Søren Surlykke

Søren Surlykke Real Name : Søren Surlykke Jacobsen
Base of Operation : Odense
Gaming Status : Player, but I do create a few magical things once in a while.
Preferred Character : None actually, I like to try a few different ones.
Preferred Gameworld : Forgotten Realms and Planescape.
The Game right Now : Not alot of gaming going on right now, as I am between gaming groups. If any of you who are reading this are from the Odense area, and are missing a player, drop me a line.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Studying computer engeneering at SDU Odense (University of Southern Denmark - Odense)

e-mail :avanidk@oncable.dk

Creator of :
New Artifacts : Fimur's Box, Ruornil's Staff, Shielder & Bane, Sword of the Winds
New Items (Clothing) : Dwarven Boots, Kilt of the Highlander, White Cloak
New Items (Rods, Staves & Wands) : Staff of Combat, Staff of Sorcery, Wand of Ultimate Power
New Items (Weapons) : Assassins Blade, Blodletter, Dagger of Stealth, Daggers of Nevermissing, Deathbringer, Elf's Bane, Gram, Growing Blade, Machete of the Explorer, Mageslayer, Mansbane, Master Blades, Mercury Blade, Orc Biter, Poison Weapons, Slavers Whip, Sunblade
New Items (Jewelry) : Amulet of Health, Amulet of the Moon, Amulet of Ultravision, Assassins Bracelet, Necklace of Domestication, Ring of the Magi
New Items (Misc. Stuff) : Crests, Ever Filled Quiver, Goblet of Death, Quill of Dictation, Quill of Writing, Sword-Bracelets, Te-Waza
New Items (Birthright Items) : Blood Drinker, Bloodpotion, Erik's Seeds, Gilfar's Walnuts, Headband of Orel
New Monsters : Avenger, Black Knight, Blooded Undead, Goldflames, Goon
New Spells 2nd level : Excellence of Thought, Klahr's Improved Sleep
New Spells 3rd level : Magical Entry
New Prayers (Realmsspells) : Increase Law, Peaceful Aura
Alternate Rules : Armwrestling, How to become a Black Knight
New Kits & Classes : Battlecaster, Explorer, Healer
Latest addition :
Bios updated : 19-03-04

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