Subtable A (1-2)

D20 roll

  1. Cloak of Disappearance
  2. Cloak of High Speed Flying
  3. Cloak of the Wildcat
  4. Cold Robe
  5. Dwarven Boots
  6. Glove of Colors
  7. Gloves of Fumbling
  8. Gloves of Might
  9. Hat of Learning
  10. Knock-Knock Glove
  11. Kilt of the Highlander
  12. Robe of the Druid
  13. The Shark's Swimsuit
  14. Socks of Santa Claus
  15. Spellbinders Hat
  16. Steel Blade Gloves
  17. Warrior Gauntlets
  18. The Wizard's Robe of Regeneration
  19. White Cloak
  20. Dm's own choice
Subtable B (3-4)

D20 roll

  1. Battle Gauntlets
  2. Boots of Bloody Tracks
  3. Boots of Dwarven Stealth
  4. Boots of the South
  5. Boots of Stealth
  6. Boots of the West
  7. Cloak of Concealment
  8. Callisto's Missile Gloves
  9. Gauntlet of Disintegration
  10. Glass Shoes
  11. Glove of Gambling
  12. Gloves of Juggling
  13. Gloves of Strength
  14. Hat of Stasis
  15. Lightning Hat
  16. Protected Back
  17. Robe of Extension
  18. Robe of Protection
  19. Scarf of Safe Neck
  20. Dm's own choice
Subtable C (5-6)

D20 roll

 1 - 2	Belt of Brawling
 3 - 4	Belt of Hunting
 5 - 6	Belt of Reflexes
 7 - 8 	Boots of Air Walking
 9 - 10	Boots of the East
11 - 12	Gamers Sleeve
  13	Gloves of Ambidexterity
  14	Gloves of Thunder
  15	Gobels Gauntlets
16 - 17	Melee Gauntlets
  18	Sure-Shot Gauntlet
  19	Vampiric Gloves
  20    Dm's own choice

Battle Gauntlets Invented by Hogan
(XP 700, GP 2900)

Wearing a pair of Battle Gauntlets will allow the wearer with his bare hands (figurative speaking) to deal damage to creatures normally imperious to nothing but magical weapons. The damage can however, only be dealt to creatures with solid bodies, those with more corporal ones, like Ghosts, cannot be damaged this way.
The magical enchantment of gauntlets found varies depending on how powerful a creature they are able to hit. To see how powerful a given pair of gauntlets is, consult the table below:

01-60   +1
61-90   +2
91-00   +3
Note that the Gauntlets do not confer any bonuses to either attack nor damage. The number of plusses only refers to what creatures the wearer will be able to damage with his hands. Hence those wearing a pair of Battle Gauntlets +2 will be able to harm creatures which normally only can be harmed by +1 or +2 weapons, but those who takes +3 or better enchantments to hit cannot be damaged. Wearing the gloves however, adds a +1 to damage against creatures hit by an unarmed strike.

Belt of Brawling Invented by Hogan
(X 1100, GP 4100)

A Black leather belt that gives the wearer the much appreciated ability of clearing a tavern room in no time.
Wearing the belt makes the user specialized in the arts of punching and wrestling as though he had spent weapon proficiency slots in those skills (as described in the Fighter's Handbook), giving him a +1 to attack and damage and the possibility of moving his type of attack one rank up or down on the charts depending on what is preferred.
Besides these obviously offensive skills, wearing the belt furthermore cause all received subdual damage taken in barehanded combat to be halved.
The original belt of this kind belonged to the barbarian hero, Thundal Wulflair, who's frequent visits to the taverns of Scorntown was legendary, especially among the carpenters and glass-blowers of the city.
The belt will fit all humanoid creatures of size S or M.

Belt of Hunting Invented by Hogan
(XP 600, GP 3000)

Wearing this brown leather-belt gives the wearer the knowledge from the none-weapon proficiencies of Hunting, Tracking and Set Snares with a +2 bonus in addition to any other bonuses of penalties associated with those proficiencies, for as long as it is worn. If the wearer already has all or some of the granted skills, he still benefits from the bonuses.
In addition to these proficiencies, the belt also gives the wearer a +1 bonus to any attack made with a bow (not crossbows) so the wearer will be able to make the killing shot much easier.
The first of such belts was created on commission from the scions of the noble house of Hardlong in the city of Bardlor. They were to be worn by the young and restless nobles when they embarked on their customary hunting trips. Unfortunately their demonstration of the illicit gained skills brought the wrath of their ranger guide who forced the belts from them and took them with him when he left the young and furious nobles in the middle of the woods.

Belt of Reflexes Invented by Hogan
(XP 1200, GP 6900)

A Belt of Reflexes is most often created as a red leather belt adorned with small pictograms of athletes, but can take any form its' creator has in mind, mostly depending on the culture in which it was made.
Wearing the belt adds a +2 bonus to the wearer's dexterity. Furthermore it gives a +4 bonus to any saving throws where damage could be avoided or reduced by showing a skill of speed. This includes damage from spells like Fireball and Lightning Bolt or breath weapons, but only if a saving throw is normally allowed.
The belt cannot function with any other dexterity-enhancing equipment, but works normally in conjuration with spells that creates such effects.

Boots of Air Walking Invented by Hogan
(XP 1500, GP 7250)

A pair of soft leather boots dyed in a light blue hue, that allows the wearer to treat the air as solid ground, as per the Air Walk spell, walking at normal movement, or half movement if at a 45 degree elevation. Normal walk at standard movement rate is the fastest speed allowed while treading the air.
The walk can be performed for up to 6 hours per day, either continually or broken into short periods of time, but when the 6 hour duration ends, the user is immediately grounded, no matter the height! 12 hours shall pass before another 6 hour period is available.
The boots will magically shrink or enlarge to fit a pair of feet from the size of a pixie to that of an Ogre.

