Real Name : Erik Burigo
Base of Operation : City of Udine (north-eastern Italy)
Gaming Status : DM and Player
Preferred Character : Good Cleric, usually lawful or neutral (i like the role of healer)
Preferred Gameworld : Planescape
The Game right Now : I'm running a campaign in a self-constructed world with magic and psionics. My players have 10th to 11thlevel characters (on 12/10/2002).
What do I do when I'm not gaming : I attend the University of Udine (information science), I practice Wing Tsun, I stagger around drunk with beer, I play computer games (puzzle or RPG), I go to parties (staggering around drunk with beer and Stroh 80), and so on.

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Creator of :
New Monsters (3rd Edition) : Breath Stealer, Chill Sentinel
New Kits & Classes : The Sentinel
Misc. Ideas : New Feats
Latest addition : 09-05-04
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