3rd Edition D&D Jewelry

Amulet of the Perfect Self (Invented by Hogan)

Wearing this star-shaped amulet makes the wearer completely immune to any polymorphing magic (both hostile and beneficial) for as long as it is worn. However, the Amulet primary serves to keep the wearers physical form in the state it was when the amulet was donned, hence damage done before the amulet was placed around the neck is not cancelled. The Amulet also grants a +4 resistance bonus to saving throws (if any allowed) against spell or effects that determines if the wearer is going to loose points of strength, dexterity or constitution. Magical items or spells that raises or lowers the before mentioned stats have a 20% chance of malfunction when used in combination with the amulet. Once an attack or effect is defended, it will not take hold if the amulet is removed unless repeated while it is off. Furthermore, the amulet also serves to hold back the degenerating effects of old age achieved while wearing the amulet, but as soon as the amulet is removed, even for a split-second, the whole effect of the suppressed age takes hold.

Caster level: 7th Prerequisites: Spell Immunity
Market Price: 72,000 gp; Cost to Create: 36,000 gp + 2880 XP

Amulet of the Beast (Invented by Hogan)

The Amulets of the Beasts are small bronze plates, about 2 inches across, attached to a brass chain and it can be worn around the neck. The plate is stamped or engraved with the outline of the beast which power can be invoked by the amulet. Most of these amulets are made by tribal shamans who gives the amulets to the tribes warriors so they can further the cause of the tribe.
To invoke an amulet's power, the amulet must be worn and a keyword (given in italic) uttered aloud in normal speech. The keyword involves a request for the token-beast's power and can sound like: Give me the… strength of the bear…speed of the puma… etc. When the power takes place, a faint glowing outline of the beast whose power is invoked, can, for a short moment be seen around the wearer of the amulet.
Several amulets are generally known, each one carrying a special power, which has its own duration and time of recharging. Several amulets can also be worn by the same wearer, but only one power can be activated and in effect at the same time.

Bear Amulet
Strength of the Bear. This amulet gives the wearer the strength of 19 for duration of 1 turn. After this the amulet has to be rest for 2 hours before it can be used again
Wolf Amulet
Ears of the Wolf. Boosts the hearing of the wearer, giving him an effective +30 to listen checks within a 100 yards radius, decreasing with 5 per. 10 yards afterwards. The power can be activated for ˝ hour at a time, and the amulet needs only 1 hour in order to be recharged.
Puma Amulet
Speed of the Puma. Lets the wearer move with an incredible speed for a short time. For five rounds he will be able to immediately move as fast as a Puma in sprint (500 ft.), although it's not possible to double, triple or otherwise increase this speed. After such a boost, it takes 6 hours for the amulet to recharge before another boost is possible.
Eagle Amulet
Eyes of the Eagle. Gives an incredible eyesight and lets the wearer feel like he is soaring above the surrounding terrain. The power of the amulet works only for 4 rounds, but during this time, the wearer can cover an area of 10 square miles. As long as the amulet is activated, the wearer must stand motionless with his eyes closed, imagining the invisible probe-eagle flying above the area. The amulet takes 4 hours to recharge after each use.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Bull's Strength (Bear), Listen (Wolf), Expeditious Retreat (Puma), Clairvoyance (Eagle)
Market Price: 10,800 gp (Bear), 900 gp (Wolf), 1800 gp (Puma), 27,000 gp (Eagle)
Creation Cost: 5,400 gp + 432 xp (Bear), 450 gp + 36 xp (Wolf), 900 gp + 72 xp (Puma), 13,500 gp + 1080 xp (Eagle)

Anti-Charm Ring (Invented by Hogan)

Wearing this ring makes the wearer proof to all charm-spells and spell-like effects, short of those cast by those of Demi-God status or greater.
The ring also gives the wearer knowledge, by letting a small tinkling rolling down her spine, about when persons she is speaking with tries to use their natural charms to personal gain, a gain which runs counter to what their outer manners and appearance says.
About 15% of these rings are unknowingly created with a small malfunction that also gives the wearer a -4 penalty to skill check based on charisma. This is not counted as a curse, so the ring can be removed without problem although there is no way to probably identify this side effect short of closely observance, magical identifying doesn't reveal it either.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Spell Immunity
Market Price: 56,000 gp; Creation Cost: 28,000 gp + 2240 XP.

