Birthright Items

   1 	Blood Drinker
 2 - 7 	Bloodpotion
 8 - 12	Eriks Seeds
13 - 18	Gilfar's Walnuts
   19	Headband of Orel
   20	Dm's Choice

Blood Drinker Invented by Søren Surlykke

Blood Drinker looks like a normal rapier was it not for the fact that the blade has an inscription in elven runes, reading "Blood is life", thereby revealing it as a unique weapon.
Not only is Blood Drinker a Rapier +2, +4 vs. any with the Azrai bloodline, it will also, on a natural 20, pierce the heart of the opponent (if any) 5% +1%/level of wielder of the times it scores a hit.
Who designed this weapon is not known, but based on the elven runes it was probably either an elf, or someone raised by elves.

Bloodpotion Invented by Søren Surlykke

This potion, highly sought by all blooded scions and regents, is most often in a crimson color but the color isn't the reason for the hunting of this potion.
A Bloodpotion not only enhances bloodline points, it may also grant additional bloodline powers, if enough points are acquired in order to bring the drinker into the next category.
The number of points granted by the potion is shown on table 1 below, table 2 shows the deviration for which the potion was made:

Table 1:
1d10	Points granted
1	1d4
2-3	1d6
3-7	2d4
8-9	2d6
10	2d8

Table 2:
1d8	Deviration
1	Andurias
2	Reynir
3	Basaïa
4	Masela
5	Vorynn
6	Brenna
7	Azrau
8	All

After 2d4 minutes, the bloodline points start to disappear, 1 point each minute. If the user doesn't have the bloodline deviration, for which the potion was made, the potion has only half effect, and half duration.
If a blood-jewel (sieshegh gem) is crushed into a potion of the same deviration as the sieshegh gem and the potion is then drunk, not only is the number of points enhanced, the effect of the potion may also become permanent. The size of the gem determines the chance, as shown below:

Gemsize:    Extra points:      Chance of permanency:
Knight	        1		 5%
Prince	        5		20%
Emperor	       10		25%
In the case of the sieshegh gem and the potion not being of the same bloodline deviration, the table above changes slightly. Extra points become points lost (the potion can remove bloodline points in this way, but only temporary), and Chance of Permanency becomes Chance of Malfunction. In case of malfunction, the potion not only doesn't grant any points, it also suppresses the bloodline, as if a Suppress Bloodline spell was cast on the drinker, lasting 10 turns.There is no save against this effect.

Erik's seeds Invented by Søren Surlykke

These seeds look like small valnuts made entirely out of gold. There are usually found in small groups of 2d4, most often in a little brown or green pouch. When planted, they will quickly grow, and within 24 hours they will become great Treants who will serve the planter in protecting a spot in the same province as they were planted.

Gilfar's Walnuts Invented by Søren Surlykke

Looking like a silver walnut, this item will if planted, heighten the source potential of a province in which it was planted.
Who created the first of these nuts isn't known, but it was probably an elf, as they appeared before Deismaar, and thus before humans could cast magic on the scale necessary for the creation of such artifacts. The walnuts were named after a wizard, Gilfar the Brown, who gave one of them to the Royal College of Sorcery in the Imperial City of Anurie.
The number of these nuts created is not known either, but they are probably quite rare, no more than five have ever been proved to exist. Two are at the College of Sorcery, one in the hands of the Sayer of the Coullabhie, one owned by a descendant of el-Arrasi, and the last carried by a travelling wizard. But at the time of writing, nobody knows exactly where any of these walnuts are.
The number by which the walnuts raise the source potential, isn't the same for all of the walnuts, but can be found on the table below:

1d100	Source Potential Raise:
01-50	Raised by 1
51-75	Raised by 2
76-85	Raised by 3
86-95	Raised by 1*
96-99	Raised by 2*
00	Raised by 3*
*) The source of the wizard is also raised by 1
**) The source of the wizard is also raised by 2

Headband of Orel Invented by Søren Surlykke

Created by an unknown spellcaster, the Headband is a unique and quite powerful item, especially for mages. It has its name after the wizard who used it for a time, Baran Orel.
The Headband is made of an alloy of gold, steel and a few unknown metals, and has a also seven Sielshegh gems attached, one emperor, two princes and four knights for a total of 25
bloodline points. They are all diamonds, and thus enhance the bloodline of Vorynn.
In addition, the headband functions as a Ring of Protection +2 and a Ring of Wizardry, doubling the number of first and second level spells a wizard or magician can cast in a day.