Subtable A (1-2)

D20 roll

  1. Amulet of the Beast
  2. Amulet of Health
  3. Amulet of the Moon
  4. Amulet of Protection from Attack
  5. Amulet of Ultravision
  6. Assassins Bracelet
  7. Brooch of Power
  8. Cursed Ring of Feeblemindedness
  9. Gold Dragon Tooth
  10. The Golden Falcon
  11. Necklace of Beauty
  12. Necklace of Domestication
  13. Necklace of Healing
  14. Necklace of Protection
  15. Ring of Dwarf Creation
  16. Ring of the Magi
  17. Ring of Water Breathing
  18. Ring of Witch Curse
  19. Talisman of Enlightenment
  20. Dm's own choice
Subtable B (3-4)

D20 roll

  1. Bard's Brooch of Charm
  2. Bracelet of Instant Weaponry
  3. Collar of Anti-Magic
  4. The Fishy Necklace
  5. Goblin Ring
  6. Greenskin Necklace
  7. Lycanthropic Amulet
  8. Pendant of Lightning Absorb
  9. Pendant of Unholy Protection
  10. Ring of Acidic Immunity
  11. Ring of Age
  12. Ring of Archery
  13. Ring of Feature Change
  14. Ring of the Mouse
  15. Ring of Polymorph
  16. Ring of Race
  17. Ring of Random Happenings
  18. Soul Ring
  19. Wolf Bracelet
  20. Dm's own choice
Subtable C (5-6)

D20 roll

 1 - 2	Amulet of the Perfect Self
 3 - 6	Anti-Charm Ring
 7 - 8	Necklace of Invisibility
 9 - 10	Bracelet of Paranoia
11 - 12	Ring of Force
13 - 14	Ring of Slippery Curse
15 - 16	Ring of Strength
17 - 18	Shield Ring
   19	Skull Ring
   20	Dm's own choice 

Amulet of the Perfect Self Invented by Hogan
(XP 1100, GP 5800)

Wearing this star-shaped amulet makes the wearer completely immune to any polymorphing magic (both hostile and beneficial) for as long as it is worn. However, the Amulet primary serves to keep the wearers physical form in the state it was when the amulet was donned, hence damage done before the amulet was placed around the neck is not cancelled.
The Amulet also grants a +4 bonus to saving throws (if any allowed) that determines if the wearer is going to loose points of strength, dexterity or constitution. Magical items or spells that raises or lowers the before mentioned stats have a 20% chance of malfunction when used in combination with the amulet.
Once an attack or effect is defended, it will not take hold if the amulet is removed unless repeated while it is off.
Furthermore, the amulet also serves to hold back the degenerating effects of old age achieved while wearing the amulet, but as soon as the amulet is removed, even for a split-second, the whole effect of the suppressed age takes hold.

Amulet of the Beast Invented by Hogan
(500 XP 600 GP)

The Amulets of the Beasts are small bronze plates, about 2 inches across, attached to a brass chain so it can be worn around the neck. The plate is stamped or engraved with the outline of the beast which power can be invoked by the amulet. Most of these amulets are made by tribal shamans who gives the amulets to the tribes warriors so they can further the cause of the tribe.
To invoke an amulet's power, the amulet must be worn and a keyword uttered aloud in normal speech. The keyword involves a request for the token-beast's power and can sound like : Give me the… strength of the bear…speed of the puma… etc. When the power takes place, a faint glowing outline of the beast whose power is invoked, can for a short moment be seen around the wearer of the amulet.
Several amulets are generally known, each one carrying a special power. Each power has its own duration, power to be invoked and time of recharging.
To see which is found, consult the following table :

d100	Power
01 - 25	Bear Amulet
26 - 50	Wolf Amulet
51 - 75	Puma Amulet
76 - 00	Eagle Amulet

Bear Amulet
Strength of the Bear. This amulet gives the wearer the strength of 18/00 for duration of 1 turn. After this the amulet has to be rest for 2 hours before it can be used again

Wolf Amulet
Ears of the Wolf. Boosts the hearing of the wearer with 70 %, effective in a 100 yards radius, decreasing with 5 % per. 10 yards. The power can be activated for ½ hour at a time, and the amulet needs only 1 hour in order to be recharged.

Puma Amulet
Speed of the Puma. Lets the wearer move with an incredible speed for a short time. For fifteen rounds he will be able to immediately move as fast as a Puma in sprint (movement 45). It's not possible to double, triple or otherwise increase this speed. After such a boost, it takes 6 hours for the amulet to recharge before another boost is possible.

Eagle Amulet
Eyes of the Eagle. Gives an incredible eyesight and lets the wearer feel like he is soaring above the surrounding terrain. The power of the amulet works only for 4 rounds, but during this time, the wearer can cover an area of 10 km2. As long as the amulet is activated, the wearer must stand motionless with his eyes closed, imagining the invisible probe-eagle flying above the area.
The amulet takes 4 hours to recharge after each use.

Several amulets can be worn around the neck of the same wearer, but only one power can be activated and in effect at the same time.

Amulet of Health Invented by Søren Surlykke

Ethan, an elfin wizard of great power, was tired of elves' low physical shape, and created these items to be given to elven heroes.
The amulets take many shapes, but all share the same powers.
Whenever the wearer is down to 0 hitpoints, he is automatically healed to his max. This power only works once per user, but as it is not Resurrection, it doesn't cost any constitution, and doesn't require a system shock roll.
In addition, the amulet can cast one Resurrection, but in the process, it crumbles to dust, and not even a Wish can restore it.