Boots of Bloody Tracks Invented by Hogan
(XP 400, GP 1700)

A pair of boots that despite the fact that they are sturdy and finely crafted from red-dyed chimera leather, are actually cursed and very eerie to wear, although these effects aren't immediately revealed. Once donned, the boots can only be removed by the help of a Remove Curse cast by at least a 13th level caster.
Whenever the wearer kills another creature deliberately and in cold blood (excluding self-defense and creatures fit for the dinner table), the boots will begin leaving bloody footprints in his wake. This will continue for the next 3 turns, creating a sure and scaring track for anyone to follow. The footprints will remain for the next 12 hours, despite any attempts to remove them by either magic or common tools like soap and water.

Boots of Dwarven Stealth Invented by Hogan

A sturdy pair of iron-shoed boots, this magical item will, mysteriously enough, appear to be a pair of Boots of Stealth. Even a proper used Identify spell will reveal nothing else, that is, until someone tries them on!
First of all, the boots automatically gives a heavy -60% penalty to any attempt by the user to Move Silently, and all surprise attempt the user tries to achieve by stealth, gives the opponents a +3 bonus to their surprise roll. All this is due to the fact, that the boots will make sure that the wearer steps on every fragile stick, every squeaking floorboard and every loose rock in the area. If none of those are present, the boots themselves will squeak highly at every step.
Secondly, all spells like Pass Without Trace and similar that are designed to hide the users way through the surroundings (not spells like Invisibility and such that hides the user himself), and are used by the boots' owner, will be negated as soon as they are cast.
The boots where made by the mischievous Elven Mage/Thief Raunhil, as a contribution to her Dwarven partner, whose blundering about ruined many a well-planned ambush and quite trip through the woodlands. What her partner had to say about her contribution is not recorded, but anyone using the true name of the boots in front of a Dwarf, is sure to attract some serious problems!

Boots of the East Invented by Hogan
(XP 2250, GP 12000)

The brown sturdy leather boots was, like the Boots of the North, South and West, probably first created long ago by a well-travelled mage who went wide abroad with help from his creations. Unfortunately only his creations lived on, everything else about the man has been lost to the sands of time.
When worn, the Boots of the East allows the wearer to cover ground faster than normal while showing no signs of fatigue. When setting a sturdy pace, the boots will effectively raise the wearer movement with 50%, hence a human with a base movement of 12 could set out on an overland walk with a movement of 18, walking for as long as need be, and then setting up camp without showing more fatigue then normally associated with the time spend on the road. Sore feet are unknown no matter how long the trip has taken.
The enhanced speed of the boots can only be tapped when the pace is set for a continuous walk, and as soon as the speed is forced from walk to jog, the boots cease functioning until the proper conditions for their use is met once again. Also, the fatigue-removing abilities only works with regard to the fatigue associated with continuous walking, not with regard to lack of sleep and so on.

Boots of the South Invented by Hogan
(XP 1700, GP 9900)

Apparently originating from the same hands of the well-travelled inventor of the Boots of the North, the Boots of the South is intended to help the wearer travelling the southern desert-rich environment.
When wearing the boots, the wearer will be able to walk across patches of quicksand and sliding sand at half his or hers normal speed. Additionally, the boots will keep its wearer cool and comfortable even if his wearing full plate under a scorching sun (though the plate can still be heated to produce scolding effect on naked flesh), and won't even get a sunburn in temperatures up to 120 °F (49°C), and will only require a normal amount of water. Properly dressed to the environment (e.g. as little clothing as possible), the wearer can keep a cold head in temperatures up to 190 °F (87 °C).

Boots of Stealth Invented by Hogan
(XP 700, GP 4000)

Soft like velvet, a pair of Boots of Stealth is as comfortable as they seem, and just as dangerous! The danger comes not as much from the boots themselves, but from the abilities they grant their wearer.
Originally developed by the Fire Knifes of Cormyr, before they were banished from the kingdom, the Boots of Stealth gives the user a + 30% to his Move Silently skill, be he a thief or a Ranger. If the person doesn't have that skill, he is granted it for as long as he is wearing the boots, with the proper percent chance. Besides this, a wearer of the Boots will never leave any footprints behind. Neither snow, nor mud will reveal that a heavy-footed person has just walked by.

Boots of the West Invented by Hogan
(XP 1000, GP 4900)

A pair of blue-dyed leather boots, the Boots of the West allow the wearer to cross bodies of water as if it were mere ground. The boots will limit him to a ½ movement rate when walking the waters, and this cannot be forced by running or by other magic. Should this happen, the steps will become deeper and deeper, until the boots are completely submerged (takes about 3 rounds at higher speeds) and the magic is cancelled until the boots has been dried. Another reason to why ocean-travelling isn't a good idea when the weather forecast signals rough weather. Staying upright, is also a good thing, as it is only where the boots touch water, the water is treated like ground. Going into swimming position or lower, will also submerge the boots with the above mentioned result.

Callisto's Missile Gloves Invented by Hogan

These unique Gloves, made from red-dyed leather, are probably the reason why the warrior Callisto became such a notoriety with the thrown weapon. The Gloves confer a +2 bonus to the attack made with any kind of missile weapons, including slings & bows but excluding crossbows and smoke powder weapons due to their more mechanical ways of functioning. Furthermore, the Gloves also confer the proficiency in the use of all missile based weapons with the above mentioned exceptions. However, this last benefit will only take effect after 3 days of continual wear. Should the Gloves be taken off, the proficiency expires until another 3 day interval has passed. The +2 bonus is in no way affected by this.

Cloak of Concealment Invented by Corbien

The Cloak of Concealment is black, of very fine quality, and will usually be found wrapped in a piece of some other kind of cloth.
The cloak was made by a wizard for one of his personal assassins, and it can hide one weapon (no weapons of larger size or weight than a longsword) completely and prevent it from being noticed by even trained guards. Even a complete body-search will reveal nothing, the weapon simply isn't there!
Note: The Cloak of Concealment is only usable by Thieves.

