Odwin "Odds" Bodkin

Real Name : Mark Drejza
Base of Operation : Delaware, USA
Gaming Status : Developing own campaign
Preferred Character : Any, as long as he has a good character background
Preferred Gameworld : Forgotten Realms
The Game Right Now : None, working on own campaign
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Starting my masters in mechanical engineering

e-mail : MarkDrejza@cs.com
Creator of :
New Items (Armory) : Bracer of Elemental Shield
New Items (Clothing) : Cloak of Disappearence
New Items (Weapons) : Arrow of Passing, Arrow of Replenishing, Crusader's Mace, Dart of Encumbrance, Dorsmiger's Axe of Dwarven Foe, Hammer of Quaking, Lasso of Holding, Redd Ramridge's Ram Hammer, Scourge of Disease, Sling of Giant Slaying, Whip of Constriction, Whip of Thundercracking
New Items (Misc. Stuff) : Book of Storms, Ice Cubes
New Monsters : Basilich, Death's Head, Devlin, Giant Fishing Spider, Wereowl
New Spells 1st level : Magic Quill
New Spells 3rd level : Frost Fire
New Prayers 1st level : Sling Thorns
New Prayers 2nd level : Thorn Cage
Co-Creator of :
New Monsters : Merevyrn
Latest addition :
Bios updated :

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