Amulet of the Moon Invented by Søren Surlykke

Carved from a perfect crystal, this unique amulet glows with a strange light which in complete darkness will become stronger and sufficient enough to illuminate an area with a radius of 60 feet.
Tang created this amulet from the same crystal as the Sunblade ( unique magical sword ), a strange, at that time unknown, crystal, but it is sentient, and has gained the name of Moradins blessing.

The Amulet has the following powers:
Continual light, increase or decrease light at will.
+2 to saves, Only when moon is in the sky.
Works on vampires as holy symbol, Permanent.
Immune to one level of draining, 2/day (24 hours).

Amulet of Protection from Attack Invented by AvangionQ

Triggering the power of this ancient amulet, requires 2 rounds of preparation time. After this amount of time, it can be used to protect against one specific attack type at a time (i.e., Fire, Cold, Acid, Energy Drain, Weapons, Poison, Disease, etc.), the kind of attack to protect against, must be chosen first time, when wanting to trigger the power of the amulet.
If the user wishes to change the protected attack type, a new 2 round preparation time is required as the item must recharge itself. During the recharge time, the amulet stops functioning temporarily.

Amulet of Ultravision Invented by Søren Surlykke

A nice little amulet fashioned in the shape of an eye. This amulet is highly praised by adventures for its ability to grant the power of True Seeing (as the wizard spell of the same name). Anyone wearing it can see invisible opponents, and is not fooled by illusions or displacements.

Anti-Charm Ring Invented by Hogan
(XP 1100, GP 3900)

Wearing this ring makes the wearer 100% proof to all charm-related magic, short of those made by those of Demi-God status or greater. The ring also gives the wearer knowledge, by letting a small tinkling rolling down her spine, about when persons she is speaking with tries to use their natural charms to personal gain, a gain which runs counter to what their outer manners and appearance says.
About 15% of these rings possess a malfunction that gives the wearer a -4 penalty to any reaction adjustment. This is not counted as a curse, so the ring can be removed without problem although there is no way to probably identify this side effect short of closely observance, magical identifying doesn't reveal it either.

Assassins Bracelet Invented by Søren Surlykke

This magical item is a favored item by thieves, especially assassins. It is actually a sheet for any one small sized, edged weapon of the wearer's choice, such as a dagger or a short sword.
At command, the weapon and the bracelet is transformed into a tattoo of a knife dripping with blood. This tattoo can be everywhere on the user's body.
When a person grabs the hilt of the tattoo-knife, and utters the command word the weapon is released and for the next 1d4+1 rounds it gains a +1 to hit and damage, although it counts as +2 to determine which monsters it can hit. In addition to this, the user is partially silenced, gaining a +15% to his move silently check. If he cannot normally use this ability, he gains the ability as 15%.

Bards' Brooch of Charm Invented by Corbien

The Bards' Brooch of Charm will, when the bard is playing/singing draw onlookers (everyone within 10 feet, with no saving throw allowed) attention making them find the music/song very beautiful, no matter the talents of the Bard. They will listen until the song is finished and will thereafter feel compelled to donate a small amount of their hard-saved money to the talented bard.
The charming Powers of the Brooch cannot be accessed during the cause of battle. It is only useable in front of an audience, not in front of 20 enraged orcs or a steaming dragon.
NOTE: The Bards Brooch is only usable by Bards

Bracelet of Instant Weaponry Invented by Hogan
(XP 1900, GP 6500)

A Bracelet of Instant Weaponry is an about 5 inch wide bracelet of polished bronze that is designed to be fastened to the lower arm of its wearer by a small bronze studding. Depending on what its weaponry consist of, small carvings of various weapons can be seen in its whole length. The Bracelet is designed to magically fit any humanoid creature, regardless of size.
In reality the Bracelet is a way to quickly storage and draw a weapon. If a weapon is taken into the hand matching the arm the bracelet is attached to, and the command is spoken, the weapon will disappear, instantly to reappear as a small carving on the Bracelet. A maximum number of 7 hand held melee weapons can be stored this way. The uttering of a second command while mentally targeting a stored weapon, will cause that weapon to instantly reappear in the users hand (provided the bracelet is worn). This will happen so fast that an attack can be undertaken immediately, with only a +1 initiative penalty cumulative with the speed of the weapon.
A Dispel Magic centred on the Bracelet will cause all stored weapon to instantly reappear in normal size and space. Another drawback to the Bracelet is that it is only possible to store none-magical weaponry.

Bracelet of Paranoia Invented by Hogan
(XP 800, GP 3400)

A gold inlaid steel bracelet that, when worn, will cause a deep paranoia (as the 4th level wizard spell of the same name) in its wearer. The effect will not take place before 1d4 days after the bracelet was first donned, and it will work until removed by the help of a Remove Curse spell cast by at least a 10th level caster.
Besides this, the bracelet also makes the wearer proof to all kinds of fear, both magical and natural, and if identified by an Identify spell, it is only this power that will be revealed. The power of the bracelet that will inspire deep paranoia in its wearer towards friends and strangers alike, also makes him absolute confident in the beneficial powers of his newly acquired bracelet, making it the last thing he would ever suspect of working against him.

Brooch of Power Invented by Hogan
(500 XP 1000 GP)

A Brooch of Power resembles a normal brooch made from silver. It is normally fashioned in the shape of its creator's symbol, and can be pinned to a robe or jacket as normal for this kind of jewelry.
When the wearer slams his hand to the brooch, uttering the word "Power" in whatever language spoken, an invisible field of power will surround him, bettering his AC with a bonus (see below) in the following 10 rounds. After the 10 rounds have expired, 1 hour has to pass before the protecting force can be brought into being once more.