Cloak of Disappearance Invented by Odwin "Odds" Bodkin
(2,000 XP)

This cloak always has a textureless, solid black interior and an exterior color other than solid black.This cloak is basically a portable hole you can wear. The wearer can wrap himself up (or something or somebody else) completely, vanish into it like a magician, and reemerge, all on his own command. It follows the same rules as a portable hole, except that it cannot be pulled in from inside the hole; the cloak remains where it is as the wearer ducks into it.
There is only enough room for one person or object in the intradimensional void, so once someone or something is in it, the cloak will not open to another person or object until the other one reemerges.
Although small rips and tears do not affect entering or leaving the void, major damage such as burning or shredding it will. If the cloak is separated into more than one piece, the largest piece retains is magical portal quality. That piece however, will be smaller and, therefore, can only cover smaller objects. If an object (or person) is in the void and the cloak is damaged such that no piece is big enough for the object to fit through, the object is trapped forever. It is particularly useful for thieves who can hang the cloak on a coatrack, duck into it until no one is around, and then reemerge when the "coast is clear."

Cloak of High Speed Flying Invented by Hogan
(XP 4000, GP 9000)

The Cloak of High Speed is more like a cape than an actual cloak. It is made from a bright red cloth with yellow itching on the sides. When airborne, the person wearing the cloak can be seen from miles away as a bright red dot on the skies.
The Cloak of High Speed Flying was created to allow the user to cover great distances without resorting to dangerous Teleport spells. When the person wants to make use of the cloak, he only has to don it and then set off to the skies. At the first round of flying, he will fly with a movement of 18, in the second that movement will be doubled to 36, and in the third it will be 72. In the Fourth round he has reached a maximum speed of 144, a speed which will greatly outdistance any creatures native to the known world! This speed can be uphold for as long as the user of the cloak wants to. The cloak will protect him from the air-friction and breathing problems normally obtained at such a high speed, but he still has to keep within the atmosphere, and it will not grant him any bonuses with regard to manoeuvring. At the highest speed the flyer is regarded to have a maneuverability E, and any attempt to avoid suddenly appearing obstacles requires a wisdom check with a negative -6 modifier. Quite a few high-speed travelers have gone down permanently after colliding with mountain faces or other aerial creatures.
When slowing down the user most carefully consider the range to the target, as he must slow down at the same rate as when speeding up. If he doesn't, he many greatly overshoot is landing area.
It is not possible to keep a lesser movement rate than 144 for more than a round, and then its only possible while speeding or slowing down. It is possible though, to speed up and down, so to fly with a speed of 72, then slow down to 36, then down to 18, and finally speed up to 36 again.
When flying at movement rated of 36 or higher, its not possible to cast spells during flight.

Cloak of the Wildcat Invented by AvangionQ

When donned and worn, this cloak allows its wearer to sprint at a movement rate of 90 for a short burst of 1 Turn plus a number of rounds equal to the user's Constitution score.
This burst can be used 7 times per day, as long as the user gets at least 15 minutes rest between the bursts. Furthermore, the item grants its wearer an +3 bonus to his Armor Class & Saving Throw.
If this wasn't enough, the item also allows the user to transform into either a Tiger or a Cheetah once a day. While in one of those forms, the user is granted all his form's corresponding attack forms (Claws, Teeth etc.) and cause damage as the beast he is. (MM 36-37).

Cold Robe Invented by Hogan
(600 XP, 1200 GP)

A cheaper version of the Cloaks of Elvenkind, the Cold Robes are woven and enspelled by wizards who take to exploring the dangers of the Underdark… or live by equipping those who do!
A Cold Robe is a greyish robe, large enough to completely cover and conceal any creature of size M.
When worn, the robe will, to an onlooker of the Underdark, seem to lower the bodytemperature of the wearer, making it match those of the surroundings, allowing him to blend in with great accuracy. This will effectively conceal the wearer and making him virtually invisible to those creatures relying on infravision, though its only working perfectly in dark environments where such a vision is turned on. To normal vision, the wearer will look completely normal.
Due to its natural dull color, the cloak will also add a 30% to any hide attempts in rocky surroundings.
Note: The degree the robe can be used in play varies according to what rules for infravision is used!

Dwarven Boots Invented by Søren Surlykke

A pair of Dwarven Boots is without any doubt the most clumsy boots ever to be enchanted, but anyway, their purpose is not stealth.
Any wearer of a set of Dwarven Boots get the same bonusses as dwarves against Spells, Rods, Staffs, Wands and Poison (in the case of a Dwarven user, the boots grant an additional +1 to the saves). The user also gains infravision to 180 feet (or a +30 feet increase if already possesed).
Dwarven boots shrink or expand as to fit the foot of anyone who tries to put it on, but the powers will only work for the following races: Dwarves (any subrace), Gnomes (any subrace), Humans and Half-elves.

Gamers' Sleeve Invented by Corbien

The Gamers Sleeve is a shirt made of the finest silk, but with plenty of hidden pockets in the sleeve (perfect for cheating other party-members in games of card). It gives the gamer that wears it a +4 bonus to his/her gaming-check whenever the game played is with cards, if the player chooses to use it that is!
Onlookers are allowed a wisdom check with a -4 modifier to notice the cheating but only if they are actually looking for such events.
NOTE: The gamers sleeve is only usable by characters that already have the None-Weapon proficiency of gaming.

