Dark Phoenix

Real Name : Jonathan
Base of Operation : Really Small Town, NC
Gaming Status : Player with aspirations towards Godhood [DMing is pretty damned close sometimes]
Preferred Character : Sorcerer with occassional Wizard
Preferred Gameworld : Kinda partial to Forgotten Realms, though I've taken a fancy to Rifts lately
The Game right Now : Sadly, I haven't played much in the past few years[college is a bitch]
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Read, vegetate, write a bit of fanfiction when not suffering writer's block, and hang out with the few friends I've been able to find who aren't too stupid to be allowed to live.

e-mail : dark_phoneix@hotmail.com
[I know phoenix is spelled wrong in my addy...I was too lazy to fix the error back when I first made it]

Creator of :
New Spells (Arcane Magic) : Abram's Sacrificial Swarm, Bladestrike, Blood Scourge, Celestial Shift, Chained Death, Curse of Vampiric Voltage, Disjoint, Dissolution, Elemental Armor*, Elemination, Explosive Combustion*, Force Blast, Force Burst, Gem Imaging, Grasp of Oblivion, Greater Force Burst, Greater Telekinesis, Guardian Force, Leech, Maloricy's Deadly Weapon, Maloricy's Martial Metamorphisis, Mass Relocation, Minor Wish, Nature's Touch*, Null Resistance, Pellet Spray, Possession, Prismatic Lash, Razor Wind, Razor Wire, Riven Bolt, Riven Chain, Singularity, Soul Reaper, Spell Decoy, Supreme Eyebite, Swarm of Blades, Temporal Transference, Vampiric Haste, Wall of Destruction
* Can also to be found in the section of Divine Magic.
New Prayers (Divine Magic) : Angel of Mercy
Latest addition :
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