The power of the Brooches varies as follows:

   d %	bonus
01 - 70	 +1
71 - 90	 +2
91 - 00	 +3
The bonus of the brooch is compatible with other magical bonuses from Rings, Cloaks and Robes but not with those from Armors and Shields.
The command word "Power" needs to be spoken louder as the power within the brooch gets higher. At +1 it is enough to say the word, at +2 the word has to be said aloud, and with a +3 bonus it must be shouted if the power shall take effect.
By obvious reasons, the Brooch of Power cannot be triggered while under the influence of a Silence spell.

Collar of Anti-Magic Invented by Hogan
(XP 7000, GP 24500)

When this collar is worn around a recipient's neck, a shield of Anti-Magic will be placed around the wearer. As long as he is wearing the collar, no magical effect will be able to penetrate the shield and affect him, not even parts of Area of Effect spells like Lightning Bolt etc. The wearer will be able to walk unscathered through a Wall of Fire, but will be blocked by Wall of Ice, and still be crushed by a falling Wall of Iron (since only its creation was magical, the fall is only due to gravity) and under the full effect of spells like Earthquake that doesn't affect him directly.
Despite the small limitations, it's a handy object with great possibilities when facing out against magic-heavy opponents. On the other hand, magic cannot pass out of the shield either, hence the user is unable to use and trigger magic himself, and any other magical items worn (rings, robes, armors etc.) and held (weapons, shields etc.) will be nullified while under the shield of anti-magic. Similarly, magic items can only be triggered if not in contact with the wearer of the collar. That means Wands and their like is out of the question, but objects like Creature Gems whose magic is triggered while not in contact, and items which can be activated from afar, is still useable.

Cursed Ring of Feeblemindedness Invented by Mind Flayer

The dark wizard Xerox created this ring in order to get more subjects for his evil experiments. The state the ring brought the wearers in, prevented them from offering resistance, and made them more easy to manipulate and handle. Only three of Xerox's original creations are known to exist, unless another wizard of at least 25th level has copied his work.
The Cursed Ring of Feeblemindedness puts the wearer under the same conditions as the 5th level spell, Feeblemind. The ring cannot be removed unless a Dispel Magic spell is cast against 19th level of ability. The creator of the ring can remove it at will and are unaffected by it, but he will probably be long gone and mostly forgotten.

The Fishy Necklace Invented by Hogan

The Fishy Necklace is a unique item rumoured to originally have belonged to the mysteriously Lady of the Lake. Before her passing from this realm, the Necklace was passed on to a mild-mannered priestess of Eldath, who later lost it to a tribe of marauding Freshwater Scrags. The necklace was later retrieved again by a band of Mermen, but by now it could be anywhere!
The Necklace itself is presumed made from a kind of waterfilled glass, although with the consistency of unbreakable steel. Every link in the chain consist of a small and in every detail perfect fish which glows faintly with a golden light.
Once donned and submerged in water, the necklace will seem to hover about an inch from the skin of the wearer. The submergement also triggers an effect, which causes the fish of the necklace to continually float around the wearer's neck in one unbroken line. This causes a hypnotic effect that will work a permanent (see below) charm on every normal fish (no mammal or giant species) within a 20 yards radius. Creatures that are part fish, like the Sahuagins, Locathah and Balaqua's, and come within range and gazes at the wearer, are also subject to the hypnotic effect. They must save vs. spells or become charmed too, although the charming only works for 3d10 rounds.
Once the wearer leaves the water again, the necklace will return to be an inanimate ornament, and all hypnotic effects will immediately expire. As the necklace also confers the ability of Water Breathing, the effect can be kept up for quite a while.

Goblin Ring Invented by Hogan

The Goblin Ring is an old cursed ring that over the years has caused the death of many an adventurer, accidentally slain by his or her comrades. To the onlooker, the ring will look like a plain golden ring, which clearly radiates magic. If identified, the ring will appear to be a Ring of Polymorph, but more powerful magic will reveal its true powers.
If the ring is ever donned, the wearer will immediately find himself being transformed into a common goblin. Any gear worn or carried is transformed into plain clothes, leather armor and short sword worn by the new form. Only artifacts are except from this transformation. In this form, the unlucky ring-wearer will find him self limited in abilities to those within the range of a normal goblin. Furthermore, he will only be able to speak and understand Goblin no matter what he could before, and any words of magic (both wizardly and clerical) are barred from his mind. Hit Points, saving throws, attack rolls and so on, will also be the ones normally possessed by a common Goblin.
Should the wearer be killed in this form, he will remain like that until the ring is removed, something which can be done normally once the body has ceased living (or unliving in the case of undead). At this point his body and gear will return to what they were before the transforming.
What it takes to remove this ring is only a Remove Curse spell cast at 10th level of ability. Getting a priest to cast the spell for a Goblin talking gibberish, is quite another matter.
The inventor of the ring gave it as a present to a friend of his as a little joke, with no intentions of any harm coming to him. To his horror his friend was robbed before he could don the ring, and since then the ring has caused many untimely deaths among the finders, mostly at the hands of their friends which suddenly wake up to find a Goblin among them.

Gold Dragon Tooth Invented by Bearhug

This magical item normally takes the form of a finely crafted gold necklace with an attached tooth from a hatchling Gold Dragon.
The main properties of this necklace are to keep people from lying. The necklace has to be worn in order to function, but anyone donning it will feel unable to tell even the smallest lie!
The only way to get rid of the necklace is by saying the name of the dragon that gave the tooth or casting a Dispel Magic.

