Real Name : Scott Johnson
Base of Operation : Lubbock, Texas
Gaming Status : DM / Player
Preferred Character : Necromancer
Preferred Gameworld : Dark Sun
The Game right Now : Currently Running Gary Gygax's Necropolis... and playing in several other campaigns in between.
What do I do when I'm not gaming : Work, game, home, what else is there?

e-mail :

Creator of :
New 3rd Edition Items (Rods, Staves & Wands) : Staff of Noxious Mists
New 3rd Edition Items (Misc. Stuff) : Cloak of the Mists, Goggles of Fog Sight, Sredair's Vapor Mask
New Spells (Arcane Magic) : Claws in the Clouds, Mistwalk*, Para-Elemental Strike, Sredair's Billowing Bridge, Sredair's Cloud of Clumsiness, Sredair's Curse of the Clouds, Sredair's Evanescence, Sredair's Fatal Fumes, Sredair's Magical Mist Mail, Sredair's Mezmerizing Mists, Sredair's Morbid Mists, Sredair's Puff of Smoke, Sredair's Winds of Weakness, Steam Geyser*
* Can also to be found in the section of Divine Magic.
Latest addition : 24-05-04
Bios updated :

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