3rd Edition D&D Clothing

Battle Gauntlets (Invented by Hogan)

Wearing a pair of Battle Gauntlets will allow the wearer with his bare hands (figurative speaking) to deal damage to creatures normally possessing damage reduction to anything but magical weapons, like certain high-level monks are able to do with their Ki-strike. It is however, worth to note that the Gauntlets do not confer any magical bonuses to neither attack nor damage. The number only refers to what kind of creatures the wearer will be able to damage with his hands. Hence those wearing a pair of Battle Gauntlets +2 will be able to harm creatures which normally only can be harmed by +1 or +2 weapons, but those who takes +3 or better enchantments to hit cannot be damaged. Wearing the gloves however, adds a +1 to damage against normal creatures hit by an unarmed strike.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Magic Weapon (Greater Magic Weapon)
Market Price: 1,400 gp (+1), 5,600 gp (+2), 12,600 gp (+3)
Creation Cost: 700 gp + 56 XP (+1), 2,800 gp + 224 XP (+2), 6,400 gp + 504 XP (+3)

Belt of Brawling (nvented by Hogan)

A black leather belt that gives the wearer the appreciated ability to clear a tavern room in no time.
Wearing the belt gives its owner the feats of Weapon focus and Weapon Specialization in unarmed combat, giving him a +1 bonus to attack rolls and +2 to damage. Furthermore, he has a percentage chance equal to damage dealt with each blow (cumulative for each separate round), that the victim is knocked unconscious as though the subdual damage he had taken had exceed his current hit points.
Besides these obviously offensive skills, wearing the belt furthermore cause all subdual damage received from others to be effectively halved.
The original belt of this kind belonged to the barbarian hero, Thundal Wulflair, whose frequent visits to the taverns of Scorntown were legendary, especially among the carpenters and glass-blowers of the city.
The belt will fit all humanoid creatures of size S or M.

Caster Level: 4th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items
Market Price: 7,900 gp; Creation Cost: 3,950 gp + 316 XP

Belt of Hunting (Invented by Hogan)

Wearing this brown leather-belt gives the wearer the knowledge gained from the Track feat, as well as a +8 bonus to any Wilderness Lore checks with regard to hunting and the setting of snares for as long as it is worn.
The bonuses are in addition to any other bonuses already associated with these skills. If the wearer already has the Track feat, he'll still benefits from the bonus.
In addition to these proficiencies, the belt also gives the wearer a +1 competence bonus to any attack made with a bow (not crossbows) so the wearer will be able to make the killing shot much easier.
The first of such belts was created on commission from the scions of the noble house of Hardlong in the city of Bardlor. They were to be worn by the young and restless nobles when they embarked on their customary hunting trips. Unfortunately their demonstration of the illicit gained skills brought the wrath of their ranger guide who forced the belts from them and took them with him when he left the young and furious nobles in the middle of the woods.

Caster Level: 4th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, must have Track feat
Market Price: 11,280 gp; Creation Cost: 5,640 gp + 450 XP

Belt of Reflexes (Invented by Hogan)

A Belt of Reflexes is most often created as a red leather belt adorned with small pictograms of athletes, but can take any form its' creator has in mind, mostly depending on the culture in which it was made.
Wearing the belt adds a +2 bonus to the wearer's dexterity. Furthermore it gives a +4 (a total of +5 with the enhanced dexterity) competence bonus to reflex saving throws where damage could be avoided or reduced by showing a skill of speed. This includes damage from spells like Fireball and Lightning Bolt or breath weapons, but only if a saving throw is normally allowed.
The belt cannot function with any other dexterity-enhancing equipment, but works normally in conjuration with spells that creates such effects.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Cat's Grace
Market Price: 8,000 gp; Creation Cost: 4,000 gp + 320 XP

Boots of Bloody Tracks (Invented by Hogan)

A pair of boots that despite the fact that they are sturdy and finely crafted from red-dyed chimera leather, are actually cursed and very eerie to wear, although these effects aren't immediately revealed. Once donned, the boots can only be removed again with the help of a spell of Remove Curse.
Whenever the wearer kills another creature deliberately and in cold blood (excluding self-defence and creatures fit for the dinner table), the boots will begin leaving bloody footprints in his wake. This will continue for the next 12 turns, creating a sure and scaring track for anyone to follow. The footprints will remain for the next 12 hours, despite any attempts to remove them with either magic or common tools like soap and water.

Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Bestow Curse
Market Price: 27,000 gp; Creation Cost: 13,500 gp + 1080 XP

Boots of Dwarven Stealth (Invented by Hogan)

A sturdy pair of iron-shoed boots, this magical item will, mysteriously enough, appear to be a pair of Boots of Elvenkin!? Even the proper means of identifying will reveal nothing else, that is, until someone tries them on!
First of all, the boots automatically gives a heavy -10 penalty to any attempt by the user to Move Silently, and all surprise attempt the user tries to achieve by stealth are automatically ruined, negating the possibility of the opponents becoming surprised. All this is due to the fact, that the boots will make sure that the wearer steps on every fragile stick, every squeaking floorboard and every loose rock in the area. If none of those are present, the boots themselves will squeak highly at every step.
Secondly, all spells like Pass Without Trace and similar that are designed to hide the users way through the surroundings (not spells like Invisibility and such that hides the user himself), and are used by the boots' owner, will be negated as soon as they are cast.
The boots where made by the mischievous Elven Mage/Thief Raunhil, as a contribution to her Dwarven partner, whose blundering about ruined many a well-planned ambush and quite trip through the woodlands. What her partner had to say about her contribution is not recorded, but anyone using the true name of the boots in front of a Dwarf, is sure to attract some serious problems!

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, must have at least 5 ranks at Move Silently Bestow Curse
Market Price: 21,750 gp; Creation Cost: 10,875 gp + 870 XP

Troll's Hide (Invented by Neslein)

This piece of clothing is made from the very skin of the dangerous Trolls. It was originally crafted by a ranger who favored Trolls as enemies but still saw the benefit of the Troll's hard skin. Therefore he, using his "hunting" skills at trolls and his great skills at leather making, crafted this ultimate piece of clothing. But because it's made of Troll skin, it is really disgusting, and any character that wears it must make a will save at DC 12, or bend over and puke.
The weight of the clothes is 25 lb. due to the heavy skin. It grants its wearer a +7 natural armor bonus (thought it's just clothing, against the limit of magical items worn it counts as being armor). The base speed in this "armor" is 20 ft. for medium sized creatures and 15 ft. for small sized creatures. It has an arcane spell failure of 15%, and an armor check penalty of 0, and last a max dex bonus of +4.

Market Price: 98,000 gp