The Golden Falcon Invented by Hogan

The Golden Falcon is the highest distinction the military order of the Spartanian Falconeers has to offer. It is given only by the Grandmaster of Sparta, and then only to those who have done a great deed for the good of the Order and the people of Sparta.
On rare occasions, these Golden Falcons will be magical in nature. These are exclusively given to trusted agents of the order who has to operate away from the island. The power lies in the fact, that two Golden Falcons created in the same process can be used to establish a link between their wearers. The person seeking contact has to bring his Falcon into contact with a body of water, a waterbarrel, a water filled bowl or similar, mentally activating the medallion. Doing this establishes contact to the identical Falcon, which will start vibrating in order to attract the attention of its wearer. By quickly seeking out a body of water himself, the other wearer opens a link between the two bodies of water, which are in contact with the twin-created medallions. A picture of each wearer will appear in the other parts respective body of water, transferring any sound uttered, thus allowing them both to take part in a directly conversation over any distance, as long as its on the same plane and planet. The conversation can take any length of time, but at least 12 hours has to go between each contact established.
Except functioning as a quick form of communication, the magical Falcons are also enspelled to offer protection to its wearer. This protection is given as a +2 to saving throws against any spell based on the element of water, as those cast by a Wizard Water Elementarist.
Since the magical Falcon exclusively is created by the islands Water-Wizards and since their powers are based on water, they are very rare. Finding one is only possible if lost by the lawful owner, and the finder has no way of knowing were its twin is, and who is carrying it, if any. Any member of the Spartanian Order of the Falconeers, are requested to do whatever possible in order to find and retrieve lost Falcons, whatever they are magical or not.

Greenskin Necklace Invented by Corbien

The Necklace looks like a fine made necklace, but when donned the wielder's features and color of skin will immediately change. Depending on the race of the character, it will change to either that of a Goblin (Halflings, Gnomes etc.) or Orc (Humans, Elves etc.). The necklace is cursed, and can only be removed by a Remove Curse Spell.

Lycanthropic Amulet Invented by Hogan
(XP 1500, GP 7400)

Once a day, the powers of this golden amulet can be invoked to change the wearer into a lycanthrope of his choice. For as long as he wish so, day and night, he can remain in that shape or change into a semi-were form and back again if that's possible for that particular type of lycanthrope. The change visits all the special abilities of that form, but also confers all weaknesses that also a part of being a lycanthrope, though it doesn't force any alignment change.
For each use of the amulet, there is a 10% chance that the lycanthropic effect won't leave the wearer, giving him the curse of lycanthrophy in the last form he wore. The change is permanent and cannot be removed unless a full-worded Wish is cast. In the three days around a full moon, the wearer will be changed into a lycanthrope with all that comes with it, changing alignment to reflect the lycanthrope form. Once cursed so, no other lycanthrope forms can be taken with the help of the amulet.
Those affected by the curse of Lycanthrophy can by the help of this amulet decide when they want to change (they become true lycanthropes), but they will become unable to use it for changing into other kinds of lycanthropes, and the change in alignment still takes place.
Natural full-blooded lycanthropes gain nothing from wearing the amulet.

Necklace of Beauty Invented by Hogan
(800 XP 2000 GP)

The Necklace of Beauty is a finely crafted silver necklace, inlaid with gold ornaments. In the center of the necklace a gemstone is placed. This gem could be any precious stone or better, but Black Opals are mostly preferred.
The power of the necklace is so, that anyone viewing the wearer regards him/her as though his/hers Charisma is two points higher! As long as the necklace is carried this effect will be bestowed upon the wearer.
Unfortunately, about 5% of these necklaces are Necklaces of Twisted Beauty, although an Identify-spell will not tell the difference.
A Necklace of Twisted Beauty will still add 2 points to its owners Charisma, but only when dealing with members of the opposite sex! Against members of the same sex, the wearer is regarded as if his/hers Charisma was two points lower the normal.

Necklace of Domestication Invented by Søren Surlykke

Whenever this necklace is placed around the neck of an animal, normal or giant sized, the animal will be put under the effects of a combined Charm Person or Mammal and Speak with Animals. Both spells work only for the person who placed then necklace on the animal, and up to five other people, chosen when the necklace is placed on the animal.
If the animal has an Intelligence of 5 or more, it gains a saving throw vs. spell, at a -4 modifier, to see if it's affected by the necklace at all.
Note that rangers and druids never will make use of such an item or allow it to be used.

Necklace of Healing Invented by Hogan
(400 XP 800 GP)

The Necklace of Healing is a one-use item, created for the use of important persons such as royalty or diplomats in a tight situation.
The necklace is imbued with the power of a Heal spell, and it can be triggered by two means:
1) The Hit Points of the wearer drops below 4, or
2) By a silent command of the wearer.
The necklace will heal the wearer to max hit points, minus 1d4 points as the Heal spell. It will also cure all diseases, insanity or feeblemindedness and will even restore broken bones.
When the necklace has bestowed its healing powers, it crumbles to dust.

Necklace of Invisibility Invented by Hogan

Although a proper use of an Identify spell will reveal this piece of jewelry to be an exact replica of a Ring of Invisibility, the necklace, however, is cursed to a lesser degree. Any use of the item, will only result in the users head becoming invisible for 1 whole hour, although this is not entirely a drawback as facial expressions cannot be read and the necklace's wearer can stick his head around corners and take a peak without getting seen. Still, as most would count this as a benefit, victims has found out that most people, especially commoners, tend to react strangely towards people without a head!

Necklace of Protection Invented by Hogan
(900 XP 4500 GP)

A Necklace of Protection is equal to the Ring of Protection, except for the fact that it is worn around the neck.
These necklaces were invented to be used by the women of nobility who needed to were some protection at revels, and needed something more fascinate than the common Rings of Protection. Hence all necklaces are of excellent make, in gold and silver, studded with small gemstones.
The Necklace of Protection gives a bonus to the wearers armor class, according to the table below.