Gauntlet of Disintegration Invented by Hogan
(XP 1200, GP 7900)

A heavy right-handed iron war-gauntlet that looks like it was created from a single block of iron complete with flexible limbs, a Gauntlet of Disintegration would have been a proud addition to a knights full plate armor, if it wasn't for the fact, that it is never worn for long.
Once donned, the user will feel a short burst of heat coming from the Gauntlet, and will discover that the Gauntlet is fused to his hand, refusing to let go. The round following the one in which the Gauntlet was donned, a humming sound can be heard from the Gauntlet as it builds up power, and after having felt a short burning sensation in his right hand, the wearer of the Gauntlet will see it fall to the ground, having left an empty space where his right hand had been a moment before! The hand is completely disintegrated by the Gauntlet, leaving an arm-stump with a clean cut, sealed in order to prevent further blood loss.
The dismembering action can be prevented, if a Dispel Magic is cast on the Gauntlet in the same round, before it has fully build up its disintegrating power. The Gauntlet is considered to have a +3 initiative modifier for this purpose.
The Gauntlet was originally created as a tool for a clean punishment for thieves who forgot to keep their hands out of other people's pockets, but over the centuries other people has found other and more sinister purposes for the use of the design.
Once it's dismembering task has been performed, the Gauntlet is safe to wear for another 6 hours. At this time it will be ready to be activated once more, and woe to those who wear in when that happens.
The gauntlet itself is protected by several layers of misdirecting magic. Doing an Identify on the Gauntlet before having cast a successful Dispel Magic, causes a heavy -50% penalty on the identifying attempt. The Gauntlet will probably turn out be identified as another beneficial gauntlet of any type, without indicating its unarming power.

Glass Shoes Invented by Hogan
(1200 XP, 3500 GP)

Glass Shoes are a pair of light and almost transparent dancing shoes with semi-high heels, which seems to be made out of clear glass. All pairs of Glass Shoes are originally created to fit a lady's feet, but it is possible for a male person to squeeze into one, if he can stand the discomfort that is! Since the shoes always will be custom made, there is only a 4% chance that any given person, except for the original owner, of size M, can fit perfectly into the shoes, and though the shoes look light and fragile, they actually have the consistency of steel, having survived many a bad dancers fumbling feet.
A pair of Glass Shoes will grant the user the none-weapon proficiency of Dancing, with a +4 bonus to any dancing attempt made while wearing them. The shoes will know or can pick up any dance, modern or ancient, and will confer the knowledge to their user together with the skill to dance that particular dance. Note that in order to successful use the shoes, both shoes from the same pair must be worn together. If only one shoe is worn, and/or if the shoes don't fit perfectly, a -4 penalty is added to any dancing attempt made, instead of the +4 bonus.
The drawback to the use of a pair of Glass Shoes is that outside the dancing floor they tend to be a little bit too clumsy for the comfort of their user. Every time the user tries to run or walk fast while wearing the shoes, there is a 30% chance that she will trip, possibly loosing one of the shoes in the fall. Stopping and picking it up again is possible, but this won't make the base for a good tale!

Glove of Colors Invented by Hogan
(7000 XP, 10000 GP)

A Glove of Color is a single glove which will fit perfectly upon any hand (any five-fingered humanoid hand that is!!). Normally, the glove will just look like a white glove, normally worn by decadent nobles, but when activated, the all the colors of the rainbow will continually run across the glove, making it a colorful spectacle.
As the colors might indicate, the glove is charged with the colors of the rainbow, although this is far from harmless, since the colors are in reality, the visual aspects of a Prismatic spell! A successful hit (attack roll necessary) with the glove, indicates that the recipient is hit, and beside the normal damage for bare-handed attack, takes the damage and effect, from contact with one of the colors of the glove, as on the following table:


  1. Red color; 20 points of damage, save vs. spells for half damage
  2. Orange color; 40 points of damage, save vs. spells for half damage
  3. Yellow; 80 points of damage, save vs. spells for half damage
  4. Green; Die by poison, save vs. poison for survival and 20 points of damage
  5. Blue; Target is turned to stone, save vs. petrification for avoiding.
  6. ndigo; Become insane, save vs. wands to ignore
  7. Violet; target is send to another plane, save vs. spells to stay
  8. A double color touch! Roll twice in the table, ignore rolls of 8
The user of the glove should be really careful when the powers of the glove is activated, since everybody touched is open to its effects.
In order to activate the glove, a command word must be spoken, and no weapon or object must be worn in the hand. As long as the glove is active, no object can be picked up or handled with the hand covered by the glove. Are the glove taken off, its powers are immediately also turned off.
If the glove by any chance should happen to come into contact with either a Prismatic Wall or Prismatic Sphere, no matter if its activated or not, the spell will immediately be cancelled. Furthermore, the glove will be pulverized, and it's user, should he happen to wear the glove, will suffer from the full effect of all the colors of the glove with no chance of a saving throw!
When found, there is a 50% of either finding a right- or a left-handed glove.

Glove of Gambling Invented by Hogan
(XP 1450, GP 8200)

The Glove of Gambling was originally created and used by Heron "The Unlucky", whose nickname became some kind of paradox for others, as he seemed to win every game he joined! Unfortunately the nickname came out to be more than true, as he was caught red-handed in a game with the wrong opponents….nobody ever found all the parts! This never held others from creating other gloves from his design and using them as well.
The magic of the glove is such, that any dice thrown by a the hand wearing the glove, will always land on the numbers the wearer wants to see, and any game of cards in which the glove-wielder is part, and is the one who deals the cards, the cards most wanted will automatically fall into his hands.
The glove itself is made of an extremely thin and tight-fitting, skin colored material, which is very difficult to notice (6% chance), unless specifically searched for. Unfortunately this has made the glove so fragile that it will tear and become ruined the first time a weapon is grasped firmly by the hand wielding the glove.
Users of the glove should note that overusing the glove and acquire more than normal luck, seems to annoy and irritate other players, sometimes making them downright hostile. Being discovered wearing such a glove is in the more shady parts of town a call for an immediately dismembering… of the arm that wears the glove.
Users of the glove should also take notice of the fact that it is highly frowned upon by the clergy of Tymora, as they feel it is to temper with the laws of chance.

Gloves of Ambidexterity Invented by Hogan
(XP 1100, GP 3900)

When a pair of these light leather-gloves is worn, the user will be gifted with the skill of Ambidexterity (as per the Fighter's Handbook). For as long as the gloves are worn, he will be equally adept with both hands, both in none-combat situations and during combat. In the latter situation, he will have the same -2 penalty to both weapons when fighting with two weapons, instead of the standard -4/-2. There are no penalties for off-hand maneuvers as the user of the Gloves has no off-hand!
Gloves of Ambidexterity are normally only useable by warriors and rogues that are allowed to fight two-weapon style. However, others classes might find a use for them in none-combat situations.