Bracelet of Instant Weaponry (Invented by Hogan)

A Bracelet of Instant Weaponry is an about 5 inch wide bracelet of polished bronze that is designed to be fastened to the lower arm of its wearer by a small bronze studding. Depending on what its weaponry consist of, small carvings of various weapons can be seen in its whole length. The Bracelet is designed to magically fit any humanoid creature, regardless of size.
In reality the Bracelet is a way to quickly storage and draw a weapon. If a weapon is taken into the hand matching the arm the bracelet is attached to, and the command is spoken, the weapon will disappear, instantly to reappear as a small carving on the Bracelet. A maximum number of 7 hand held melee weapons can be stored this way. The uttering of a second command while mentally targeting a stored weapon, will cause that weapon to instantly reappear in the users hand (provided the bracelet is worn). This will happen so fast that the user will be granted a benefit as from the Quick Draw feat.
A Dispel Magic centered on the Bracelet will cause all stored weapon to instantly reappear in normal size and space. Another drawback to the Bracelet is that it is only possible to store none-magical weaponry.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Shrink Item
Market Price: 27,000 gp; Creation Cost: 13,500 gp + 1080 XP.

Brooch of Power (Invented by Hogan)

A Brooch of Power resembles a normal brooch made from silver. It is normally fashioned in the shape of its creator's symbol, and can be pinned to a robe or jacket as normal for this kind of jewelry.
When the wearer slams his hand to the brooch, uttering the word "Power" in whatever language spoken, an invisible field of power will surround him, giving him a deflection a bonus for the following 10 rounds. After the 10 rounds have expired, 1 hour has to pass before the protecting force can be brought into being once more.
The bonus of the brooch is compatible with other magical bonuses from Rings, Cloaks and Robes but not with those from Armors and Shields.
The command word "Power" needs to be spoken louder as the power within the brooch gets stronger. With an amulet with a +1 bonus, it is enough to say the word at a normal level, at +2 the word has to be said aloud, and with a +3 bonus it must be shouted if the power shall take effect.
By obvious reasons, the Brooch of Power cannot be triggered while under the influence of a Silence spell.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Shield of Faith
Market Price: 1,400 gp (+1), 5,600 gp (+2), 12,600 gp (+3)
Creation Cost: 700 gp + 56 XP (+1), 2,800 gp + 224 XP (+2), 6,400 gp + 504 XP (+3)

The Golden Falcon (Invented by Hogan)

The Golden Falcon is the highest distinction the military order of the Spartanian Falconeers has to offer. It is given only by the Grandmaster of Sparta, and then only to those who have done a great deed for the good of the Order and the people of Sparta.
On rare occasions, these Golden Falcons will be magical in nature. These are exclusively given to trusted agents of the order who has to operate away from the island. The power lies in the fact, that two Golden Falcons created in the same process can be used to establish a link between their wearers. The person seeking contact has to bring his Falcon into contact with a body of water, a waterbarrel, a water filled bowl or similar, mentally activating the medallion. Doing this establishes contact to the identical Falcon, which will start vibrating in order to attract the attention of its wearer. By quickly seeking out a body of water himself, the other wearer opens a link between the two bodies of water, which are in contact with the twin-created medallions. A picture of each wearer will appear in the other parts respective body of water, transferring any sound uttered, thus allowing them both to take part in a directly conversation over any distance, as long as its on the same plane and planet. The conversation can take any length of time, but at least 12 hours has to go between each contact established.
Except functioning as a quick form of communication, the magical Falcons are also enspelled to offer protection to its wearer. This protection is given as a +2 to any saving throws against any spell based on the element of water (Ice Storm, Acid Fog etc.).
Since the magical Falcon exclusively is created by the islands Water-Wizards and since their powers are based on water, they are very rare. Finding one is only possible if lost by the lawful owner, and the finder has no way of knowing were its twin is, and who is carrying it, if any. Any member of the Spartanian Order of the Falconeers, are requested to do whatever possible in order to find and retrieve lost Falcons, whatever they are magical or not.

Caster Level: 7th

Necklace of Beauty (Invented by Hogan)

The Necklace of Beauty is a finely crafted silver necklace, inlaid with gold ornaments. In the center of the necklace a gemstone is placed. This gem could be any precious stone or better, but Black Opals are mostly preferred.
The power of the necklace is so, that anyone viewing the wearer regards him/her as though his/hers Charisma is two points higher! As long as the necklace is carried this effect will be bestowed upon the wearer.
Unfortunately, a small malfunction on the creation causes about 5% of these necklaces to become Necklaces of Twisted Beauty without their creator realizing it, and even an Identify-spell can not tell the difference.
A Necklace of Twisted Beauty will still add 2 points to its owners Charisma, but only when dealing with members of the opposite sex! Against members of the same sex, the wearer is regarded as if his/hers Charisma was two points lower the normal.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Charm Monster
Market Price: 4,000 gp; Creation Cost: 2,000 gp + 160 XP.