D100	Level of protection
01-70	+1
71-85	+2
86-95	+3
96-00	+4
The bonuses to the armor class given by a Necklace of Protection, are cumultative with the same bonuses from Rings and Cloaks of Protection. It will not function in combination with magical armors in any way.
Only one necklace can be worn, around the neck. If any other necklace is added, both of them will cease working.

Pendant of Lightning Absorb Invented by Hogan
(XP 1800, GP 8100)

This is a small hammer-shaped pendant that will, when worn around the neck, daily be able to absorb up to 40 points of lightning damage which would normally have been absorbed by the wearer. Exceeded damage will be lead through the pendant and over in the wearer, but if the total amount of damage going through the pendant in any 24 hour period exceeds its maximum with 50%, the pendant is destroyed.
The absorbed lightning will dissipate from the pendant within 24 hours, but if the pendant within this time is touched to a Wand of Lightning or similar pure-electricity based object, the trapped lightning will be transferred to the wand. For every 10 points of lighting transferred, 1 charge is restored to the wand, though it cannot exceed its maximum capability.

Pendant of Unholy Protection Invented by Hogan
(XP 3100, GP 11600)

A beautiful pendant, wrought from dark iron and studded with a precious and rare blood opal, it also radiates evil and dead in such an amount that creatures of lawful good, such as paladins can feel it immediately when they come within a 20 yards range. The design of the pendant was originally made by a nefarious lich who intended to conquer the living but was fully aware of the righteous powers of good and their smiting effect.
The Pendant renders its undead wearer immune to the holy power of Turning. Any turning attempts will have no effect whatsoever, but unfortunately the effect are not bestowed upon the wearer's possible cohorts. As the turning is negated, the blood opal of the pendant will glow with a crimson light, in response to the glee of its wearer.
Besides this, the pendant also confers protection to all kinds of spells that is designed against undead or is able to deal special or extra damage to undead or evil creatures. Whenever such magic strikes the wearer, a black veil will momentarily cover the wearer, nullifying the attacks. Only the special undead- or evil affecting damage of some spells (like the extra damage to undead dealt by a Flame Blade) is nullified, the normal damage is still taken.
Furthermore, the pendant is also able to cloak the wearer in a magical veil so as nobody will be able to detect neither its undead or evil nature by spells or divination magic. This effect is best used by undead whose looks isn't a clear giveaway, like Vampires!
The Pendant is mostly designed for and used by Liches or other undead with higher intelligence and abilities. If merely touched by the hands of any being of good alignment, that being takes 1d4 in cold damage. If directly placed around the neck of such a being, it must immediately make a saving throw vs. Death magic or completely loose its identity and be transformed into a rampaging Revenant. Only a full and correctly worded Wish can restore it if this happen. Beings of Neutral alignment will be able to feel the evil powers of the pendant but will suffer no ill effect from touching or wearing it (besides radiating evil, as the pendant will suppress its wearers natural aura!).
Creatures of evil alignment and who's not undead, who touches the Pendant, can do so without risk, and can also wear it if chosen to. In this case the Pendant will only bestow its protective powers against spells and effect which are designed against evil (a Protection from Evil for example). But wearing the Pendant comes with a price. Each time it is donned, or each week it is cumulative worn, there is a 10% chance that the Revenant curse will take effect and transform the wearer.

Ring of Acidic Immunity Invented by Hogan
(XP 3000, GP 11500)

When worn, this ring will confer complete immunity to any means of acidic damage, including the breath weapons of Black Dragons and spells like Melf's Acid Arrow, things that normally would have left the wearer as a fizzling corpse or a heavenly-scarred figure.
The protection is granted to all the wearer's possessions, worn or carried, and extends to such a degree, that even the acidic breath of a Black Dragon will run off him like water on a duck! With the ring, the wearer could even take a bath in a lake of pure acid (not a impossible encounter in the hostile environments of the lower planes) and get out completely unharmed. Those who try this however, is advised to hold their breath, as it is still possible to drown if the acid is deep enough.
The rumours of ring like this have long ago reached the ears of the Trollish hordes of the wilderness. Flashing a ring in places near such places is a sure way to get the attention of every Troll in the vicinity.
Due to the heavy protective enchantment invested in this ring, no other magical protective devices, like rings, cloaks, armours, shield etc., can be worn at the same time, although active spells is allowed!

Ring of Age Invented by Hogan
(XP 3000, GP 10500)

A cold metal ring, made from pure mithril and adorned with wavelike etchings, a Ring of Age always looks worn and used, even if it has just been made!
Bearing a strong enchantment, Ring of Age serve to keep at bay all negative effects of aging (loss of Strength, Dexterity and Constitution) suffered by the wearer, thereby practical making the wearer immortal. The ring will also protect against the unnatural aging from such creatures as Ghosts and their like. Wisdom and intelligence that are gained along the years by experience will not be hindered, but the wearer will remain as physical fit as the day he took on the ring. That means that the ring will not restore any youth already lost, but will just stop the aging process from the second it is donned. Death due to other causes than aging can still be brought upon the wearer though.
The drawback to the ring is, that the weight of the ages is only kept at bay as long as the ring is worn. Should the ring ever be taken off, any accumulated age will manifest itself within seconds, possible killing the wearer if the ring has been worn for a very long time.

Ring of Archery Invented by Hogan
(XP 700, GP 3800)

A Ring of Archery tends to be a small wooden ring, adorned with small arrow-like markings.
If worn on the finger, this ring will add a +2 bonus to its wearers attack roll when he's firing a missile from a bow, crossbow, firearm, or sling but it does not include thrown weapons like spears, rocks and their like. Some sort of instrument of firing must be used (catapults, bombards etc. is not included in this!) The bonus is achieved as long as the ring is worn, but a double benefit of wearing two rings of Archery cannot be achieved. The ring will also add a +1 to any damage dealt by the archer's missile fire because of the more accurate and more critical shot.