Gloves of Fumbling Invented by Esben Gad

These Gloves look perfectly like a pair of good warm leather gloves, and indeed they will function like such, but there is one little side-effect.
Immediately after the person has donned the gloves, a d20 is rolled to see if he fumbles in some way. This could be a small event, like dropping a knife, stepping on a rotten board or fall over ones own feet, but in a battle situation or a situation were silence is needed, the result could be a catastrophy.
A check should be made at least once a day (on DM's behalf), and it has to be rolled every round the wearer is in battle.

To see how strong the magic in the gloves is, roll 1d100 and consult the following table.

01-70	:  The victim fumbles if he rolls a 1 or 2.
71-93	:  The victim fumbles if he rolls a 1, 2 or 3.
94-97	:  The victim fumbles if he rolls a 1, 2, 3 or 4
98-00	:  The victim fumbles if he rolls a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
(in a battle-situation, use The Fumble Table to determine effects).

These gloves can only be removed with the help of a Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, or a stronger spell. A Detect Magic or Identify spell will not give any clue to the true nature of these gloves.

Gloves of Juggling Invented by Corbien

The Gloves of Juggling belonged to an Elven bard named Ilistra Xania, living on the Moonshae Islands.
She wore the gloves when she performed with her juggling-show on the tavern: The Forgotten Treasure, and here a young, but powerful mage fell in love with her and her performance. So in gratitude to her performance, he enchanted the gloves she wore, so that, when wearing them, the owner of the gloves would magically improve their juggling abilities.
When wearing the Gloves Of Juggling, the person gains the non-weapon proficiency: Juggling with a +2 modifier to their proficiency-check. If the wearer already has the Juggling proficiency, she gains the +2 modifier.
NOTE: Only usable by Rogues.

Gloves of Might Invented by AvangionQ
(A.K.A.: Gauntlets of Might)

These powerful gloves works as both a pair of Gauntlets of Super Dexterity (Double Dexterity Bonus to a Maximum of 24) & a pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Grants Strength of 18/00).
Furthermore, they grant the wearer a regeneration of 1 Hit Point per round as per a Ring of Fast Regeneration and they also work as a Bracelet of Charms. The wearer can also use the gloves as storageroom, and can store up to ten items in them, one item in each finger.
All these powers are at work constant, but the Gloves of Might also contains the following powers, each one useable thrice a day ! :
Mighty hack - Allows Wearer to do Double Damage for a Random 1D20 Rounds.
Mighty luck - Grants Luck in Battle, a Bonus of 1D6 is applied to any Roll.
Mighty Strength - Grants Temporary Storm Giant Strength (Str 24) for a Random 1D20 Rounds.

Gloves of Strength Invented by Hogan
(XP 1000, GP 6000)

Gloves of Strength is a pair of sturdy dark leather gloves that carries an enchantment that grants the wearers Strength a +2 bonus for as long as the gloves are worn. This enhanced strength will be effective for all bonuses of to-hit and damage, and will also enhance the wearer's carrying capacity etc.
The Gloves can only boost the wearer's strength to a maximum of 18. Those already possessing greater natural strength will get no benefits from wearing these gloves. The Gloves are also not compatible with other strength-enhancing permanent magical items, but allows for the use of spells and potions.

Gloves of Thunder Invented by Hogan
(XP 1200, GP 4500)

These gloves are usually made from dark leather and studded with small brass-rings all over. The enchantments and strength of the gloves allows the wearer to deal an additional +1 point of damage in unarmed combat.
When the hands wearing the gloves are brought together in a mighty clap, they will together produce an effect similar to that of the 4th level spell of Thunderstaff (Tome of Magic), affecting everyone within the 20´ x 40´ cone, damaging, stunning and blasting them away, just as per the spell.
The mighty Thunder Clap can only be used thrice a day, and will affect everyone, friends and foes alike.

Gobels Gauntlets Invented by Hogan
(XP 1200, GP 7000)

Though they basically are a standard pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Power, granting the strength of 18/00, Gobels Gauntlets also carries an enchantment that manifests a small side-effect. First of all, the effect of the Gauntlets can be switched on and off by speaking the command word inscribed on the inside of the thumb on the left gauntlet. The switch can be performed as many times as necessary, though only one switch each round.
Whenever the Gauntlets are worn and the powers are active, they will not only grant the wearer their strength, but they will also let his physically appearance swell proportionally. Biceps expand, the chest is filled and the entire frame of the wearer swells to a 7 feet well-muscled stature, just below size large, fitting for his newly acquired strength.
Gobel, a pipsqueak mage himself, originally designed the gauntlets to make up for his weak frame and inadequate looks. The idea however, found a foothold among other members of the society, especially the young nobles, and not a small number of gauntlets were commissioned over the years, earning Gobel a minor fortune in gold and prestige. He died old, rich and well-married, still wearing his gauntlets (in fact, rumors tell that he never ever took them off since he fist donned them!).

Hat of Learning Invented by Hogan
(1000 XP, 3000 GP)

Cone shaped, about 1 foot long and made in a color compared to that of the midnight sky. Further embroided with small golden half moons and stars, its no matter what the viewer does, he or she can by no means mistake this hat for anything else than what it is, a wizard's hat! That is, if they have a very stereotype view of wizards!
For most sane wizards, the hat is actually so embarrassing to wear that no one would ever dare to wear it in public. Even secure and alone at home, most wizards would never disgrace themselves with this hat if it weren't for one fact…the hat is a great tool when you are trying to learn new magical spells.
When a wizard is studying in order to learn a new spell, he can be considered to possess 2 point of intelligence more than he currently has! This intelligence boost is only apparent with regard to the percentage chance of learning a spell. Hence a wizard with an intelligence of 14 will have his intelligence boosted to 16, improving his chance to learn a researched spell from 60 % to 70 %!
The improved intelligence is not useable with regard to illusion-immunity, spells pr. level etc.
In order to gain the intelligence boost to his spell research the wizards must wear the hat all the time while his research takes place, even when not studying! If taken off just for a second, the whole research is ruined, and the wizard has to begin anew. Thank the Gods, the hat I totally waterproof, so the wizard don't have to be without a bath those weeks his research takes place.

