Thampion Real Name : Niels Rasmussen
Base of Operation : Roskilde, You know it from the Festivals.
Gaming Status : DM/Player
Preferred Character : The Husar
Preferred Gameworld : Forgotten Realms
The Game right Now : I play with Hogan and is DM in a free time club for young people.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Work as machine worker
Creator of :
New Items (Misc. Stuff) : Saddle of Fire Protection
New Spells 2nd level : Mauder's Minor Fireball
New Kits & Classes : The Black Cape, The Husar, Ninja
Co-Creator of :
New Items (Clothing) : Headband of Recovery
Alternate Rules : Using Proficiencies
Misc Ideas : Name that Town!
Latest addition :
Bios updated : 18-10-09

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