Ring of Dwarf Creation Invented by Banzo
(variable price, 500xp)

This ring looks exactly like a normal silver ring. Nobody knows precisely who created this unique ring, but many suspect a weird young mage called Andos for it. The legend tells that he was getting angry with his last (and only) girlfriend, who happen to be a Dwarf. He wanted to give her the ring, so she could try to feel how it was to fight against her own race, but on the way over to her house, he were attacked by thieves and killed. Nobody has ever seen the ring after that.
The cursed ring of Dwarf Creation, will start create Dwarves in the moment the ring is put on a finger and they don't disappear if the ring is taken off. If the ring is taken on again, more Dwarves will appear. Each time the ring is donned, the same thing will happen again.
The ring creates 1d4 Dwarfs of any kind (DM`s choice), with a 90% chance that the Dwarves are evil, and will attack the user of the ring and his/hers friends. The last 10% of the Dwarves are of a good alignment and they will help the user. He will be able to give them commands, but only in one word, and only if the user knows how to speak proper Dwarven, that is.
No matter what alignment of the Dwarves, the effect has duration of 5 rounds, an they will only stay for that length of time. Everybody can use the ring.

Ring of Feature Change Invented by Hogan
(XP 1900, GP 7400)

A curse of a blessing, that sure depends on the one using this ring! Since the ring cannot be removed once donned, those who unknowingly put it on, defiantly consider it cursed. However, those who've had reasons to hide themselves away, due to powerful enemies and such, has found the ring to be much of a blessing.
The powers of the ring is such, that once donned it will chance every feature of the wearer that can be used to identify him/her, be it voice, weight, height, color of eyes and hair and even race (among the basic humanoids) at random. No trace of the former self, except for the sex, will be left to recognize the person by.
The Ring can only be removed by help of a Remove Curse spells cast by a priest or wizard of at least 22th level of ability or by a Wish. Other spells will only cause the persons features to change back to their original for a few seconds.
While changed by the ring, no sort of spell can see though the disguise, not even such powerful ones as True Seeing.

Ring of Force Invented by Hogan
(XP 2200, GP 8900)

Allows the wearer to enact shields equal to that of the spell of Wall of Force. One wall/sphere can be enacted each round, but only 1 wall can be retained for each 5 point of intelligence of the rings user, and no further action is possible while concentrating to maintain the shield(s). When concentration ceases, each and every shield disappears. Until then, the shield can only be brought down by the creators will or by the same magic that can bring down a Wall of Force.
The maximum range from the ring to the creation point of a wall is 20 yards, and the maximum size of the walls/spheres is as if the spell was cast by a 12th level wizard.
Each creation of a wall or sphere by the ring costs 1 charge. From new, a Ring of Force has 20 + 2d10 charges and is not rechargeable.

Ring of the Magi Invented by Søren Surlykke

Rings of the Magi are highly praised by wizards and other who can cast wizard spells, as it can change some of the aspects of a spell cast in the same round as it is used.
The aspects it can change are as followed: Casting Time, Range, Damage, Save and Components.

Range is doubled		x1
Casting time is halved		x1.5
Save is given a -4 modifier	x2
Components are removed		x3
Damage is doubled		x3

The cost in charge for each change is noted above, multiply it with the level of the spell, and remove that many charges from the ring, which contains 1d6+9 charges.

Cald, a 5th level Fire-Elementarist, decides to use his ring of the magi to influence the damage and save of a Fireball spell. In addition, his effective casting level is raised by 3 (due to it being the spell he chooses to enhance 1d4 levels, as per special ability).
In the end, his fireball deals 2x8d6 points of damage, and imposes a -8 on the save of the opponent, this costs him (2+1)x3=9 charges from his ring.

Ring of the Mouse Invented by Lasivian T. Dark

When worn this simple copper ring can by mental command of the wearer, polymorph the wearer into a small white mouse.

Ring of Polymorph Invented by Hogan
(1800 XP 5400 GP)

A Ring of Polymorph allows the wearer to transform him self and any clothing and items worn, into that of another creature (as per the 4th level wizardly Polymorph Self spell). Ay form can be chosen, from as small as a wren to that of a Hippopotamus, except for creatures that are noncorporeal.
The new forms normal ways of locomotion is available, but not special abilities like magic and such. The wearer's own magic can be performed if the new form allows for somatic and verbal components. In any form, the user will retain his own HP, saving throws, attack roles etc.
The only thing that will not be included in the transformation is the Ring. On every form obtained, it will remain on the limb closest in use to a human hand. Should the ring ever be forcely removed (by loss of the limb its attached to or by an enemy wrestling it off), the wearer is returned to his original state, rolling a System Shock to avoid dying. At any rate, the forced transformation will cause him to be stunned for the next 1d3 rounds.
The ring can be used up to 5 times a day, with the transformation back to the original form not counting as one. Each transformation will last for 2 hours. At the end of this timespan, the user will return to his original state.

