3rd Edition D&D Armory

Armor of Giantstrike (Invented by Hogan)

Also known as the "I got it!" armor, the Armor of Giantstrike is a cursed Half-plate that originally was developed by a royal sorcerer to "help" his liege in battle against the giants of the mountains. Sufficient to say that the wizard soon made a move in rank and the kingdom got itself a new king! Though the original armor is regarded as lost a long time ago, others have used the design to help them get rid of unwanted adventures.
If identified, the Armor of Giantstrike will yield no other information than the fact that it is a Half plate +2. The fact that the armor can be its wielder's bane when up against giants is by no means revealed, this fact can only be discovered by help of more powerful spells like Legend Lore or Limited Wish.
Though it is cursed, the +2 enchantment of the Plate Mail is good enough against all opponents, granting its bonuses to armor class normally. But when the wearer of the armor finds himself facing true giants or giant-kin, no kind of protection is gained from the armor. Only his bonuses from dexterity, shield or other sources or magic are counted when calculating his armor class! Furthermore, the armor also works as an attractor for giant missiles. When the wearer of the armor is in a party attacked from afar by giants, there is a 50% chance for each stone/magic-hurling giant, that it is he who will be its chosen target!

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Suggestion
Market Price: 9,750 gp; Creation Cost: 5,250 gp + 390 XP

Blinding Shield (Invented by Hogan)

A Blinding Shield is a small steel shield which surface is polished completely smooth and bright and enchanted to as never be dulled. Besides pleasing the eye, this shiny surface can be used in battle to effectively blind the opponent. Even on partially sunny days, the wearer of the shield can use it to make one of his attacks against an opponent. If the attack is successfully, the wearer succeeds in catching the rays of the sun and sending it directly into the eyes of her opponent, effectively blinding her for 1d6 rounds. Users should note that this effect has no positive effect on creatures who relay on other senses to "see" and those who are effectively blind.
Besides this offensive ability, which has given the shield its name, the shield also carries a +2 enchantment effectively protecting the wearer against opponent even on cloudy days.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Blindness/Deafness
Market Price: 9,159 gp; Creation Cost: 4,659 gp + 370 XP

The Druid's Ward (Invented by Martigan & Hogan)

The Druids Ward is a standard small wooden, shield, but finely fitted together and adorned with ochre paintings of various animals. The shield can be worn by anyone, which will benefit from then shield's +3 enchantment. The special power of the shield, however, can only be used by druids, but of any religion.
The special druidic powers of the shield manifest in the paintings on its surface. The paintings if of the following animals: Black Bear, Falcon, Wolf and Viper (small). These paintings have a strong glow of conjuration magic if detected for. If commanded to by the owner of the shield, one of the animals will jump fort from the shield, following any commando from the druid to the best of their abilities. The Animal will be a perfect specimen of at least 80% maximum hit points. Only one animal can be out of the shield any given time.
As long as the druid carries the shield, any of the animals will be able to understand him perfectly clear.
Any animal thus summoned can stay out of the shield for up to 1 hour before it has to return to the shield and recover, which take 12 hours, and not before can it once more be summoned. Should the animal be killed the painting will fade from the shield. Over the cause of the next two weeks, the painting will slowly seem to appear once more, and in the end of the time the animal will be fully regenerated and ready for another summoning.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be a Druid, Summon Nature's Ally III
Market Price: 30,759 gp; Creation Cost: 13,929 gp + 1100 XP

Flying Buckler (Invented by Hogan)

The Flying buckler is a standard buckler, though with a heavy +3 enchantment which is fully effective when the buckler is worn and used as a buckler is intended to. Furthermore, if the user intend to fight using a two-handed weapon, or with a two-weapon style, the buckler can be send flying from his wrist, to circle around him at a distance of max. 2 feet, automatically trying to intercept all melee and missile attacks, granting its owner a +1 armor class bonus.
The flying buckler can be airborne for up to 1 turn before it will return to the wrist it was launched from. Here it will stay for another turn before it is possible for it to fly again. If the wrist not longer is free (the owner has picked up another shield or a weapon), the Flying Buckler will fall to the ground at the feet of its owner. It must be picked up and attached once more to make another protective flying.

Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Animate Objects
Market Price: 16,165 gp; Creation Cost: 8,165 gp + 640 XP

Helmet of Deafness (Invented by Hogan)

The Helmet of Deafness is a small round metal helmet covered by a brown leather surface. Two huge flaps of stiff leather cover the ears and most of the sides of the head.
Those donning this unique helmet will immediately loose all sense of hearing and will be considered completely deaf. As such, they suffer a -4 to initiative, and has a 20% chance of fumbling when performing magic that requires verbal (V) components. The positive effect of the Helmet makes the wearer immune to any sound-based attack that requires its victim to be able to hear. It protects even against such powerful magical effect as the Harpy's song and the deadly wail of a Banshee.
A minor wizard who lived in a coastal town often raided by Harpies originally created the helmet. The helmet allowed him to make a stand when the Harpies attacked next time, and surprise them by a perfectly arranged magical ambush. Even after his death, the Helmet was regarded an artifact by the village, until it was stolen by a passing rogue named Theodon. He used it to attack and slay a trio of peaceful Sirine's living by the coast, but as he left their cave, dreaming of what to do with their riches, he failed to hear a kobold sneaking up, and both he and the Helmet disappeared. The Helmet surfaced again centuries later and was worn by the warrior Rolf against a Banshee that was feared by the nearby village. It's probably still at large somewhere.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Blindness/Deafness
Market Price: 16,000 gp; Creation Cost: 8,000 gp + 640 XP

Helmet of Holding (Invented by Hogan with inspiration from Keith Alan Morgan)

A Helmet of Holding is a device much akin to a Bag of Holding, it can hold much more than it appears, and here we are not talking about the size of the wearers head!
Reaching into the helmet, one is able to put ones hand through what at first glance appears to be cloth covering the inside of the helmet, and into a nondimensional space large enough to hold up to 500 pounds of content, or 70 cubic feet of material. The only limit is that it cannot be larger than the helmet is wide, though it can be up to 10 feet in length.
Time passes as normal inside the helmet, and unlike the Bags of Holding, the space is ventilated, so living creatures placed there can actually survive for quite some time, provided there's food and water in there with them. However, very few living creatures can actually fit through the helmet and into the space, and those who end up there usually try to flee at first opportunity. Enough wearers have tried placing eggs inside their helmet, to be used for future meals on the road, and then forgot about them, then later having their sleep interrupted by chickens crawling out from beneath the helmet or, in a few rare cases (where other edible things were present in the helmet), much later having to chase their helmet around, stuck on the chicken finally trying to get out of it!
Should the helmet ever crack, the magic is ruined and everything inside the nondimensional space is spilled out right above the helmet, which usually has its wearer beneath it… damage determined by the DM.
As with the Bag of Holding, placing a Helmet of Holding into one or into a Portable Hole, will cause an interdimensional sinkhole, destroying both items in the process.¨

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Leomund's Secret Chest
Market Price: 5,000 gp; Creation Cost: 2,500 gp + 200 XP

Helmet of Negation (Invented by Hogan)

This horned helmet, made from bronze is open in the front, not hindering the user's view. On both its sides are placed two curiously looking curving horns, and in the front is set a small emerald, nicely cut.
A Helmet of Negation is made to protect its wearer from any kind of mind-affecting attack, be it spell like Detect Thoughts, Feeblemind etc., and those psionics that affects the mind. Should the wearer of the helmet already be under the effect of such a spell, the spell will be subdued as long as the helmet is worn. Should it be removed, the spell will take effect once more, its duration continuing from this point on. The helmet also has a limited ability (30% chance) to negate normally cases of insanity, feeblemindness and their like, as long as it is worn.
Every time one of the spells or psionics the helmet protects from is cast against the wearer, the emerald placed above the face-opening, will glow green, indicating what has taken place.
The original Helmet of Negation where designed by a court wizard when his liege was put under the effect of a Feeblemind spell by his enemies, just as he was about to lead his armies against the enemy conquerors, which probably was the source of the spell. Although the wizard could not counter the spell, he created the helmet to keep the spell subdued until a cure could be found. The king regained his senses and let his armies to victory. He was later on cured, but continued wearing the helmet and in the end he was buried with it, but the process of its creation has been spread, and a few other helmets have been created later on.

Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Dispel Magic, Mind Blank
Market Price: 120,000 gp; Creation Cost: 60,000 gp + 4800 XP

The Leathered Unicorn (Invented by Hogan)

The Elven Mage Kaukai, once harbored a strong love for the Half-Elven Ranger Marlian. During his courtship he created the Unicorn Shield in honor of her following of the God Mielikki. His love was later returned, and the couple moved soon on to marriage. As their wedding was blessed with the appearance of a Noble Unicorn, Kaukai created a magical armor (he was an Enchanter of profession) as a gift for his love, emblazoned with a picture of a Unicorn, and imbued with the force of the Unicorn itself.
The unique Leathered Unicorn is a magical Studded Leather +2. As with the Unicorn Shield, the unicorn symbol of the armor is magical in nature. Thrice a day, the wearer of the armor can command forth a unicorn-shaped force to strike at a chosen target directly in front of the wearer, but within a range of 30 feet. The force strikes with the speed of a charging Unicorn, causing 2d8+8 in damage (x3 critical).
The attack is considered a magical attack +2 with regard to protection and weapon immunities.

