Who is Hogan?

Hello, and welcome to the world of Hogan!

If you are wondering who the one behind this homepage is, here are a few clues:

I'm a certified male specie from planet Earth (third rock from the sun), who came to life late in the year of 1975. The place where the event took place, is the little European country known as Denmark!

I grew up in a small village (aprox. 201 inhabitians) far, far away, but moved later on to the much greater city of Roskilde (aprox. 20 km. away), in which I now dwell.
Somebody, or should I say, most Europeans, might remember Roskilde as the site of the yearly Roskilde Festival, the greatest festival of Europe. If you one year come looking, you might spot me somewhere on the site (among 75.000 other people from all over the world!), but these days its not every year I can be found there... unfortunately :-(

Engineering College of Copenhagen
After highschool, i spend a few years studying at the Engineering College of Copenhagen, where I went for a degree as Construction Engineer. I graduated in January 2000, and is now working in the Ventilation-business.

Well, besides studying, I've for quite a few year a had sparetime job, "teaching" Dungeons & Dragons in the evening-school. Here students and I have over the years created lots of new interesting things for the game, things which became the backbone of this homepage. Go visit the topics of "A World of AD&D", there you can see all our creations, together with a lot of new stuff from people all over the world who came by later on to add to the collection!

The job teaching AD&D later on lead me to the art of Live-Roleplaying. Together with collegues, friends and students we've hosted the Orion Saga for more than 6 years now. To see pictures from the scenarios, you can visit "The Orion Saga" under Miscellaneous Links. Danes can go for "Orion Sagaen" at the same place where also the complete collection of rules for the saga can be seen.

Since I consider myself creative of mind, I've also explored other areas. In the early ages of shot-them-up computergames, I created a few new levels for the old ones such as Doom and Duke Nuke'em, and had other planned. Even if I haven't got that much time anymore, I've collected the best me and my friends have to offer on this page. Check out "The Unknown Levels" to see for yourself.

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