gloves where originally commissioned by a monk in the cold north. The monk was killed by a group of adventurers. One of them used the gloves in a bar fight and accidentally caught on fire and died. The group then sold the gloves to a merchant.

Goggles of Fog Sight (Invented by Modus)

These goggles have opaque, swirling gray and white lenses, but allow the wearer to see through them normally. They also allow the wearer to easily see through any amount of smoke, mist, or fog (be it magical or natural) as if it were not there, thus negating any vision penalties for those conditions.
Other visual impairments such as darkness or blindness are not negated by this item.

Caster level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Darkvision
Market Price: 8000 gp

Sredair's Vapor Mask (Invented by Modus)

This item appears to be a simple square of colored cloth or a bandanna but is actually a potent protective item. When worn like a mask, this item protects the wearer from the effects of harmful gasses and vapors, making the wearer immune to inhaled poisons and spell effects such as stinking cloud or cloudkill, or a brass dragon's cone of sleep gas.
Effects that are gas-based but do damage over the whole body (such as the acid fog spell or the breath of a green dragon) are not negated by this item.

Caster level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Negate Poison
Market Price: 10,000 gp