Ring of Race Invented by Hogan
(XP 600, GP 3000)

The Ring of Race are mostly small rings carved from various materials. When worn, the rings have the potential of giving the wearer some of the innate racial benefits of the race the ring is attuned to. These rings, originally invented by a quartet of human priest who envied some of the humanoid races their inborn abilities, are highly sought after, since the give better abilities without any racial drawbacks. The originally rings created by the priests where said to be way more powerful than the later replicas, but since the disappearance of the priests, none of the master rings have been seen.
When found, a Ring of Race can be one of the following:


  1. Halfling Ring (Greenstone Ring)
    +1 to Dexterity, +3 saving throws vs. Poison and Spells, 30 feet Infravision.
  2. Dwarven Ring (Gold Ring)
    +1 to Constitution, +3 to saving throws vs. Poison, Spells and Rods, Staves & Wands, 60 feet Infravision.
  3. Elven Ring (Wood Ring)
    +1 to Dexterity, 90% resistance to Charm and Sleep related spells, 60 feet Infravision
  4. Gnomish Ring (Steel Ring)
    +1 to Intelligence, +3 to saving throws vs. Spells and Rods, Staves & Wands, 60 feet Infravision.
If a ring is worn by a being of the race it is attuned to, no benefits will be gained from the ring! Only one Ring of Race can be worn at any time.

Ring of Random Happenings Invented by Corbien

Once the ring is donned, the DM can use it's powers once a day to irritate the player. The first time the ring take effect is determined by the DM, but thereafter a random happening take place each 24 hours after the last time something happens.
The ring is cursed and can only be removed like other cursed items. I guess we'll just have to see if the first roll will come out lucky, so the player will keep the ring donned. Should the ring be identified by regular means, it will appear to be a Ring of Invisibility.
Roll d100 each time and effect takes place and use the following table:


01-19 The Characters shoes changes colour (DM´s Choice)
20-33 The Character gains a +1 on his next attack roll
34-39 The Character will smell an awful stench......his/her own feet
40-44 The Character will find him/herself dressed in Female/Male clothing. His/her original clothing will be permanently gone. Magical clothing however, will be unaffected.
45-49 The characters belt unclasps and he/she drops his/her pants
50-54 If wandering over a meadow, all cows, goats etc (if such are present) will follow him for 1d4 hours.
55-59 The Character will transform into the next animal (for 1d10 turns) he thinks about.
60-61 The Character spots a golden coin (1 gp) lying in his path
62-63 A raincloud will follow the character for the next 1d3 hours
64-65 The Characters sex change to opposite for 1d8 days
66-69 The Characters feet starts running (hopefully he follows)
70-74 The Character drops his weapon, and finds it lying beside a pouch full of gold (1d20)
75-77 The Character stumbles over the next stone he/she comes across. Roll dexterity check
78-79 The Character will find all his wine turned to water
   80   The Character will suddenly loose 1d10 of his GP
81-83 The Character will suddenly start to sing, and be rewarded by the onlookers
84-85 The Characters Hair/beard Turns White (only lasts for a couple of hours)
   86   The Characters Dexterity drops temporary by 1d4 for 1d3 hours
87-88 The Character will have an awful taste in his mouth for 1d4 hours
89-90 The Character will find all his water turned into wine
91-92 The Character will have a blackout for 1d6 turns.
93-95 The Character will have good dreams the following night and gains 1d4 HP extra that night
96-97 The Characters alignment changes to opposite for 1d2 turns
   98   The Characters charisma increases by 1d2 for 1d3 hours
   99   A Jewel suddenly appears in the characters pocket (use gem table in DM´s Guide)
   00   A gem suddenly appears in the characters pocket (use gem table in DM´s Guide

Ring of Slippery Curse Invented by Hogan
(XP 2900, GP 12600)

The design of this ring is ancient and only few priests nowadays are even aware of its existence, a fewer still are able to even grasp the ideas behind its creation. The ring itself consist of a plain steel ring that refuses to reveal any trace of magic, even to such spells as Detect Magic and True Seeing, although if being identified by a Identify spell, it will reveal its powers in full.
The power of the Ring of Slippery Curse is simple, but highly useful. Once worn, the ring effectively protects the wear against curses of every kind. It simply acts as if the spell of Remove Curse is continually being cast on the wearer, hence curses from spells cannot take hold and will slide of like water on a duck, and cursed items can be removed and handled as the wearer sees fit. Only curses who has no rot in magic, and though has been granted by divine powers will take effect, so the dying curse of a king slain by a traitor, is still as effectively as it used to be.
However, a small malfunction in the rings design allows for a small critical error. Curses already in effect, or cursed items already worn when the ring is put on, will not be nullified, and requires spells as normal to get rid of.

Ring of Strength Invented by Hogan
(XP 750, GP 3200)

This heavy silver ring can be worn on either hand and whenever it is activated, it will provide that hand with a strength of 1850. The thus enhanced strength is only useable in bare-handed melee, as it basically charges the fist with kinetic energy that enhances the power of any blow delivered. Those who already have a strength of 1850 or greater will receive no bonus as their blows are already so powerful that the charging has no effect.
The boost to strength will last for full 1 turn after activation, but it can be activated up to 10 times a day.

Ring of Water Breathing Invented by Hogan
(1000 XP 4100 GP)

These rings are among the highest treasured items in the possession of the Water Wizards of Sparta. With these and their Rings of Free Action, the 10 appointed Water Elementarists of the Island are able to search and secure the coasts and seas, and meet every hostile creature native to the sea on their home field. The rings are not solely found on the island but nowhere else they are held in such high regard as here.
Wearing a Ring of Water Breathing will let the user breath freely beneath the waters of the world, as freely as if he were above water. The effect of the ring will take place immediately when the head of the wearer of the ring is submerged, and will last as long as it is necessary.
Any wearer should take note of the fact, that if the effect of the ring should be cancelled (by a Dispel Magic for example), or the ring is lost while underwater, the need for breath becomes imminent.