Hat of Stasis Invented by Hogan
(2500 XP, 9800 GP)

Donning this hat will put the wearer in a state of Stasis for a period of 2d4 days. During this timespan the victim will not age and will not suffer from the effects of hunger, thirst or likewise. Bleeding damage and effects from any poisons in the body will also be suspended for this duration.
While in stasis, the body will become totally rigid, and moving the body around will be like handling a length of lumber. Physically hurting the victim will ruin the stasis-field and immediately snap her out of it. Removing the hat will have the same effect.
When time runs out, the hat will drop from the head of the wearer. Since it for the wearer will seem as if no time has passed at all, an unsuspecting victim might put the hat on again, thereby activating the hat for another period.
As the mind is also put into a complete stasis, any attempts to reach it with magic or psionic means, are from the beginning doomed to fail.
These hats have been used for a number of different tasks throughout the ages. From suspending a persons body while a cure for a poison could be found, to putting an heir out of the way while another took the throne. Good as well as Evil has found a use for it, and not always with a different purpose in mind.

Headband of Recovery Invented by Hogan & Thampion
(XP 300, GP 1400)

A Headband of Recovery is little more than a white piece of cloth designed to be worn around the head. At a closer look, the cloth will appear be made up from thousands of small gold-embrodied stitching.
Wearing the headband allows the wearer to recover twice as fast as normal from states of unconsciousness, being down prone or simply completely dazed. Only for the before mentioned effects that has a natural source, will the recovery be sped along by the headband, be it from stunning attacks or critical fumbles. Such a state brought upon the wearer by magic, will not be affected at all, and maladies that requires healing will not be spend either. The amount of time the wearer originally would have been down is effectively halved, rounded down. Periods of 1 round or less are completely negated.
The first headband is said to have been worn by Tigran of Sparta, who's ability to fumble at the most critical moments, leaving his party-members to carry most of the fight without him, was legendary!

Kilt of the Highlander Invented by Søren Surlykke

Looking like a typical Scottish kilt, this item enables a man to work comfortably in the span of -100°C to 100°C

Knock-Knock Glove Invented by Hogan
(XP 1600, GP 3300)

Finally crafted and made from light leather, a Knock-Knock Glove will magically fit any humanoid hand (of size M or smaller) and be fashionable at almost any occasion.
Using the glove requires only the donning of it, and then to lightly knock on a portal while uttering the magical syllables of "Knock-Knock". This will create an effect equal to that of the 2nd level wizard spell Knock, effectively opening the portal.
The Glove will affect all kinds of portals where you'll normally knock before entering. Chests and coffins (at most occasions) and cupboards are not in this category, but a castle gate would be. When considering the size of the door that can be affected, the glove can be said to have an effect equal to that of a 6th level wizards Knock spell, that is 60 square feet or a portal at a size of 6' times 10' or similar.
The Glove can be used to "knock" an infinitive number of times, but each time its used, there is a 5% chance that the magical force of the knock is reversed, breaking 1d3 fingers inside the glove. This will reduce his handbased dexterity with 3 points until healed. Spells that require somatic components has a 30% chance to fizzle if cast with the help of broken fingers.

Lightning Hat Invented by Hogan

Cone-shaped and created from a kind of metallic velvet, the Lightning Hat is the model for a real stereotype hat for a wizard. Unfortunately, it is, besides being of a very bad taste, cursed with a wicked curse, and once donned it can only be removed by a Remove Curse spell, cast by a at least 11th level spell caster.
As long as the hat sticks to its owner's head, he will be in grave danger, depending on the weather forecast. Whenever he finds himself in the middle of a thunderstorm, the hat will act like an attractor to lightning. Each storm will basically produce 1d3 lightning strikes near the wearer's location. While wearing the hat, each lightning has a 50% chance of striking him for 10d10 in damage, saving throw for half damage is allowed. Only normal lightning will be attracted thus, and only as long as the hat is actually worn.
Rumors tell, that the hat originally was presented by an unfaithful wife to her elderly wizard husband with the words: "Why don't you take a nice walk in the rain and check if it's waterproof?".

Melee Gauntlets Invented by Hogan
(XP 1100, GP 4500)

A pair of sturdy brown leather gauntlets made from the skin of a Cave Bear.
The gauntlets allow the wearer to do an additional +2 points damage when engaged in barehanded melee. Furthermore, ten times a day the wearer can follow up on a successful strike by activating of the power of Repulsion (as per the wizard spell). The victim must save vs. spell or be hurled 1foot backwards for each point dealt in damage.
The gauntlets doesn't however, allow their user to damage creatures only damageable by magical weapons, although the creatures are still affected by the power of Repulsion.

Protected Back Invented by Hogan
(XP 1000, GP 5100)

A soft brown leather vest with small embroideries, a person wearing a Protected Back, would fit in nicely into the everyday life of a small city, although he would tend to belong to the better half! On the back of the west is embroidered one silvery rune, which covers almost half of the back.
A Protected Back counts as a +1 armor, but cannot be worn in combination with any sort of armor or shield, neither normal nor magical. When protecting against an attack from the back however, the armor confers a +4 protection bonus to the wearer's armor class. Attacks, which solely relays on the victim turning his/her back towards the attacker, like the backstabbing abilities of thieves are completely negated, and wont be able to cause any damage, although the attack will be felt and noticed.