Caster Level: 14th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Summon Nature's Ally VIbr> Market Price: 16,175 gp; Creation Cost: 8,175 gp + 640 XP

Liquid Armor (Invented by Hogan)

A Liquid Armor consist in dormant form of two plain-looking bracers. When activated by mental command, both the bracers immediately liquefies and run out to cover the whole body of the one wearing them (the wearer must be of medium-size or smaller), with a form-fitting metallic harness, giving a protection equal to that of a set of half-plate (+7 to AC). For this to take effect, no other kind of armor must be worn at the time of activation.
The Liquid Armor is weightless and is treated as nothing more than a second layer of clothing, hence no Armor Check Penalties or Arcane Spell Failure are applied and the armor can be worn without any penalties to skills. However, only those capable of wearing armors can use the bracelets, hence users shall have at least the Light Armor Proficiency feat.
Strong the armor might be, it is highly sustensible to magical rust attacks, like that of a Rust Monster, and one successful attack from such completely destroys the armor. On the other hand, the Armor is imperious to normal rust, aging and wet environments.
In order to have any effect both bracers must be worn by the same wearer at the same time.

Caster Level: 21st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Magic Vestment, Fabricate
Market Price: 49,000 gp; Creation Cost: 23,275 gp + 1960 XP

Steelshine (Invented by Hogan)

Steelshine is a unique Scale Mail that is actually regarded as a minor artifact. It was constructed and enchanted long ago in order to help a determined Demonhunter in his quest to protect the Prime Material Planes against the intrusion of these devilish monsters.
The Scale Mail is constructed with carefully layered adamantine sheets, enchanted to be almost unbreakable. The is a +3 magical armor, and as such can only be damaged by weapons or other kinds of attacks that are enforced by at least a +3 enchantment or by magic, withstanding much of what the forces of hell has thrown against it.
Against demons and devils of the outer planes, the magic of the armor is more potent. Any natural strike with claw, fang, tentacle or similar made by a demon against the wearer of Steelshine, is partially absorbed by the armor, reducing the damage taken by the wearer by half. Furthermore, damage is returned to the demon in a magical backlash, dealing the same amount of damage that was taken by the person protected by Steelshine, effectively dividing the damage equally among the two combatants. This power though, is only functioning against demons or devils applying their natural weapons. It does not work against other kinds of creatures or against demons using magic or weapons.
Since the armor was constructed to allow the wearer to take the battle against the demons to their own backyard, it also confers protection as a Ring of Minor Elemental Resistance (Fire), giving him a better chance to survive in the hellish surroundings of the Outer Planes.

Caster Level: 9th

The Unicorn Shield (Invented by Hogan)

A small steel shield with a steel surface emblazoned with the symbol of a noble unicorn, the unique Unicorn Shield is quite a sight. When the shield catches the rays of the sun, the sunshine reflected from the surface of the shield, will seem to make the unicorn come alive.
The Unicorn Shield was made for a Half-Elven Ranger by a love-stricken Elven Mage. The shield gave life to a long romance, and stayed with the couple for centuries. Later it was passed on to other ranging heroes, and its probably still serving the forest in some remote sylvan location.
A powerful devise of protection, the Unicorn Shield is layered with a +2 enchantment, which will last as long as the shield shines in the light of good. Should it ever be used for evil deeds, the enchantment will dissipate and the surface become dull.
The Unicorn of the Shield is much more than a painting and a name. The soul of a noble unicorn has freely merged with the shield, and when asked to by the user of the shield, it will come forth from the shield to fight for the wielder, provided the cause is for the good of the forest. The Unicorn spirit will gain substance and fight as a real unicorn. Afterwards it returns to the shield where it will regenerate at a rate of 3 hp per day. First when it's fully healed can it be called forth again. Should the Unicorn ever be killed while in its fleshy form, its symbol will disappear from the shield, and not before another Unicorn freely lets its spirit merge with the shield, shall the shield again be known as the Unicorn Shield.

Caster Level: 14th