Ring of Witch Curse Invented by Mind Flayer

This unique ring was created by the evil witch Milaria so foolish adventurers could stumble across it, take it on, thereby being visited by the curse. She made it so it could be taken off again without problem, but every time somebody puts it on, another curse (or possible the same one) would be visited on the wearer.
The Ring of the Witch Curse is a small ring, which will shrink or enlarge in order to fit the fingers of any wearer, and is engraved with a small diamond. Every time the ring is donned, a random "Witch Curse" (as per the Witch Kit of Wizards Handbook) is placed on the wearer.
An example of possible curses are given below:

d8 Roll
1-3 Victim looses one hit point every hour until 24 hours has passed. These points cannot be healed in either natural nor magical way. If the victim comes down to 0 (-10) he will die.
3-5 The victim gets -4 to all attack and Saving Throws for 24 hours.
6-7 Every time the victim speaks, soap bubbles are coming out from his/her mouth and when a bubble explodes, the word is coming. It last for 24 hours.
8 The victim will drop dead when 24 hours has passed.

The ring can be can be taken off without problem, but the curse will not be lifted. If donned again, another curse will be placed upon the wearer.
All curses will last for 24 hours, even if the ring is taken off. To end it before the 24 hour period expires, a full Wish has to be used.

Shield Ring Invented by Hogan
(XP 1400, GP 8000)

A ring like this normally consists of a large silver band, set with a blood red gemstone.
The wearer of the ring will be put under the permanent effect of that of a Shield-spell, creating an invisible field of force around him. This shield will first of all make him completely immune to the spell of Magic Missiles. Furthermore, the ring will grant the wearer an AC of 2 against hand-hurled missiles, AC 3 against device-propelled missiles, like arrows and bolts, and AC 4 against all other attacks. As opposed to the spell of Shield, the wearer will benefit from these protections all around, but the ring will be unable to function in combination with Rings of Protection, or other hand-based object, like rings or gauntlet, which grants the wearer a betterment in armor class. The ring is not compatible with the spell of the same name.
Should the user of the Ring, already have a total armor class, which is better than any of the above-mentioned, he will not gain any benefit from the armor-improving powers of the ring.

Skull Ring Invented by Hogan

Nobody knows who created this unique silver ring that is adorned with the image of a silver skull in the face. It was found more than a hundred years ago in the deep jungles of Yangworth and brought with the intrepid explorers into civilized lands. The powers that have been deviated from the ring tells that it has been made by a mysteriously person who preferred to deal with problems barehanded instead on relying on weapons or magic. In order to have any effect, the ring must be worn on a person's primary hand, then hand he would use to deal a blow, but then it also gives a +3 attack bonus to any punching attack made with that hand. Furthermore, any attack hitting a target of the same size as the wielder of the ring or smaller (it usually only fits creatures of size M), gives in addition to standard damage, a 35% KO damage (se the rules on punching and wrestling in the Players Handbook).
Anyone struck by the rings owner will have the imprint of a skull in his face exactly where the skull-adorned ring hit him. This mark will gradually fade over a period of 4 months and will resist any normal or magical ways of removing it.

Soul Ring Invented by Hogan
(XP 4.000, GP 16.000)

The use of a Soul Ring is considered the last resort when the wearer is facing immediate demise. Such a ring will always be beautifully carved gold ring inlaid with a polished and masterly cut gemstone of jewel category.
The powers of the ring is such, that should the wearer ever be targeted by magical spells or effect which instantly slays, like the spells of Slay Living or Death Spell, just the instant before the spell hits, his soul is moved to the ring. This transfer allows for no saving throw against the killing spell, but to all appearances the spell took effect and killed the target. 2 rounds after the transfer however, the soul (if the ring is still worn ) is automatically transferred back to the body, effectively "raising it" with no checks necessary. Also, should the wearer be targeted by more dangerous spells or effects like Disintegrate, a missed saving throw will still destroy the wearer's body (the ring is immune to any such effects), but the soul is transferred to the ring. Having the soul kept this way will actually make room for a possible Resurrection spell, which must be cast on the ring itself. This, unfortunately, destroys the ring.
In all cases, the ring can also be used for transferring the soul to a simulacrum or clone. If the ring is not in contact with the body when its time to return, any time can pass before the transfer can take place, as long as the body is livingable (with respect to decaying etc.).
In theory, any humanoid body without a soul can be used as a receptacle for the soul stored in the ring, but if the body its entering is not its original body, a system shock is required to see if the transfer succeeds. Such a transfer into a new body will not give any of that body's special benefits.

Talisman of Enlightment Invented by Johnny Bremer
(2000 XP)

This item will induce mind-reading powers to whoever is touching it. It will enable the person to read surface thoughts of any one target creature. It will not reveal any deeper memories or enable the person to receive any other messages but the flighty thoughts running through the mind of the creature targeted. It is controlled mentally and can change target each round. The talisman is resembling a small rod with a snake twisted around the full length and ending with its head pointing outwards. The rod is made of gold and the snake of jade with two small rubies as eyes. The talisman is about five inches long and valued around 5,000 gold pieces.

Wolf Bracelet Invented by Hogan
(XP 1100, GP 8900)

A Wolf Bracelet is a thick multi linked silver bracelet with small charms of wolf heads set along its entire length.
The powers of the bracelet allow the wearer to once a day summon a pack of 3d6 wolves to do his bidding. The wolves will arrive within 1d3 rounds after having being send for, and they will stay for 3 turns before returning back to their natural surroundings. They will follow any order given by the wearer of the bracelet, as long as it is not entirely against their nature.
Furthermore the Bracelet will also allow the wearer to communicate freely with any kind of wolves, including Worgs and Winter Wolves, but excluding dead variants like Dread Wolves and Vampire Wolves. Thrice a day the wearer will be able to enact the power of Invisibility to Animals, but only with regard to wolves of the same species as mentioned before.
In order to enact the mentioned above powers, the Bracelet must be worn the whole time. Should it be removed, the effect immediately expires.