Robe of the Druid Invented by Hogan

Robe of Druid is a special sand-hued robe only created by the Druids who live and venerate the Spirit of the island of Sparta. The Robe is very seldom created, and is mostly given to none-druids who has been a great help to the druids and the Spirit, and done a great deed for the people of the island. The magical robe itself draws its strength and power directly from the Spirit, just like the Druids on the island do when they cast their spells. Therefore, the power in the robe is only functional on the island of Sparta or in the vicinity (about 50 miles away from the island). When brought outside the spirits sphere of influence, the wearer must carry and use a bottle with the Essence of the Spirit, in order to be able to use the powers of the robe.
The Rope of the Druid will grant the wearer the following druid-like powers:

Identify Plants and Animals at will.
Shape Change into an Animal 3 times a day (as the Druid power)
Animal Tongue (will be able to converse with all normal animals)
+2 save vs. all nature based spells and powers, like the smile of the Nymph, or the laughter of the Korred.

When wearing this robe, the wearer will also be able to cast the following spells as if he were a Druid of 5th level, with regard to duration, area of effect, etc.

1st level: Animal Friendship, Entangle, Locate Animals or Plants
2nd level: Dust Devil, Warp Wood, Produce Flame
3rd level: Plant Growth

Each of the spells can be cast once a day.
Wearing the robe is a sign of the good faith of the druids of Sparta. Seriously violating the codex for which the Druids stand, causes the powers of the robe to cease functioning and unless the wearer atone his deeds, the powers are revoked permanently.
Since all the powers are druidic in nature, no Druid will ever gain anything from the use of this robe, especially not Druids from the islands of Sparta.

Robe of Extension Invented by Martigan & Hogan

Originally created as to be able to alter itself in order to fit any wearer, this unique robe was created with a slight malfunction! When found, the robe will seem to be about 4 sizes too small, but when donned it will enlarge itself to fit the wearer. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there, the sleeves and bottom of the robe will continue enlarging until those parts will be baggy and way to large to the wearer.
Any time the wielder try to move faster than a normal walk (his standard movement), a dexterity check with a -3 penalty is required to be successfully made, or he will trip and fall (this can be prevented by using both hands to keep up the robe during the run!) The roomy sleeves also tend to make both spellcasting and combat difficult. A -2 penalty is added to every attack roll made while in the robe, and spells requiring somatic components has a 15% chance to fail.
Though the robe is not cursed by creation, it still requires the help of the spell Remove Curse to be removed.
If identified, only the original nature of the robe will be revealed, the small disfunction is only to be discovered by trying it on!

Robe of Protection Invented by Hogan
(800 XP 4200 GP)

Not as common among adventurers as its counterpart, the Cloak of Protection, the Robe of Protection has none the less become quite popular, especially among those of the priestly and wizardly classes. The Robes will normally be made of nondescript cloth, but custom made garments for those who can afford it can be made of more expensive materials and with several runes and symbols of all shapes. Generally, a more powerful robe will have been made form more expensive materials and comes with many different ornaments.
The Robes comes in several different levels of powers. Which one is found can be determined below.

D100	Level of protection
01-50	+1
51-75	+2
76-85	+3
86-95	+4
96-00	+5
The level of protection determines the betterment of the wearer's armor class (a +1 Robe of Protection lowers the armor class with 1 point, from 10 to 9 for example). The bonus can also be added to certain saving throws of the wearer, although only those granted against direct attacks and spells like Breath weapons, Fireballs etc. The bonus can not be counted in saving throws against poison attacks, mind affecting spells like Emotion and Hold Person and similar. The bonuses granted by a Robe of Protection, are cumulative with bonuses from Rings of Protection, but will not function in combination with Cloaks of Protection and any kind of armor except shield and helmets.

Scarf of Safe Neck Invented by Hogan
(XP 1000, GP 5400)

A steel-grey silk scarf that when worn around the neck, will turn aside any and all attack that normally would have beheaded the wearer in a single sweep, be it from an executioner's axe, a Sword of Sharpness or a critical hit. Such hits will never deal any damage.
Furthermore, strangling attempts made against the wearer will also fail, as it is impossible to put enough pressure against the scarf, and many rogues has been saved by playing possum and later sneak away from the gallows.
The Scarf is only effective when worn as it is designed to, but will not work with any kind of magical necklaces or other items worn around the neck.

The Shark's Swimsuit Invented by Hogan & Martigan
(XP 3,000, GP 4,000)

The Shark's Swimsuit is a specially prepared body-suit made to fit a medium sized human being.
The suit is made from one whole sharkskin, complete with dorsal fin, and treated with special oils from undersea plants. Since not everybody is of the size the suit is made for, the chance that a given suit will fit the finder is given below:
Humans: 50% Half-Elves: 40% Elves: 30% Gnomes, Halflings and Dwarves only has a 5% chance to fill out a newly found suit.
He, who wears the swimsuit will find himself able to fully breathe underwater, and will be able to propel himself through the water at a movement rate of 24, as a Shark. The ability to perform functions like fighting normally underwater, is not given to the user. Further magic is necessary if one wishes to do that.
The Drawback of wearing a suit like this is, that the wearer will be sustencible to the Shark's need for constant movement in order to "breathe". If he stays or is held motionless for more than1d4+1 hours, he will suffocate.
In order to sustain the magical properties of the suit, it must at least once a week be submerged in water, or it will dry out and loose it's potency.

Socks of Santa Claus Invented by Hogan
(XP 2000, GP 3000)

When these socks are worn, they function as a Ring of Warmth, but warming your feet are not their true purpose !
When hung up next to a fireplace with a chimney, on the night between the 24th and the 25th of Nightal ( December ), an extraordinary thing will happen. A fat, jolly, white-bearded man, dressed in red and white, wearing a black belt and boots, carrying a big brown bag, will come down the chimney. He will utter a merry HO-HO !, make a grab down his bag, and pick up a misc. magical item ( chosen as in Dungeonmasters Guide ), which he will put in the socks. Then he once more utters a HO-HO, and disappears through the chimney once more.
The jolly man will be permanently surrounded by a Sleep spell at a 20th level ability and at 60' radius, affecting anyone within range, negating magical resistance and protecting spells, even if they can't see him. Those who makes a successful saving throw vs. Spells at -4, will avoid the effect, those who fail, will fall asleep until the Jolly One has left.
If anyone confronts the bearded man, he will utter a HO-HO and disappear. If attacked ( he is completely immune to all kinds of attack ), he will wave a finger at the attacker, saying " Oh-Oh, you've been a naughty boy/girl !!", and then disappear, taking with him, all the magical items of the attacker.
These magnificent socks are unfortunately only usable once a year, at that specific date.

Spellbinders Hat Invented by Bearhug

When the Spellbinders Hat is worn the wearer is allowed to cast all spells in 1-3 level with the casting time halved. Hence, a spell with a casting time of 2 is cast with a casting time of 1, and one who would normally take 1 turn (10 rounds) could be cast with a casting time of 5.
Strangely enough, the Spellbinders Hat is tainted with a curse. It is only possible to take it of safely with the help of a Dispel Magic spell. If someone should try to take off the hat without the help of the spell, they take 1d4 damage.
The Spellbinders Hat can only be worn and used by Wizards, it will not affect anybody else and they will not fall under its curse either.

Steel Blade Gloves Invented by Hogan
(1500 XP, 4000 GP)

These gloves will look like a pair of standard travel finely crafted worn gloves leather gloves. They will match perfectly to any wearer, be he as small as a Halfling or as big as an Ogre.
The magic of the gloves lies in the fact, that they are able to transform themselves and the hands inside them, into any kind of slashing or stabbing steel-weapon of medium size or smaller. Hence the user could suddenly sprout a pair of steeldaggers, allowing him to attack two-handed (if he has the proper abilities that is), or transform one hand into a Short Sword while the other grabs a shield for protection. Larger weapons cannot be created, as they become too awkward to use, and neither can weapons made out of wood.
As the weapons made by the gloves, becomes a part of the users' body, he can use the weapon with a +1 to attack. He will not suffer from the threat of being disarmed, and can change the weapons as he sees fit. As a drawback, the user must lack the use of his normal hands, he will be unable to grab or catch something while his hands are thus transformed.
If removed while in the form of a weapon, the gloves will change back to their glove-form. They are only able to transform when worn by someone, otherwise they just resemble normal leather gloves.
About 10% of these Gloves come with silvery treads, tracing strange runes. Like standard gloves, these can produce weapons, but instead of steel, they will be completely out of silver, which off course make them highly appreciated by hunters of were-creatures.

Sure-Shot Gauntlet Invented by Martigan

If a stone is picked up by the wearer of this unique and left-handed gauntlet, and then thrown with the hand wearing the gauntlet (remember possible penalties for off-hand use), at an enemy within 30 yards, the stone will automatically hit its intended target, dealing 1d4+1 in damage.
It is possible to throw two stones in a round, provided the second one is kept ready in the other hand.
The glove was made by a wizard who became desperate for firepower since he always seemed to run out of spells like Magic Missiles before he ran out of enemies.

Vampiric Gloves Invented by Hogan
(XP 1800, GP 6200)

A pair of plain long white gloves adorned with small black skulls around the wrist.
Vampiric Gloves radiate necromantic magic if detected for and feels cold to the touch. When donned, strong cold will assault the life essence of the wearer, each turn dealing 1 point of damage for each glove worn. Even those normally resistant to cold is affected, but those of undead persuasion that have no life essence, can wear them without this penalty.
Each successful "bare-handed" melee attack with a glove-covered hand (both gloves must be worn for either of them to have any beneficial effect) will drain the victim of 3d6 hit points and heal the wearer of the gloves for half that amount. Undead users of the Vampiric Gloves will deal the extra damage but will not benefit from their healing.

Warrior Gauntlets Invented by Hogan
(XP 2500, GP 7200)

A Warrior Gauntlet is a gauntlet made from thick and sturdy leather, always dyed almost coal black.
Normally a whole pair of gauntlets (one left and one right handed) is found together, but sometimes (a 20% chance) only one gauntlet is found, either the left- or right handed (50% chance each) from a pair.
Wearing a Warrior Gauntlet gives the wearer a sub-conscious knowledge in the use of all types of weapons. No matter what class the wearer belongs to, he will now be able to handle weapons as if he belonged to the Warrior class, though he will not receive any proficiency in the weapons. A Wizard or a Thief wearing a gauntlet, would now be able to use a Long Sword, Crossbow, Halberd or similar with only an initial -2 penalty!
Those who are of the warrior class themselves will not gain any benefits from wearing these gauntlets.
Is shall be noted that the ability only is conferred to be used by a hand covered by a gauntlet. A right handed wizard will be unable to use the powers given by a left handed gauntlet properly, unless he takes the penalties for off-hand use! Two-handed weapons like Bows, Quaterstaffs and similar, requires both gauntlets from the same pair.
Also note that the gauntlets will not allow for the use of weapons directly forbidden to the wearer's class. Hence a cleric cannot be allowed to use edged weapons, even if he has the knowledge to do so from the gloves.

The Wizard's Robe of Regeneration Invented by Hogan
(XP 1300, GP 1000)

The name of this robe is not referring to powers given to the wearer, but the innate powers of the robe itself.
No matter how much damage the robe suffers, no matter how many times it's shredded, the robe will always regenerate. As long as just 25% of the original robe survives, the robe's regenerative powers will regenerate the thread, wool, markings and colors of the robe, and when 24 hours has passed, the robe will be as good as new. Pieces of the robe will not inherit the regenerative abilities of the robe. If ripped into many pieces, the biggest piece survives and regenerates (as long as it is at least 25% of the original robe!).
The robe is contributed to the unknown wizard who first wore it. He used it for making ropes to tie prisoners, shredding it for bandages and wore it for dusins of battles with sharpclawed monsters. The robe finally faded when he was confronted with the acidic breath of a Black Dragon, but until then it had served him well in many situations.

White Cloak Invented by Søren Surlykke

An almost unnatural white cloak, which doesn't look like it can do anything, but the eye betrays!
In addition to granting a bonus to armor class and saves (like a Cloak of Protection), ranging from +1 to +5, it also grants a resistance to draining attacks, 15% per "plus" of protection.